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Updated on March 18, 2008
M.F. asks from Minerva, OH
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Hi ladies-
My hubby and I found out a few weeks ago that we're expecting #3 in November. We're very excited, although I know I'll have my hands full with 3 under 3 1/2! My question is this: I'm about 6-6 1/2 ish weeks, and my belly is already poofing out a little. Now, I know the old bod never got quite back to what it was after the first two :-) but is it early to be showing? I got back to pre-preggers weight after both pregnancies (and apparantly got pregnant with the next kid 30 seconds later, lol!) I know I showed earlier with #2...was in maternity shorts at 9 wks at my daughter's 1st bday...but is 6-7 weeks too soon to be showing with #3? I haven't gained any weight yet, actually lost 2 lbs because food feels so yucky right now...My MIL tactfully said the other day that she could tell...and maybe it's twins! (Thanks for the ego boost...she's an otherwise wonderful lady!) Anyway, I'd love to hear from other moms of 3 what your experience was. Thanks a bunch!

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answers from Albuquerque on

If you're anywhere near Kettering, Ohio, my office (a pro-life crisis pregnancy center) can offer one free ultrasound per client per pregnancy for the purposes of verifying gestational age (how far along you are) and viability (heartbeat). They might also be able to tell you if you are having twins! :) And you don't even have to be in a "crisis" pregnancy necessarily! :) And, previous replies are correct, that the more pregnancies you have, the faster your body responds to pregnancy, the more likely you are to "show" sooner!

God Bless! and Congratulations!



answers from Lafayette on

First, congratulations! Now, my story...I didn't show with my first for quite a while. The second, we lost due to an extra set of chromasomes, but I was huge with that one! The 3rd preg. I didn't show really quickly. The 4th pregnancy (there were 5 years between 3 and 4 preg.) I was enormous and EVERYONE, even strangers were asking me in July if I was ready to pop (I wasn't due until Nov.). He was born in Nov. and was 8 lbs. and 8 oz. Now I am pregnant again for our 4th son (this time 3 and 4 children will be 19 mos. apart) and was showing before I knew I was pregnant. I kept complaining to my husband that I looked 4-5 mos. pregnant even though I had been exercising and watching what I ate (I was trying to lose weight). I then found out I was pregnant and assumed I was pretty far along, but when we did the ultrasound, I was only 7 1/2 weeks along and had been wearing maternity clothes for 2 weeks as nothing (even my fat clothes) fit! There is only 1 baby again! Have no idea why, but I really get big. And for me, it really basically is all belly. I look like I am due any day now, but I have 17 weeks to go! Just try to enjoy your belly. Good luck!



answers from Cincinnati on

I have 3 children also, ages 7, 5 1/2, and 2 1/2. With my second and third pregancies I think I had to start wearing maternity clothes the moment my pregnancy tests were positive. I don't think it is uncommon to be showing as early as you are. Don't worry!!



answers from Indianapolis on

I am also pregnant with #3 and I, too, showed much more, much earlier, with each pregnancy. I still have over 2 months to go and people are making comments about how it looks like I could "go at any minute" or asking me if I am sure it isn't twins. Some people have no tact! Hang in there- your body may never be wuite the same again, but your life will be so much more enriched with each child!



answers from Columbus on

I remember feeling SO bloated when I got pregnant with #2 baby. Sort of like when I get my period, but it just never went away. I was wearing maternity clothes early on because they were so comfortable an non restricting. Don't're blessed with a baby! I've heard it been said that after your first pregnancy, one shows earlier because the uterus has already been stretched. That works for with it and let your MIL know that it is all about yor stretched out uterus!!!! :)


answers from Columbus on

I have four, and have noticed that you DO show more, earlier, with each subsequent pregnancy. I don't even think I was a full month along with the last one, and hubby and I could already tell there was a baby in there. I was very concerned about twins, since they do run in my family (one set per generation.) My singleton is now 16 months and he was my biggest baby at birth, but definitely just one baby :)
don't worry too much, the only problem you may have is that it might be harder to lose those extra baby pounds when it comes time.
#1 took only about 6 weeks to lose my weight
#2 6 1/2 months
#3 12 months,
#4 16 months, and we're close, but still no cigar

Good luck and enjoy your babies!!

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