Should I Take My Little One to Urgent Care for a Sinus Infection.

Updated on January 24, 2016
S.F. asks from Omer, MI
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My 18 month old has been running a low fever under 102 for two days and has yellow discharge coming from his nose. I have been giving him warm showers, using saline mist 4 times a day doing what I can to help him out. He seem miserable tonight so I gave him Tylenol before he went to bed. I'm wondering how long I should wait this out or should I take him to urgent care in the morning if he is still miserable with a fever to get him on antibiotics?

I'm not concerned about the cold, he has had non-stop cold for 3 weeks. I'm wondering if I should wait this out and see if the infection will eventually clear itself up on its own or go for an antibiotic whether I decide to wait until Monday or go tomorrow to urgent care. I'm wondering what other mothers thoughts were on treating sinus infection with antibiotic if it even helps.

And it's been nonstop because the second he is better he gets another cold. This is normal my children are sick around the clock they both go to daycare full time and pick up everything.

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answers from San Francisco on

Whenever I'm concerned about my kids' health I call their doctor's 24 hour nurse line for advice.
Do that first and go from there.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My pediatrician doesn't make a diagnosis of a sinus infection until the cold symptoms have been present for 7+ days. Colds last longer than 2 days so unless your son is screaming in pain and holding his ears, is having trouble breathing or has white spots on his tonsils this can most likely wait until Monday.

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answers from Dallas on

I hate Urgent care (care now) with a passion. I know... I have personal issues with them and I accept that.

Talk to your pedi office first.

It seems that the regular Care Now types just diagnose sinus and prescribe RX so fast. Last year I was diagnosed with sinus infection when I explained pain different from sinus but they released me . I was at a legit ER ( not hospital) 3 weeks later with pneumonia. Hubby went in Oct/15 and was diagnosed with sinus infection and dropped dead in our house 3 hours later ( heart attack) , daughter obviously had flu, diagnosed with sinus infection and ended up with 3 weeks of treatment from a real Dr. 10/15.

Be wary of the " urgent care" (care now) available in your area and go to a reputable one.

First Choice ER is great in our area.

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answers from Norfolk on

Don't you have a pediatrician?
I don't think of an Urgent Care for a cold (unless they are having trouble breathing) - I think of an Urgent Care for broken bones or stitches.
Colds last more than 2 days for most people.
You have time to make an appointment with your doctor.
You want to have him checked for ear infections - they often come after colds.
Croup is also something that can come with a cold.
Do you have a humidifier?
That might help his breathing at night.
Hang in there and talk to your doctor.

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answers from Boston on

It's so hard when little ones are miserable. You don't know for sure that it's an infection though, do you?

My pediatrician (like pretty much all of them) had a 24 hour number to call. Have you called him/her yet? Even if yours isn't on call, a colleague is! You can get great advice and discuss symptoms more specifically with someone in your area. This is a free resource you should be taking advantage of!

That doctor will also know more about the urgent care facilities near you.

And I agree that pharmacists can be good resources too.

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answers from Beaumont on

Our pharmacist was my best friend when my kids were that age. I would call one and get their opinion before heading out. If they ever get sick, it always seems to be on the weekend doesn't it?? When mine were very young I was ultra cautious too. Hope he feels better very soon!

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answers from Albany on

I would take him to see the Dr. just to be on the safe side. in the front of our mouth we have eye teeth his could be trying to grow causes a runny nose ad fever. be careful to much saline can give him a sore throat from the salt. when he gets better give him orange juice and juice juice or a vitamin cut in small pieces that has xtra vitamin c. every day. it will boost his amune system to keep him from getting sick alot.vitamin c fights off infections. let us know how your baby is doing.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Most pediatrician a have Kid Care after hours clinics now. Doesn't yours?
Your son is younger, but that cycle of "cold, sinus, cold, sinus" for US turned out to be seasonal allergies.

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answers from Washington DC on

i'd take him to the doctor on monday.
if he becomes worrisomely sick (lethargic, unresponsive, high fever) then i'd go to urgent care.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I use a snot sucker on the kids and got the goo out. Then did the showers and stuff. I also did over the counter meds to help treat the symptoms. I do think that 102 is enough to see if the doc wants to add an antibiotic but call their after hours number, see what the doc says once they call you back.

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