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Updated on August 15, 2011
D.H. asks from Canton, OH
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Where is your favorite store to get your kids clothes? I'm having a terrible time finding age appropriate, quality items for my daughter. Do they really need sassy sayings on their shirts, or pictures of i carly and justin bieber? I also don't want them to look like they make a living on the street. Where do you shop?

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answers from New York on

I get the most bang for my buck from Crazy 8's. They are part of Gymboree and the sales are phenominal, I also shop at Old navy, Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Some times only when they have good sales Justice.

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answers from St. Louis on

Old Navy, Target, Lands End, Ebay - I have tons of luck and no sassy shirts!

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answers from Houston on

LOL!..........this year im doing the shopping at old navy, target and ross



answers from Los Angeles on

Target and Old Navy are my favorite spots for my 5 yr old boy, 4yr old girl, and 9 mos old. I have had much luck with their basic attires. (target seems to offer a lot of solid colored tees and shorts for like $3.50 a piece or so - plus their clearance is ridiculously awesome!) Target also offers a good selection of cotton bermuda shorts. My husband is very particular on length of my dd's shorts.

Childrens Place doesn't seem to be too bad either. But thats only once in a while we go there.



answers from Houston on

Lands end and gymboree!



answers from Charleston on

Gymboree, The Children's Place, Carters, Osh Kosh, TJ Maxx, Marshalls. Online - Olive Juice, Lands End. Good luck! I hate all those "tween" clothes too. Drives me insane. Yuck! :)


answers from Dover on

Kohl's, Old Navy & Target are my main 3.


answers from Cleveland on

Isn't it horrible!?

My little girl is just about to be a year old. and I look at the girls clothes and it drives me nuts! All i see is the shirts that say "flirt, spoiled, brat" etc on them. Are those good things to be?? Im confused hehe

I honestly stick to target, they have cute lil onesies. Babies R Us have some cute stuff sometimes.
Have you checked out Burlington Coat factory??
I honestly have been sticking to onesies that are pretty plain for now. Having a hard time with the same thing.

Hey you live kinda near me hehe



answers from Chicago on

My daughter is 6 & so far will still listen to reason when it comes to clothes. We just went to Children's Place and picked out some nice clothes. Things that were outrageous (a furry vest, a top hat, a sparkly sleeveless shirt), I refused to buy. I simply stated those things weren't allowed in school. (We were school shopping.)

I have given up on the Bieber t-shirts. She has two. Most of his are pretty tame, just his face.

We also shop @ Target (their selection for older girls this year isn't the best), Kohl's & Old Navy. I also frequent Goodwill & Savers.


answers from Norfolk on

It's a little easier for boys clothes but not much.
Before he out grew their clothes I liked Hanna Andersson's and Mini Boden.
Now it's Target (looking carefully because some of the kids clothing is trash but not all of it), Lands End and LL Bean.


answers from Dallas on

For my 3 year old I shop everywhere. Target, Walmart, resale, etc. My 10 year old likes P.S., Justice, Gap, Khols, and some Abercrombie. I try to get most of this at Kid to Kid to save some money.

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