Should I Get Double Stroller?

Updated on June 23, 2010
A.U. asks from Allen Park, MI
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I recently asked a question about recommendations on a travel system for my 3rd baby girl due Oct 23rd......but I've been thinking....Should I be getting a double stroller and infant carrier instead? My girls are 6 yrs and 19 months, so the 19 month old will be almost 2 when the new baby is born. Would i be better off getting a double? The more I think about it, with having a 2 yr old and newborn I'll probably need it for when I have to put the 2 yr old in a stroller too... If so, which one!? Chicco seems to get good reviews for the car seats and strollers now. Prior to this baby, all I really knew was Graco.
Thanks for your help!

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answers from Chicago on

You should definitely get a double stroller! Baby Trend makes a double stroller that converts to a sit and stand later. This is the one that I have, but they have a newer model that has more leg room for the back seat, and allows you to put the car seat in either position rather than just the front seat like this model.

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answers from Dallas on

I have a 6 month old girl and a 27 month old boy. For the first couple of months after my daughter was born I thought "I can never leave the house by myself!" Finally, I broke down and got a graco double stroller that is compatiable with my carseat and it has been wonderful!! It doesn't take up much more room in my trunk then the single stroller did and the basket underneath can hold my diaper bag, purse, and my sons backpack. I feel more comfortable now leaving the house knowing that i can strap both kids in and carry everything without being overwhelmed and loaded down. I would def. say get a double stroller, it has really made a difference for me. Hope this helps and good luck having 3 kiddo's!! You are a very brave momma!! :)

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answers from Lansing on

I recently had the same delimma. My boy is going to be 2 in August and my baby girl is 4mo. We tried out a bunch of models and went with the new Chicco Cortina Together. Totally love it.
Accepts TWO #1-rated KeyFit® or KeyFit® 30 Infant Car Seats
Fully-reclining rear seat for bassinet enclosure or car seat attachment
Exclusive forward-fold front seat for car seat attachment
Convenient one-hand activated fold and automatic storage latch
Interchangeable child’s armbar and cupholders
Independently adjustable and removable canopies
Zippered basket is accessible even when seat is fully reclined
Weight Limit: up to 40 lbs per seat
Product Dimensions: 47.25” x 23.5” x 45.5”
Product Weight: 34 lbs
It folds pretty small for a double stroller and because it is configured as a tandem instead of side by side it can maneauver almost anywhere. Steering is incredible for the size. Overall, one of the best purchases I've made on baby gear.



answers from Portland on

Hi A.-

I hated using double stroller, they are just too bulky. With your middle child being 2 at the birth, by the time you're young one is 6 months, your middle will be almost out of the stroller completely.

I'd suggest a stroller with a seat/ skateboard like place in the back by the handle. This way your middle child can "ride" like a big kid & you don't need to worry about a bulky double stroller.

Here are examples:

R. Magby



answers from Dallas on

If you do get a double stroller, don't get the double wide (side to side) they don't fit through doorways and through stores - get the one that is double front to back.


answers from Rochester on

I can't give a brand recommendation, but my boys are 21 months apart and I still use the double stroller with my 3 1/2 year old and 2 year old. Sometimes it is too much to convince my 42 pound son, when he is exhausted, that it is time to walk home from the park. It is a lifesaver for me to let him sit in the stroller and have a drink and snack while I push them home. I also sometimes take them for walks when I need a break and don't want to chase them so we're all getting some fresh air and I'm getting exercise. I bought mine used on CraigsList for $20 and don't like it but would never bother to spend much on another one. :) A baby sling and a single stroller were my early lifesavers with the two boys.



answers from New York on

Baby Jogger just came out with the "City Select" its an amazing stroller that has all sorts of seating possibilities. Baby Jogger is an amazing, great quality brand. Don't be fooled by the name though, this one is not a jogging stroller. Its hard to find in stores, but maybe you can do a search for one a baby store other than baby's r us. Good luck.



answers from Kalamazoo on

I think a double stroller would be a great idea. When my son was two he always wanted to be in a stroller. As for what kinds Im not going to be of much help. I had the graco tandum stroller for my twins and I really didn't like it all that much, I wish I had something that was side by side instead. I dont even know if they make them for infant carriers but if they do I def. would have liked that better. Good luck.



answers from Lansing on

I think one person mentioned this, but the I love my sit n stand double stroller. I was hell bent on a double jogger, only problem, they are all so huge when they fold to have in the car! Plus I wanted the front to back vs. side by side. It fit's several designs of car seats, I have a Peg Perego car seat and there were not many that could take that design. My kids are now 3 1/2 and 1 1/2, and even with the older one, when he gets tired of wallking, he just hops on the bench seat! Good luck.



answers from Detroit on

Yes, double stroller all the way! I have a 2 year old and a 10 month old. I LOVE, LOVE my double stroller. I did a lot of research, but I knew I wanted a front/back stroller rather than a side-by-side. The one I ended up purchasing is the Graco Quattro Duo. It's awesome! Great storage, cupholders for both seats and for mom and dad, easy and safe buckling, toddler can climb in the front seat on her own, either seat can accommodate a car seat, the sun visors are large and give lots of shade/coverage, easy steering, easy to fold. I just can't stop raving about it! And, the price wasn't too bad either. Anyway, definitely check out this model and the reviews.



answers from Charleston on

I would highly recommend a double stroller it really helps manage the 2 kids and carry all the necessities (including a carrier when you need to strap one on). The front to back stroller works best for children of different ages/weights (side to side is for same weight children and doesn't fit well when shopping). We personally have a Phil & Ted double stroller which I LOVE and would recommend. However, this stroller is a little spendy (we purchased it for $600 when my husband and I both worked...I am now a stay at home Mom).



answers from Chicago on

I would say yes. My oldest was almost 3 when my second was born, and I bought one. I only used it for about one year, but it came in handy! It's a Graco Duo Glide and I was happy with it.



answers from Lansing on

I had a double stroller for "outings". If two kids don't use it, it hold all the stuff. Also I had my walking children hold on the the side of the stroller, so I could keep track of all three. Or in the grocery store they had to have their hand on the cart. It worked well for me, so I could shop quickly and keep track of three small children. Even today when I had my 12 year old with me, he automatically had his hand on the cart as we went through the store. I laughed about it! but I knew where he was!



answers from Detroit on

I have 3 boys - 4, 2.5, and 9 months. We have a double stroller, and it works well for us. My advice to those seeking some input is: what are your needs for a double stroller? And what season would you be using it the most? I would evaluate those first. (and you can always do this after the baby is born!
For example - we use ours for going on walks, to the zoo, and Greenfield Village, but not much beyond that. I use carts for trips to Target or Meijer (grocery shopping with three...NOT advised, BTW :) and also a baby carrier when I can - this seems to be the easiest for me.

If you're wanting a double stroller, we have the Combi Twin Sport side by side, and love it. It's good for leisure things, like I mentioned above. The baskets underneath are super small, but it's light and handles well. I've used it with my Graco infant seat, by strapping it in underneath the seat - not designed to necessarily go together, but it worked snugly and securely! Hey by my #3, I was sorta rolling with "whatever works", right? :)

If you are more interested in a baby carrier, we have an Adjustable Fleece Pouch made by I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! It helped me have my hands free with 2 bigger and busy boys. We have used it since my third son's birth, and are currently still using it (church, stores, the park, pretty much everywhere I can...I LOVE baby wearing!)

I would check Craigslist to see if you can score some deals on anything you're looking to purchase.

Enjoy those babies!!

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