Should I Replace Parts on My Medela Pump?

Updated on July 13, 2011
H.H. asks from Leesburg, VA
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I LOVE my Medela Pump which I purchased before having my son in 2008. I used it for a year while breastfeeding him and now I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my second child. I plan to breastfeed him too, but was wondering if I would need to replace any parts of my Medela pump? I haven't used it in a couple years and it still looks great, but I have no idea if it still has the suction power I'll need or if the plastic parts need to be replaced. Obviously I can't test out the suction power since I'm not a cow yet, but wasn't sure if there was a trick to testing this? And would I need to replace the plastic parts such as the bottle reservoir's, tubing, and/or caps because it's been sitting around? Any of you momma's have experience with this? What did you do?

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for all your help! I'll try taking it to the hospital when I go to see if the lactation consultant can check it for me and go from there. I figure I won't need it right away anyway, but don't want to have to find parts when I need it either. I've already replaced my bottles/nipples and am thinking I'll have to change the little flaps on the pump where the milk comes into the bottle holder parts. Thanks again!!

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answers from Richmond on

The number one thing you'll want to replace is the membrane; that little white flappy thing. That's what controls the suction. Most home healthcare pharmacies have these, or you can order them online from Medela super cheap.

The plastic parts I would just wash; I re-used mine, but I bought all new bottles/nipples (mostly nipples) because so much has changed with the plastics the past few years! That's all up to you. I would definately buy new membranes though.

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answers from New York on

My sister used my pump after I was finished with it (2 years later) and it worked fine! She did replace the tubing and the rubber caps b/c she just wanted to make sure there was no bacteria. Other than that, no issues!

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answers from St. Louis on

I dont think you will need to replace parts, I didnt have to with mine. I have a Medela too. Plus, replacement parts are expensive!

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answers from Washington DC on

I have an Ameda Simply Purely whatever... :D which I got for baby #3, which I kept and used with the same equipment when I had baby #4, just replacing the valves which had small tears in them. I have one of those pumps where the milk never actually goes through the tubes, so we were good, hygiene wise.

I'd say try it first, then order parts if you need to, or a new pump if there's a problem. Unless you're going to use the pump from day 1, I think you have time.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm not sure about the bottle reservoir's - those are probably okay but I would definitely change the tubing. It's a stretchier type of plastic and that can make small cracks over time that decreases the suctioning power. If you haven't used it in a year or so definitely look at replacing it. As long as everything else is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized it should be fine to use.

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answers from Washington DC on

I used my Medela pump for all 3 of my boys since 2004 - daily for more than a year with each, then it sat unused for nearly 2 years between each. I changed parts/tubing for each, but you can probably do without if you sterilize well and there are no tears/cracks to impact suction. But ... the most useful thing was that after the 3rd was born, my husband brought the pump into the hospital while we were still there. I was concerned the motor would be worn out or the suction too low - he took it to the lactation consulant who checked/tested the suction and told us it was fine. You may want to see if you can do the same.



answers from Seattle on

I used mine with two kiddos and did not replace anything. (I think it comes with a replacement membrane (see Rachel D's answer).)



answers from Chicago on

I just gave birth two weeks ago after my twins were born in 2008. I haven't used my pump since June 2009 and I didn't replace any parts. It works just fine!



answers from Washington DC on

I 3 kids so have twice I have "reused" my pump. I was able to take the new tubing and "parts" from my hospital room, let insurance pay for it and attach it to my medela pump. The lactation consultant was the one who gave me this hint, b/c the brand our hospital used was made compatible by removing one little adapter. I would contact the lactation consultant at the hospital you will deliver at to see if that is the case for you. Otherwise, I would definitely get new tubing and valves. Just sterilize your bottles real good and make sure there is not any gross buildup behind the little little air pump that goes up and down (don't know the technical name for it). Good Luck
- edited - DO change nipples for the bottles, I have used the same bottles for years (most were already BPA free)

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