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Updated on August 15, 2007
E.Y. asks from Hampton, VA
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I am throwing a baby shower for one of my friends this coming weekend and I am looking for something to do for the shower favors that is somewhat original. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.

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answers from Norfolk on I got so many ideas from here. Even ordered some things, which you probably won't have time to do if it's this weekend, but you can get some ideas. Have fun!

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answers from Charlotte on

I got a little potted plant for a Baby Shower I attened. To "celebrate" a new life, baby and a baby plant. The plant is sitting in my kitchen, that baby will be four this October! :)

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answers from Raleigh on

This is a unisex idea. I took lifesaver(white), gumdrops, and a pipe cleaner and made pacifiers. Loop the pipecleaner and twist the end then put the lifesaver over the end and push the gumdrop onto the end of the pipecleaner.

Just a thought!



answers from Richmond on

You can do pacifiers with a little bit of wilson's chocolate melts and lifesavers. My sister and I did yankee candles in baby powder scents to announce the birth of our little cousin. You can print out announcements on the computer and wrap them around candy bars. if you go to you can find a lot of wedding things that can be modified to baby showers, candles and mints. Things of that nature. It's a really good site with reasonable prices.



answers from Norfolk on

A shower gift you could give to everyone that comes, is a shower sponge with a small bottle of shower gel. Wrap in cellophane paper with a small tag that says something like, thanks for coming to my shower so heres something to enjoy yours!



answers from Charlotte on

One of my favorite favors that I have received was a Yankee Candle brand votive candle in the Baby Powder scent. This was a favor I actually used. Good luck.




answers from Richmond on

This isn't really a favor but they can take them home. You get white square napkins, small gold pins and wax (you can find it with the canning supplies) Use an old pot and melt the wax. Fold the napkin like a diaper. Top corner down and the three other corners held by the pin. Dip it in the wax til it is coated. Place it on a covered cookie sheet. I found you could use a paper bag to dry and they come off easily. You set the waxed napkin on the paper bag and form it so the leg area of the diaper closes up but make sure the part where the body would be sits up and is open. Once it dries you have a little container to put nuts, mints or baby colored M&Ms in. You can tie pink or blue ribbons on the pin. They really do turn out cute and don't cost very much to make,just a little time.



answers from Richmond on

My best friend had the cutest favors for my shower. She took small glass baby bottles and filled them with either Skittles or Kissables or M&Ms and placed a "thank you note from Baby" in the middle. She rolled the note like a scroll. I can't find the exact one that she used, but I found this website:
It has a few cute poems on it that you might like.



answers from Greensboro on

you can buy the little tea cup candle and wrap them in a lace the is the colors of the baby shower and have a note from the baby to be saying sometime like " thank you for my coming out party and i will be here soon and once i arrive if you will light this candle on my arrive and we will know you are praying for us" something cutie like that



answers from Richmond on

Heeeeeyyyyyy! My fourth child, Talia, was also born Feb of 2006!

anyway, now that that's out.....;)

For your shower, what if you get some 4oz bottles, fill them with hershey kisses or something and glue the tops back on (or not). You could also write or place a label on them with shower info or message. And you could mix and match colors or follow you shower theme. Hey or use craft paints do decorate them!!

You could also upload your shower pictures to and create a shower book for your guests. Ofcourse you would have to give it to them when they are mailed to you unless there's an option to have shutterfly mail them to your guests. That would be a nice surprise to get in the mail. I know, because it happened to me.

Hope you enjoy your shower!!



answers from Charlotte on

I'm not sure about what, but I definately have a where... The Dollar Tree. Everything's $1 and for a dollar store it's pretty nice. My best friend found so much there while planning my shower. Hope that helps. Good Luck! -J.



answers from Roanoke on

You are a very special friend to do this for your friend. It will mean so much to her. I can tell you about one of my showers, but it may or may not help...

Before my son was born, we had picked out the name Ivy, because the doctor said she would be a girl. The prizes for the games at the shower were Ivy plants. Of course, this won't work with all names, but if there is another meaning to the name that the parent's have picked out, then you could pick favors based on this. You could also apply this to a funny pregnancy story or event pertaining to the baby. This may not help, but it may give a nice brainstorming platform! Good luck!

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