Should I Switch Bottles?

Updated on December 20, 2011
N.0. asks from Mobile, AL
9 answers

My 2 week old is currently using the playtex drop in bottles. She has been terribly gassy. I have given gas drops to no avail! When she drinks from the bottle, formula runs down her face. Maybe the nipple is too big for her tiny mouth? It is the smallest nipple for the playtex. Please any advice???

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answers from Shreveport on

go to Dr. Brown bottles, my daughter used it for her twins and they did well. They are 18 months old.

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answers from Phoenix on

What about the flow of the nipple? Is it possible you don't have the slowest flowing one?

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answers from Detroit on

you could try bottles but young babies have young immature tummies and they are gassy. If you wait a couple of months the baby will be older and bigger and gas wont be such a problem for her.



answers from Tampa on

It wouldn't hurt to try something else. I always used the Advent bottles and they worked well. You could also try Doc Browns...they are supposed to be good for gassy babies. You could buy one each of a couple of brands and just see what works best...



answers from Los Angeles on

We had to use the tiniest of nipple holes for my baby's bottle nipple.
Try changing bottles first (we used Advent after the ones they sent us home w/from the hospital).
Then keep this in mind: we had to change nipple sizes as he grew.
Used the tiniest hole forever then we had to go medium sized then large hole.
Changing nipple hole sizes helped w/the gas.
Used Mylicon drops as well.
Changing bottles is a good idea as you get a different design.



answers from Shreveport on

We switched to Dr. Brown bottles because of gas and spit up issues...he does not have any issues anymore. Our pediatrician has a baby 5 months older than mine and she switched for similar reasons, and then recommended the switch to us.



answers from Portland on

I tried them all, and you have the best, but do you have the latex nipples? The silicone ones do that, and the latex, Natralatch, I think is what its called doesn't. I always use the slow nipples no matter how old they are because it helps with air and gulping. the formula or acid reflux could both be giving her gas as well. You can get the nipples at Kmart and Target, and I think I found them at Winco. If you can't get them in the store, its hard to find and walmart doesn't carry them, here at least, then you can order them from playtex online. Good luck!



answers from Birmingham on

I tried to use the wide Playtex Ventaire bottles that I already had from my older son with my baby & he didn't latch well to those & had gas too. I switched him to Dr Brown's bottles & that's all it took.


answers from Seattle on

Go to babies R us and get "Dr. Brown's" bottles. They are SPECIFICALLY designed for this, and they are marvelous. The bottles will come with a level 1 nipple, but maybe pick up a package of preemie nipples to help control the flow a bit more.

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