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Updated on July 08, 2012
L.L. asks from Topeka, KS
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Do you or don't you shop ahead of time or do you like to do it all at once?What are your likes & dislikes for shopping ahead of time.I'm asking this in regards to back to school,Holidays (childrens),Birthdays (childrens or spouse) for myself I like to shop as much as possible when I get good deals I rarely pay full price for shoes,clothing etc (knowing that the retail price is hiked up as it is sale or clearance tags fit better in the budget)so I do it all the time when the busy times of the year hits I do more shopping around (shopping around where I live isn't a big deal everything is close together so it's on the way home or next to where I was) than usual to get more for my money and the kids get new clothes/shoes for school or the new season.Their sizes do change,not an issue for returns I save my receipt.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I buy about 90% of my kids' clothes and shoes on clearance the year before. It is so much cheaper to do it that way- clothing stores usually run their clearance sales in January and July. I am relatively good at guessing sizes for my boys and if I screw up on sizes, I give it to another boy (I have 3 and a stepson). I also LOVE buying toys on clearance. Target has a toy clearance in Jan and July and they mark their toys 70% off. I don't usually buy with anyone specific in mind, I stockpile for bday parties, nieces/nephews, etc. Why pay full price when you can get things for a fraction of the original price?!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I have tubs of clothes stored for the kids up to 3 years ahead of time. I have clothes in tubs right now marked Girls Summer sizes 10, 12, and 14. She is just now going into a 7 slim. We got her a new swim suit the other day and the 7 fit the top but the bottoms nearly fall off her. She has clothes she will wear in a couple of years in storage right now.

I have the same span of sizes for the 5 year old. I had his size 3 wardrobe stored when he was still not walking.

I do this to save money. I have friends who pass stuff down to me all the time. They send me boxes through the mail, by way of friends, etc...when I get them I wash it all up and fold it neatly then store them in tubs marked accordingly.

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answers from Missoula on

I shop ahead for things for me, and my DD... So my school stuff, heck ya I buy it when it's cheap!!! Same with my toddler's clothes... I love hitting the clearance rack during seasonal changes, and buying clothes in the next size up. (now that she is actually wearing the same size through different seasons... lol) I bought her entire 2t wardrobe that way, and didn't spend more than $5.00 per outfit. (except for her 'special occasion' clothes...)

As far as gifts go, I usually buy those closer to that time... Mainly because wants and needs differ. I also want to get someone something they will appreciate at that moment, and if I buy something ahead of time thinking that they have been wanting it, by the time the holiday comes around they will have gotten it already. lol.

So for me, it works great for some things, not so well for others. :)

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answers from Chicago on

Yes, I buy all their next year stuff when it is on clearance, or as much of it as I can find. I have a harder time with my daughter, but my son is easy to shop for, and there tends to be better boys stuff on clearance. I even buy xmas toys during January toy clearance!

I shop this way with food too. My parents and brother make fun of me, but why pay full price when you can pay much less?

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answers from Los Angeles on

When I shopped for school supplies, I bought almost all of it at the beginning of the school year when all the stores would have that stuff on sale. I'd get pencils for 4 cents each rather than 20 cents each later in the year.

I always buy ahead when things are on sale. I bought ragu spaghetti sauce and alfredo sauce when they put it on sale for $.99. Not the $2.99 when it is regular price. I do that for almost everything. We had spaghetti last night. I used a 99 cent jar of Ragu, a $1.00 package of fresh mushrooms, and some spaghetti noodles I got at a sale at 4/$1 and marked down hamburger.

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Bloomington on

This is how I shop, too. It is very fun to check out the clearance racks and find a great find! I stock up for gifts, clothes, etc. all year round.

If we don't end up using it I can easily get my money back selling it at a yard sale, or donate it.

I just picked up a thermal tote yesterday for my daughter to take to K this year. Score!

I do not buy school supplies until right before school when they become dirt cheap. I do however stock up (grossly) on those supplies for the rest of the year.

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answers from Seattle on

I usually do... But this year I'm struggling to pay my bills (divorce)... So not this year!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I used to buy Christmas gifts starting Oct 1st.

Now, as a SAHM, if I find something on sale, I buy it now.

If I come across a unique gift while out & about or shopping, I pick it up.

It has to be on sale but I find neat things when I'm NOT looking as opposed to looking.

Sometimes I have to wait in order to get a few ideas for that special someone.

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answers from Cleveland on

If I find a good deal and have the money to spare at the time - I will shop ahead of time... my issues is hiding things and not remembering where I put them or what I hid. Right now I forget a lot of times why I went into a room, but I'm hoping that will get better in time.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I buy school supplies a year ahead of time. They don't normally go on sale until school is about to start, so that is when I pick them up for the following year. This year my kids are reusing most of their supplies from last year because they kept their stuff in pretty good shape, and then I can replace stuff as they go. As for groceries, I never pay regular price. I always stock up when the item is on sale, and if it is not on sale, I do without. I generally visit 2 or 3 grocery stores in a week to pick up the best deals in the flyer. I buy shoes on sale, but I rarely ever buy clothes brand new, unless Old Navy is having ridiculous sales. I stock up on gifts after Christmas and in February when they are clearing out the toys and stuff. I've had that backfire on me, where I forget about gifts, or they grow out of it or loose interest in it before the occasion arrives. Of course, then I have stuff to put in the Christmas Hampers at church.

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