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Updated on May 25, 2018
S.R. asks from Dayton, OH
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A business owner sells bison classes a year before. The ticket says no refundable only. Others were allowed to transferred their ticket after sells by it. My salesman told me they are not transferable but they are.

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answers from San Francisco on

You can complain all you want but if the ticket is non transferable then what's the point? Maybe the other people had transferable tickets.

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answers from Washington DC on

Welcome to mamapedia, S...

Does the ticket say NON-TRANSFERABLE? If so. You're stuck.

WHY did you buy the ticket/class if you are sick?
HOW do you know 12 others were allowed to transfer their ticket/class?
HOW did the salesman lie about the ticket/policy?

Why not talk with the teacher and tell him/her your situation??

I think you can complain all you want, but if the ticket clearly states NON-TRANSFERABLE? You will just be listening to yourself talk. They don't have to do anything for you.

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answers from Dallas on

Explain? I've never heard of salesmen selling tickets for a class.

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answers from Reading on

None of us have a clue what you're talking about. What's a bison class? How would we know what's on your ticket? Why would you even have a ticket for a class? If he said it's not transferable or refundable, then it isn't. If you want to challenge his statement, go back to him or over his head. How would any of us know?

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answers from Miami on

What are bison classes? Is that somehow related to bison hunting? Sounds like you have been duped by a scalper though if the person you bought the tickets from is telling you one thing, and others are able to do what you were told you could not do, that is why you should purchase tickets from a legitimate ticket sales website AND read the fine print before deciding to finalize your purchase. Either that, or the people with the transferable tickets paid extra to have that privilege, just like people who have refundable airfare pay extra for those tickets, versus the people buying regular, non-refundable tickets.

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answers from Norfolk on

What school has a salesman and tickets?

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answers from Boston on

ETA: You've totally changed your question, eliminating most of the info the earliest responders dealt with. And you've added a new piece of info that these are "bison classes." I would love to know what those are. Is this to teach people about raising bison on huge tracts of western land? Investing in bison ranches? It would be great to know!

Original answer: You don't say what kind of class this is and what kind of for-profit institution is selling tickets to classes through salespeople.

Yes, you have to read the contract you signed. You also have anecdotal info about other people transferring their tickets. You could perhaps provide documents from your doctor indicating you are too ill to attend class at this time (that can be done without divulging the nature of your illness). I think you have to deal with the administrators of the program though, and not the people at the sign-in desk who may not have the authority to make changes.

If their policies are erratic though, you could also consider reporting them to the Better Business Bureau or any professional association to which this school belongs. Make your complaint well-reasoned and well-explained (have a neutral person with excellent spelling skills proofread your letter or email), and make sure you propose the solution you want. If you indicate some understanding of their point of view (they're in it for profit, their salespeople work on commission, etc.) but show how other factors outweigh it and are more important (your health, their reputation and dependence on referrals from satisfied customers), you'll come off as reasonable and someone they can work with.

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answers from Columbus on

I am genuinely curious. What is a bison class?

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answers from Boston on

Read your contract or anything they provided about this class. If it prohibits transferring or selling your tickets then that's the rules. If it doesn't then contact the school and tell them about your illness and how you won't be able to use the classes. Tell them that you tried to have someone else use the classes and they were barred from doing so. See what they have to say.

If that doesn't work then ask about admission to future classes for free or deeply discounted.

Hope you feel better soon.

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answers from Atlanta on reading the other responses? I am guessing you TOTALLY changed your post. That is SOOOO not cool.

What do you want to complain about? Since you changed your post, I don't get the issue.

Complain to your hearts content. Just keep in mind, you need PROOF of any allegations of wrong-doing. if you don't have proof? You're just going to be complaining to hear yourself talk.

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answers from Portland on

I looked up bison class. It teaches core fitness and strength.

I'm still confused. Should you complain seems to be your question. I suggest you talk with the salesperson's supervisor or owner who hired salesmen. Seems you have a question about how to use this ticket. Ask that question of the business owner or the salesman supervisor. Have documentation naming those who succeeded in transferring. Describe their situation. Unless you've asked them why they were able to transfer, you don't know if your situation is the same as theirs.

How do you know that others have transferred from classes? What do you mean by transfer? They give ticket to someone else? They transfer to a different class? They sign up for a later class?

When you say "sell classes a year before" do you mean the ticket is only good for a year? If so, did you ask to transfer ticket before the year was up? If the year was up, the ticket is no good and they would not consider a transfer. If ticket is still usable, take a doctor's letter saying you cannot take this class now.

How do you know others have been able to transfer the ticket? Talk with one of them to ask what the circumstance were and how they did it.

Transfer is different than refunding the money. What is it you want to do. I'm very certain they will not give you a refund. I have purchased tickets for a service. I failed to use them within the time limit. My loss. I no longer buy tickets for that reason.

If the person in charge tells you he can't transfer or refund your money, their contract/ticket says they won't do it, there is no one with whom you can complain.

I wonder if part of this situation is caused by English being a second language for you. If so, I suggest you talk with a friend or someone you trust for whom English is their first language. They may able to explain this better when you are able to explain and get feedback in person.

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