Should I Try to Get Rid of Warts on My Feet?

Updated on July 25, 2018
K.N. asks from Ann Arbor, MI
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My son had warts on his feet but we got rid of them. I caught them and now I have warts on my feet. I only have three warts (one on my heel and two on the balls on my feet) and they don't bother me.they're just embarrassing if I wear flip flops and people see the bottom of my feet. I'm just worried that my son will get them again if they spread. I just don't want go through the treatments and hassle. If I wear flip flops instead of going barefoot around the house will this keep them from spreading to someone else so I don't have to treat them.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Warts are easy to treat. When I was in middle school, I had one on my knee. I used wart removal strips to get rid of it -- they're like band aids with medication sold at drugstores.

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answers from Boston on

I read your prior question about how awful your warts were when they went untreated. I read that you questioned treating your son's warts "if he didn't want you to." I don't understand that philosophy of medical treatment with something that is clearly contagious. Your son concealed the warts from you and then they were bad; you had them and they got worse. Now you and your son are trading them back and forth, and you wonder what to do? Please call your pediatrician and have a good chat about neglecting contagious things and what the long-term repercussions are.

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answers from Dallas on

Why would you not treat something that you know would spread to other family members or others.

I don't get your question because there should be no question as to what you should do.

Geesh.. you'll just live with warts spreading on you and others to avoid the hassle of treatment? Where is your mind? How do you justify this? SMH

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answers from Washington DC on

this question rang a vague bell, so i checked, and sure enough, just last month you had a wart question.

i so do not understand why, since you clearly have an ongoing issue with contagious warts, there is even a question about treating them.

if they don't bother you, why are you posting so frequently about them?

if you're embarrassed by them, why not treat them?

and most of all, since you and your kid are passing them back and forth, why on earth are you setting the poor child up for further treatment, inconvenience and embarrassment?


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answers from Dallas on

If you were sick and had something contagious would you treat it or just let it keep going around your family spreading it back and forth? If yes they by all means doing treat it and keep spreading the germs between your family members. But please keep them covered when you are in public. No flip flops. No one else wants them. And let your son know you don't care if he gets them again. Your son probably didn't want to go through the treatment but he did. So please suck it up be a grownup and get them taken care of.

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answers from Miami on

When these warts dig deeper into your feet and cause you so much pain and are harder to get rid of later, you'll wish that you had gone through "the hassle" earlier.

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answers from Santa Fe on

Yes, treat them because they are contagious. Go to the doctor to take care of it.

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answers from Boston on

Yes get rid of them. You can use the duct tape method which takes a while but its easy. If you don't treat them your son will pick them up again from you/

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answers from Norfolk on

Your son could get reinfected through you like you caught them from him.
Of course you should get them treated.
Are you the reincarnation of Typhoid Mary?

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answers from New York on

I treat when small because the smaller the easier to deal with

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answers from Portland on

Should you try to get rid of warts so they don't spread? Probably if you use the same shower unless you want to wear your flip flops in the shower.

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answers from Anchorage on

I would treat them, and keep them covered until they are gone. If you shower with them uncovered bleach the tub after so they are less likely to spread to other family members. If left untreated they can spread and also get larger.

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