Should I Take Stroller or ERGO to Airport?

Updated on March 03, 2012
K.F. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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My husband and I are traveling with 6 year old, 5 year old and 16 month old (very petite, 20lbs!), non-stop 4 hour I need to take a stroller? I am thinking I don't want to mess with it, just put the youngest in the ERGO and off we I not thinking of some secret benefit to having a stroller? She doesn't fuss at all in the ERGO, I see more tantrums when having to get into the stroller (and stay there!) Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Just wanted to add, we are not flying with a carseat, we have one at our destination already, as well as an umbrella stroller, so we would basically be bringing it just for the airport. I am hoping to not bring a lot of carry on "stuff" the big kids will each have a backpack with a few things, I have the backpack attachment for the ERGO, and then my hubby will have a small bag...Thanks for all the thoughts!!

One thing I hadn't thought of, do I have to take the carrier off to go through security? Anyone know?

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answers from Minneapolis on

You don't need a stroller, but you might want one on the other side. If you can rent one, or borrow one, then just ergo it.

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answers from Harrisburg on

I use my Ergo and the Ergo backpack gives me a bonus carry-on since they are attatched :)

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answers from Seattle on

I always used the Ergo, however having the stroller is a plus if you will also be taking along your carseat/lot of carry ons. Our home airport doesn't have an luggage carts after the security having the stroller for that stuff was always nice.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I like having the Ergo much more when going through security. It's so much easier than folding up the stroller and having to put it through the scanner. If your baby doesn't even like the stroller much, it's really not worth.

My 16 month old is also only 20 lbs. : )

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answers from Denver on

I usually take my ERGO. We also have a chair that straps around carry on luggage, turning your luggage into a stroller. We found that super helpful with toddlers. We got it at One Step Ahead on-line.
Happy Traveling!!


answers from Los Angeles on

I love stroller in the airport. The question is do you want to hassle with it afterward? Stroller in the airport is so great for getting to your gate quickly and its treated just like a wheel chair. Leave it at the bottom of the ramp and its there waiting for you when you get off the plane. Bring both.


answers from San Antonio on

I don't even know what an ERGO is, but I would still say No you don't need the stroller. I have traveled a few times with my son alone and the stroller held our carry-on more than it held him. You don't want your hands preoccupied with pushing a stroller, honestly. Pushing a stroller, holding a hand or two, pulling your luggage on wheels ...... hmm not enough hands!



answers from Washington DC on

If she tantrums in the stroller, then maybe the ERGO is the best. We took an umbrella stroller because my DD is now 30 lbs and more than I can easily carry. When we were late (thanks to a trainee....) and nearly missed our flight, DD took a wild ride in the stroller while we RAN through Heathrow. I would also think about your trip - will you need it on the other end? You can take it (maybe use it to haul carry on luggage to the gate) and then gate check it. You don't have to have her in it all the time. You can't leave her in it for security anyway.

We gate checked our stroller on 3 flights this summer and it was there by the time we got to the gate every time.



answers from Washington DC on

In my mind, the stroller is just one extra thing to be dragging through the airport. If she's happy in the ERGO stick with that.

The benefit to the stroller would be as like a luggage cart, of if for some reason the older ones are asleep when you land or something. You could also just check a stroller so you have it on the other end, but still carry her in the ERGO while you're actual IN the airport.


answers from Tulsa on

Non stop, with help....I'd go Ergo only, assuming you won't have a ton on carryon items to take with you. The biggest hassle with strollers are having to wait for them to bring them up to you from the cargo hold. Sometimes they are waiting as soon as you deplane and sometimes it takes a while, especially if there were a lot of bags gate checked. Waiting 15 minutes for a stroller can really be irritating! Definitely check it if you need at your final destination.

ETA: Yes, you will have to take the carrier off when you go through security. You'll hold the baby when you go through the metal detector and can put the carrier back on as soon as it has gone through the x-ray machine. You'd have to send the stroller through the x-ray machine too, so neither one will save you time through security.



answers from Des Moines on

I caould easily see using the stroller to carry bags and I'd probably be tempted to take them both


answers from San Francisco on

I agree with the Ergo :) It's so comfortable, and with a non-stop flight, the stroller might be a pain... unless you may use it once you get to your destination. Even then, you can check it with your luggage and pick it up at baggage at the other end.



answers from San Francisco on

Ergo--- will make it much easier for you! Best wishes~



answers from Hartford on

Last time I traveled solo with my son, I used the ERGO and back-up Mai-Tai. It worked just fine - even when I had to take him out to walk through the metal detector. When I think of traveling with a baby, I think of babywearing - much less cumbersome when you already have to deal with checking luggage and carry-ons, etc.



answers from Dallas on

I took my son in the ergo. Will your child be in a car seat on the plane? If you can find one of those wheeled things, or a car seat carrier with wheels, you can wear your child and pull your carseat along. You NEED a carseat if you're driving at your destination unless there's already one there. It worked very well for us. I think you can even go through security wearing your child, but I'm not sure :)

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