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Updated on May 10, 2012
E.M. asks from Mesa, AZ
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My kindergartener has his first show and tell next week. We have a very short list of ideas. Anyone have some good suggestions or anything their children have done?

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answers from Cleveland on

I taught preschool for a long time and PROHIBITED toys. They are just a pain and it really just becomes a -who has the biggest, bestest, most expensive toy contest.

What i loved seeing--

Nature items, --shells, leaves, pretty rocks, even skeletons and preserved butterflies

Photos of the family--

Ceations the children have made themselves-- I love when kids raid teh recycle bin and build robots or dinosaurs from recyclabes. craft things like sculptures, paintings, bead bracelets, that sort of thing.

Special but not too special momentos or collections-- money from a forgein country is cool, great grandpa's ireplacable pocket watch is not cool,

Fav books are fun too

It's nice if you practice with your little one so they know a little bit about the object. and can answer questions.

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answers from New York on

When we pick-out our weekly show-and-tell, we go with whatever the week's theme may be. This week was "community helpers", so he took his police car. We also make sure that he takes in something he knows the "story" behind...

Typical questions kids ask:
- Where did you get it?
- Who bought it for you?
- Do you like it?
- Can I play with it?

If the answer to the last one is going to be "no", don't send it in!!

Have fun!


answers from Dallas on

I substitute a lot and the children who are the "star" of the week bring in a show and tell about themselves...

I see a lot of:
favorite toys
favorite games
something from a collection you have..... I've seen coin sets, special coins, etc
anything unique you have that could be shared and has a story behind it

Good luck


answers from Kalamazoo on

You should just let them pick!


answers from San Francisco on

My kids usually liked to share photos from trips we had taken (they would glue them to a poster board and then hold that up in front of the class) or things that they collect (my oldest daughter collects keys, my son was into pokemon cards for a while, etc.)


answers from Dallas on

My son took a picture of his dads Navy ship the USS Nimitz. He was so very proud! It led to him being able to brag about his dad in front of the whole class. I would look for something like that. Something your child will beam with pride about.



answers from New York on

Have you done and traveling or gone to any exciting places? He can bring in a souvenier or a post card.

Does he have a pet? He could bring in a picture or a stuffed animal that looks like his pet.

Does he collect something? He could bring in an items from the collection.

Do NOT send in anything valuable or that can be easily broken.

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