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Updated on September 04, 2010
S.M. asks from Omaha, NE
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My almost 7 year old daughter has informed me it is time to start buying "cool" clothes. I am willing to shop at Justice and "cool" (Lol!) stores like she wants, but since I will be spending more than usual I wanted some opinions. Do the clothes normally shrink a little, do they run true to size, etc. It is my pet peeve to buy clothes that fit great in the store and then get them home to find that they are immediately too small after washing them! Thanks!

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answers from Minneapolis on

My girls love Justice. The clothes have stayed pretty true to size, and have held up in good condition. Get on their mailing list, and you'll have a 40% off everything coupon every time you shop, which makes their prices very reasonable.

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answers from Detroit on

My sisters 12 yr old step daughter will wear nothing but things from Justice and Aero... and since the grandmother is willing to spend the $$$ on her she gets what she wants... You could be setting yourself up to spend alot of $$$ in the future...
I would give the child some chores so she can earn her own $ and then let her spend her hard earned $$$ on the "premium" clothes... Our 9 yr old realized real fast that her money lasts alot longer and she gets more if she spends it at target, walmart, discount stores, and the outlets (when there are sales of course... and momma supplies the coupons) :-)

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answers from Saginaw on

I dont shop at these stores but my best friend does and she loves the cloths! My 6 (almost 7 yr old) loves the Total Girl brand from JcPenneys and it is def more in my budget!

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answers from San Antonio on

We have purchased many clothes for our daughter at Justice and have not had any problems with the clothes shrinking. I also like shopping there because the clothes are "cool" but my daughter still looks likes the 11 year old she is. She likes the clothes because almost everything she tries on gets "that looks good on you, you can pick x number of items, which ones will it be?" instead of "no, that looks too grown up, let's look for something else". Also, sign up for their advertisements: every so often they have "40% Off Everything In The Store" sales.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I've found that Justice clothes run small so you will want your daughter to try the clothes on in the store to find the right fit before you buy them and take them home. The clothes that we have bought so far haven't shrunk. Also, just as an FYI, make sure that you get signed up on their mailing list (you can do it online) so that you can take advantage of their promotionals and coupons -- sometimes as much as 40% off!

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answers from Sacramento on

My now young-teen daugher has always been a fashionista. At your daughter's age she loved fashion so we got lots of her clothes at Children's Place, Old Navy, Kohl's,JC Penneys girl's dept and and Justice when it first opened. All of these are stores have fashionable and adorable clothes for girls, but if you can wait for sales and browse often to find out what days markdowns are done, it will save you tons. Clothes at Justice and the other you will find wear pretty well too. I suggest you buy her clothes a little bigger if you can, more so on her tops. This is what I did when my daughter was that age and shopped at these stores .Doing this allows your daughter to wear them,more since they out grow things so fast at this age. If you do get tops a little bigger she can wear them a few months more usually ALso as much as you can, buy her solid colored pants and bottoms and get the tops with lots of designs, prints , plaids etc this way she has many choices with the solid bottoms , they go with many tops. I would steer my daughter away from wild print or heavily designed bottoms, they can be hard to work with for tops. Also Mom register online at these stores too since some of them offer special discounts to customers who are registered on line with them, but you dont have to buy on -line to get the discount coupons. You will have lots of fun shopping with your daughter, 7 is a great age.



answers from Kansas City on

While my daughter did shop occasionally at Justice, I was always there to supervise. In MY opinion, I felt they were teen styles sold to little girls. I too think they were cut a little small as one of the other posters mentioned. Near as I can remember.

My daughter, now 16, LOVES Delia's if you have one near you. They have cute, trendy clothes that are a little more modest. They also usually have a sale and a frequent buyer plan.



answers from San Francisco on

Is Justice like Nordstrom, BeBe, Forever 21? I've never seen that store in California.




answers from Dallas on

Haven't heard of it but love Old Navy. Their sales are awesome and very affordable.



answers from Columbus on

I buy things from Justice for a friend of mine's kids (birthday presents and such). Always wait till you get a 40% off coupon which I think you just need to sign up on their mailing list and their Clearance is AWESOME! They put stuff on Clearance way before the season is finished. So, I would wait to shop till the actual season, meaning even though it is 90 plus degrees out right now stores already have their winter clothes out. Instead of buying now wait till the weather actually starts to turn cool and then you will find that the stores already have them marked down on clearance. Also, sometimes you will find the same thing online for much cheaper. And not sure if Old Navy is Cool.... but they ALWAYS have coupons for discounts. Just remember - you never have to pay full price for things!

Good luck!



answers from Toledo on

I have an almost 10 y/o and an almost 7 y/o and have been shopping there for about a year now. I don't buy ANYTHING from there without a coupon...its just too pricey without it. I've been quite disappointed with the quality of their clothes to be totally honest, and I've made sure they know about it. Their clothes fade very easily, and yes, they do run a bit small. I've not noticed any shrinking, but then again, I only wash in cold water, so I don't have much shrinking to begin with. If she is still small enough...size 14 or smaller, try The Chilren's Place. Even at full price, their clothing is cheaper than the coupon price at Justice, and every bit as "cute" and "cool." Not to mention, the quality blows Justice away. I have TCP clothing that my almost 10 y/o wore at age 2 that my now 2 y/o is wearing...and it looks new! Their clothes seem to repel stains and do not shrink or fade in the least. The only complaint I have with TCP is that they do run pretty small. My oldest has to wear their size 14, and some of that is still even snug.



answers from New York on

Clothes run small and sometimes fade. Get on their mailing list and get the 40% off coupons. FYI---I got my daughter gift cards so she would have the experience of shopping within a certain price range and it teaches her to budget. Well, she's 11 now and no longer cares for Justice clothes that much any more. Why? SHe said, "The clothes are so expensive. I couldn't get a lot of clothes like I did in The Children's Place or JC Penney." She'll also notice something cute at Target occasionally. Enjoy the days of shopping with your lil' girl!



answers from Topeka on

There clothes are so darn cute but the store may not still be there by the time my daughters are old enought to wear them.I'm sure you've shopped at these other stores that have great clothes
Target~JcPennys~Old Navy~I'm a Walmart shopper as well my kids are still very young and not into fashion but i'am I always want to them to dress nice.My 7 yr old loves all the shirts from Walmart the suoer hero ones can't go wrong with those.Hope you find what she is looking for and not to realving some girls clothes these days are OMG your not wearing that till your older.