Should I Worry If My Placenta Is Sitting Too Low?

Updated on May 15, 2008
S.B. asks from Los Angeles, CA
4 answers

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and had another Ultrasound today. (I have one every 2 weeks since I'm considered high-risk. The doctor said my placenta is sitting too low. At first he seemed very concerned about it. He took a VERY long time with the Ultrasound. But then he told me eventhough it was sitting low, everything is fine and not to worry about it. Has anyone else been told such a thing? Did it cause problems later on in the pregnancy? Should I be concerned? Should I avoid certain activities? (like bending - I know it sounds silly!) Please let me know if you've had this issue and if it became a problem. Thank you in advance. S.

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I did too, as the weeks progress it begins to move up because your utereus gets bigger. It should resolve itself, I didn't do anyting different. My first born came on 4.5.08 100% natural. I did have a lot of bleeding after the placenta was delivered so I was given Pitocin to stop it. All was well. I have a pregnancy/baby blog you can view at



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I had something similar (placenta previa). I got all freaked out too, even though the Doctor siad it was nothing to worry about. The condition actually righted itself further into the pregnancy. The placenta usually moves up, I guess
Dont worry



answers from Reno on

I'm sure other people have said this, but you need talk to your doctor. Usually something like the placenta sitting too low can be a worry for placentia-previa. But if your doctor told you not to worry, he probably meant that there isn't anything to worry about yet and he was just making sure with a careful ultrasound that everything is okay. If they are being so careful, you will know if a problem is brewing.
The reason I tell you to talk to your doctor is because you need to develop a relationship of trust with him. You need to make sure that he is listening to you and that he will answer all of your questions until you understand what he is saying. You also need to make sure that you ask as many questions as you can. Getting online and asking strangers who are not medical professionals what might happen in your situation is just going to make you nervous, confused, or both. Talk to your doctor about any health concerns that you have, even if they seem silly. You will be grateful to have a real medical explanation that you can understand, and he will be grateful that you aren't asking a bunch of strangers for advice that might be bad for you. Your health and the health of your baby is your first concern, so never be afraid to ask as many questions as you can. Good luck and congratulations.



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First off, is your OB/GYN a specialist in high risk pregnancies? I was in that situation during the pregnancy with my daughter, but was under the care of a specialist. I was not at any point left to be worried, I was just told that if the condition persisted I would be have to deliver by C-Section. I took it for granted that I would not deliver naturally, until about 3 or 4 weeks before delivery. Sure enough the placenta had moved up with the baby. So try not to worry, because worrying is certainly not good for the baby, it causes stress hormone levels to increase and that is what is not good for your baby. Best of luck.

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