Should I Take My Daughter to the Doctor?

Updated on July 25, 2010
C.R. asks from Olathe, KS
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My 2 year old daughter has a rash all over her body EXCEPT her back, stomach, and chest. It is even on her face a little bit. The rash is a little raised on her arms and legs. She had a low grade fever that has now gone away, but the rash is still there. I'm thinking it might just be a heat rash, but I'm not sure because she has never had one before. She acts fine and it does not seem to be itchy. Besides the fever, the only other thing I noticed is she is not eating as well. We have been making sure she is getting plenty of fluids to drink, but not sure what else to do. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

P.S. We just recently started giving her Lil Critters Gummy Bites (multi-vitamin) and Lil Critters Omega-3 Gummy Fish. We give each of our kids these every other day. That is the only thing that has changed in her diet.

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answers from San Antonio on

look under rashes...he tells you when to wait it out, when to go to the doctor, when to page the doctor, and when to go to the ER or call 911

I love his site!!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Yes, call the pediatrician's office. None of us can diagnose it as we don't know her medical history nor exactly what the rash looks like.

Even our pediatrician refers us to a dermatologist for rashes because they can look so similar and be so easily misdiagnosed. The worst thing you can do is self-diagnose and treat with an improper product because it can lead the original issue to become much worse down the road.

Good luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

Have you put new sunscreen on her recently? It could be an allergic reaction to the sunscreen. If she wears a one piece bathing suit, that might explain why the rash is everywhere except her back, stomach and chest. Last summer, my son broke out in a rash after I used a new brand of sunscreen we had never used, happened to be Banana Boat. Good luck!


answers from Houston on

ive always taken my daughters to the doctor if a fever was accompanied by either a rash, or vomiting. or the trifecta. Always stayed away from the doc for just a fever.....or just a rash,,,,or just vomiting., but two or more combined...yes



answers from New York on

If money is tight and doc insists on in-office consult---try going to your pharmacist. They have always been a huge help to us at off hours or on Sundays.



answers from St. Cloud on

If your child has a rash and fever, even if the fever has passed, it is a reason to bring your child in to the doc. Call the clinic and ask to talk to a nurse about the symptoms.



answers from Kansas City on

my daughter had the same thing and I took her to 3 different doctors and they ruled out everything untill they tested her for strep throat, which is what she ended up having! The symptoms are a rash and low grade fever and may never complain of sore throat or anything, so I would get this checked so she can get on an antibiotic. I know all kids are different and can show different symptoms so just to be safe I would take her to the doctor! good luck!



answers from St. Louis on

Look up Fifth's Disease. Does it look like somebody "slapped" both of her cheeks? The fact that it's not on her chest puzzles me, but it's a place to start. Here's some of what I copied from an article....Fifth disease begins with a low-grade fever, headache, and mild cold-like symptoms (a stuffy or runny nose). These symptoms pass, and the illness seems to be gone until a rash appears a few days later. The bright red rash typically begins on the face. Several days later, the rash spreads and red blotches (usually lighter in color) extend down to the trunk, arms, and legs. The rash usually spares the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. As the centers of the blotches begin to clear, the rash takes on a lacy net-like appearance. Kids younger than 10 years old are most likely to get the rash. Hope this helps some



answers from Des Moines on

This exact same thing just happened to my 5-year old daughter. I called and talked to the nurse and was told that a lot of time when kids have a fever, they break out in a rash. It has never happened to her before, so I was concerned. But the nurse said it happens all the time and is very common among kids...she said she has 6 kids that this same thing happened to all the time. She said it usually lasts 3-4 days after the fever has gone away. My daughters rash went away about 4 days after the fever broke!

Good Luck! K.



answers from Kansas City on

We just went through this with our son- took him to urgent care and they sent us to childrens mercy who then sent us to a dermatologist so if you don't need a referral for ins to see a specialist I would call the dermatologist directly- in general they are booked about 1 month out (our son had his rash for almost 6 weeks and was fading by the time he got there). We thought is was a heat rash also at first, but found out it was excema- didn't itch him, raised red bumps w/pimple like heads ect. they gave him a steriod gel and it was almost completely gone w/in 4 days- hope this helps



answers from Tampa on

I would at least touch base with your child's doctor. But then my son's pediatrician is about four miles down the road so I tend to swing by there a lot.



answers from Minneapolis on

Always take your child in if you have any hint of worry, better safe then sorry!

P.S. fever and not eating I wouldn't hesitate to take my child in...I am not saying your a bad mom for not taking her in immediately just giving mt thought on it.



answers from Kansas City on

Sounds like what my daughter has as well. I just took her - diagnosis: roseola.
The rash appears when the fever breaks, so we are sans fever right now, but have the rash everywhere. Her appetite is slightly lessened as well. This is day 5 of symptoms for us, and it seems she is starting to feel better. We started with a fever, and the rash started very slowly on day 3 - just when the fever started to go down. I've heard a few people say their children have roseola, so it might be going around now. We apparently picked it up either at a playground or grocery store. It is pretty easy to catch - just talking in close quarters with an infected person can spread it.

She's also had a rash with strep throat as well, so if your daughter is not eating well, there is always that possibility as well. It's not common, but my daughter gets that rash, known as scarletina when she has strep. If her throat is not red and inflamed, it's probably not strep.

While roseola cannot be treated, because it is viral, strep can be.

It could be hand, foot & mouth disease, esp if you see any rash on the palms of her hands or on her feet.

Our family suffers from eczema as well, and hot climates tend to exacerbate flare ups. Eczema typically starts in the creases of the arms, legs, armpits, etc. It would not be accompanied by a fever, though.

Obviously, there are a lot of possibilities, so to be on the safe side, a visit to the Ped is always a good idea.



answers from Kansas City on

sounds like it may hand foot and mouth disease. best to get it checked out.

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