Should I Get a Stroller for My 3 1/2 Year Old Daughter?

Updated on February 10, 2008
M.G. asks from Kansas City, MO
5 answers

We currently have a jogging stroller that I use only when we go on our walks. The front wheel is stationary so it doesn't work well taking it to the mall and other places. I am contemplating whether to get an umbrella stroller or not. There is a Chicco stroller at Babies R Us for $60 that is a nice umbrella stroller. My daughter only weighs 32 lbs, but this only goes up to 37 lbs. I am just wondering if it's worth it. It's just that she gets tired of walking if we go to places such as the mall or outdoor activities that you would walk around and that Chicco stroller would be great to have. Any advice?


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answers from Kansas City on

You might find one on that is used and cheap enough. I have a cheap $15 umbrella stroller from Walmart that has a little bag on the back of it to put a few things in. I use it occasionally for my barely 4 year old who weighs 33 pounds. He is almost too tall for it (his feet can hang down on the ground if he wants to instead of keeping them on the foot strap); but for the money it is worth it for the few times I need it at the mall, etc. Also, if you only need it for the mall and zoo they have "car strollers" at the mall you can rent and strollers at the zoo to rent also. If you only need to use it a handful of times before she is able to walk better for long periods you might consider renting those too. Best of luck. C.



answers from St. Louis on

I have a Chicco stroller that I love dearly. My youngest just turned 4 and still fits (barely) in it. I found it at Once Upon a Child about a year ago for about $30. While we don't use it much, and I felt silly buying a stroller for a 3 1/2 year old, it was well worth it. We use it at the mall, zoo, going for walks in the neighborhood, etc. We just got back from DisneyWorld and it was priceless there to get through the airport and the parking lots at the parks. I'd say, go for it!



answers from Tampa on

I hate to say it, but I still put my 5 year old in a stroller. He sees his 3 year old brother riding and wants to ride too. If it makes your life easier, just do it =)



answers from Kansas City on

Do you have a wagon already? We used our wagon when our son was that age. Also you might start checking to see if there are garage sales yet, you could probably find an umbrella stroller or a wagon at a garage sale for much cheaper.

Good Luck!



answers from Springfield on

I would get a regular cheap umbrella stroller ($30) or go to resale shops and find something else cheap. I don't know what the weight limit is on our umbrella stroller, but I would let my 42 lbs. 4 year old ride in it if he wanted. I think it would hold my weight if my big butt would fit.

Keep in mind that buying resale is recycling!!!

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