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Updated on April 30, 2012
S.E. asks from Caldwell, NJ
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my mom n mil are planning a baby shower for me in a few weeks and after talking earlier today and trying to figure out if they forgot anything mil said what about favors like little things for everyone who comes what should we do.. my mom said she hasnt been to a shower in quite a while she cant remember what they would give out .. the only idea mil came up with was mayb getting lollipops made that say its a girl on them or something to that effect, they asked my opinion but i honestly have no idea... any one have any creative suggestions??

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answers from Las Vegas on

I saw the cutest favor. It was a white chocolate baby shoe and it was filled in that case with pink jelly beans.. it was so darn cute.. you could do diff colors as oppose to pink... anyway.. and then they wrapped it with clear paper and added a pink bow.. so CUTE!!

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answers from Austin on

How about a potted herb (mint, basil, rosemary, oregano) plant with a pink bow..

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Candy in cute boxes/bags, votive candles, mini-whisks with a packet of hot chocolate, flavored tea bags are a few ideas that should be easily found, inexpensive and not too complicated.....

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answers from Dallas on

At my baby shower my mom bought little baby bottles and filled them with colored bath salts (in my case, they were baby blue bath salts for a boy) and tied them up really cute with a ribbon. But things I've taken home are Pink Chinese takeout boxes (at any party store) filled with a little bag of pink M&M's, for a boy shower I left with a baby blue washcloth that had an adorable poem on it (don't remember what it said though, but it was cute) and for a set of twins I remember taking home a little bucket of Twix candy bars (2 in each pack to represent the twins).

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answers from New York on

You can do a few different things. Cookies with a pink and white design on them. Small bottles (baby) filled with pink and white jelly beans. M&M does personalized m&m so you can have it's a girl printed on pink m&m's (even choose another neutral color). I have been to a few lately where they have cute candy jars filled with assorted candies in a color theme, for example: pink, white and yellow. Fill glass jars with candy in those colors and big spoons and give the guest plastic bags (can be bought at Party City). They can fill their bag with the candy they enjoy.
Good luck and have fun.

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answers from New York on

Small potted flowers or seeds. Spring, new life.....



answers from New York on

I just sat down after having a baby shower for my beautiful daughtr in law
today. I had the same dilemma. What I did (and it was a big hit) was put
candies in a little silk type bag and attached a scratch off lottery type ticket!
People were thrilled and some actually won money. Got some festive
ones. At least everyone had fun with them and it was not something everyone would throw away. Was not sure initially if I should do it, but
wow what a hit!



answers from Columbus on

Get stuff that people will actually use! For my friend's shower we went to Target and got little bottles of hand sanitizer, chapstick, little bottles of hand lotion, pens, etc (we found all of these for under a dollar in the travel size toiletry section). We also put baby related candy in with these (Baby Ruth, Sugar Babies, etc). You can find small girly colored bags to put all of the stuff in!



answers from New York on

When I threw a baby shower for my sister, I was on a tight budget. I went to the dollar store and bought magnetic picture frames (for the fridge) and I put a piece of paper inside that said "reserved for baby 'jones'". Then when the baby was born and she sent pictures out, people would have a place to display the picture. Btw, congratulations! Have a great shower :)



answers from New York on

I would search baby shower favors on My sister found these adorable little jars filled with origami stars. Each sheet of paper is a quote about motherhood. Adorable. I am sure there are many creative handmade ideas on that site.

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