Should We See a Dermatologist for Infant Eczema?

Updated on February 09, 2009
J.K. asks from Hurst, TX
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Need some advice/recommendations. I have a 5 month old with mild eczema. Our pediatrition told us to put cortizone cream on the red spots and put sesame oil on him to hydrate (vs. lotions). I'm not sure if I am supposed to put the sesame oil all over him in leau of lotion. I hate the smell of it too. Curious if anyone ever had a doc tell them to do this? I am noticing the cortizone seems to help more than the oil.
I've noticed it has gotten a bit worse on his back only. The other spots are about the same and there are not that many other than the ones his back.
Should I take him to a dermatologist just to get it checked out further to try to stop it before it gets worse? I have a cousin who has it really bad so I am trying to be proactive as much as possible but not sure if this is just something I should wait and see if he grows out of it. If anyone has a recommendation of a dermatologist for infant eczema please let me know. Looking for someone in the HEB/Grapevine/Southlake area. Thanks ladies!! :)

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answers from Dallas on

Pediatricians know about babies. Dermatologists, unless they are a pediatric dermatologist, would not know all the particulars involving infants. In my oppinion you should stick with the pediatrician and try a different oil, like olive oil, if you don't like the smell.

And add a humidfier to the baby's room. It's winter, the air is dry, it can be irritating.



answers from Dallas on

Our son we adopted from Russia, 5 mths after bringing him home he had an outbreak our pedi thought he had chicken pox, long story short. He had Herpiticum Eczema, which needed a pediatric dermatologist. We used Dr. Ghali in Grapevine ( ) 817 421 DERM. We had a surprise pregnancy, finding out the same month our son had the outbreak. Our daughter was just a couple of months old when she started getting eczema on her cheeks, back and stomach. We took her to Dr. Ghali and he told us to use Aveeno lotion, bath soap. He also gave us a RX cream to use if her spots became more red.
He's a great guy and his staff is very nice.




answers from Dallas on

My daughter from birth has also had really bad eczema. Her skin is so sensitive that she got a bad case of the herpes all of her face and neck at 9 months. The emergency room physician at Cooks Childrens hospital in downtown Ft. Worth told me to use Crisco or Aquafor. She said they were they same exact thing, but Crisco is cheaper. I have been doing it and it seems to work. For her flare ups they gave me a steroid which I use occassionaly. My daughter seems to have break outs that are allergy related. Hope this helps!



answers from Dallas on

I have been advised by my pedi to be very careful putting anything on a baby period. I try very hard and have succeeded so far not putting any form of a steriod on my son who also has eczema. My daughter had it too a few weeks after birth. What has worked well for her is adding a tsp of flax seed oil to her formula. And I use calendula creme on her as well -- that you can find at whole foods or sprouts. My son has recently just experienced an outbreak and I am trying to do the same for him -- I don't know what the triggers are -- some suspect diary; but its different for everyone. My daughters clearly was dairy, so we had to switch her to soy and it corrected her problem immediately. A child's skin is so absorben, I wouldnt even use the cortizone but you just follow your gut instinct and that will lead you to the best solution. And, if you don't the like solution or the advice you are getting from your own pedi switch!
All the best,



answers from Houston on

My son had infant excema, & we used aquafor & eucerin. I also used Elidel which is better than the steroid cream. You can put Elidel on every day without side effects. That's the only stuff that worked.

Use a humidifier in the room at night...especially for winter.

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