Should I Make Compliments to a Colleague Who Looks (Suddenly) Younger?

Updated on September 22, 2009
L.D. asks from Berkeley, CA
6 answers

A colleague of mine is in her fifties. Today she gave a talk so I a good excuse to stare at her for 20 minutes. She seemed much younger than she usually appears. I wonder if the make-up of the day did the trick but I suspect that she got some kind of skin treatment. I sincerely want to pay some compliments since she looks 20 year younger and healthier but I am not sure how to do it politely, without making her feel self-conscious in case she got some Botox(!) or face lifting. I am younger than her and she is in the senior position.

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answers from Dallas on

Who would not want to hear that they look good. Yes, compliment her! Something like, "You always look lovely but there is something especially glowing about you lately."

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answers from Dallas on

Think of it this way.... would you want to be complimented if you spent time, effort, maybe even money to make yourself look more beautiful??? Yes, we all would love a compliment! It will make her day a brighter one! Smiles.

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Hi Lilly,
Don't sweat it and make it bigger than it really is....just tell her something like, " I really enjoyed your presentation and may I add that you look so lovely today..." That you noticed and took the time to compliment will surely bless her greatly....all women enjoy being told they look nice regardless of who it comes from :-)


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answers from Wichita Falls on

Absolutely, a compliment is always in style!



answers from Dallas on

Maybe combine the looks compliment with the presentation comment/compliment - "I really enjoyed your presentation; you looked really great up there!" Let her take it from there (of course, if the presentation was stinky, I don't know what to suggest LOL!)



answers from Dallas on

Absolutely you should compliment her! And if she tells you her secret ... you better come back and spill it here! :)

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