Shoes for Narrow Feet

Updated on August 30, 2011
A.B. asks from Houston, TX
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My 9th month old daughter is starting to cruise and has the smallest, narrow feet. I did a search and this site came up. After reading several other questions and answers, I thought I'd ask again and maybe get some responses from other moms who had this problem and what their solution was. We have tried Stride Rite and those did NOT work for us. I don't want any Robeez either. I'd like something with a more structured sole, but not too hard. Thanks for your help!

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answers from Seattle on

Take her in and have her fitted at Nordstroms.

You are sadly gonna have to pay a bit more if you want her in something with structure now.

The Staff at Nordstroms is trained to fit even the toughest children's feet(I know this because I worked in shoes at Nordstroms for a long time)

I love See Kay run shoes..But they are for wider feet(which was our problem here).

I know most people will disagree...but for narrow feet a high top Converse is not to bad. They are softer in the sole which is something a 9 month old kiddo needs.

If you seem to not be able to find anything that works...Socks are a buy-able solution. At least until it is easier to find shoes that will fit her better.

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answers from Killeen on

Try Pediped. They worked great for my daughter's narrow feet.

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answers from College Station on

Robees really are the best option at this point. When they are learning to walk, it is best to have their little feet as free as possible.

But, if you insist on putting shoes on her feet, take her to a real shoe store like Browns Shoe Fit. I am not familiar with the stores in Houston (I avoid it like the plague) but I am sure there are several options.

You can also try online catalogues such as One Step Ahead or Right Start. They have those little seen brands.

You are just going to have to try shoes on her feet and see what works best.

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answers from Kansas City on

Stride Rite didn't work?


We LOVE Stride Rite. Try, love that place too!



answers from Austin on

I have kids with very narrow feet, and Stride Rite was the ONLY place I could find that had shoes to fit them when they were little. I would go there again and get a fitting with a good salesperson. It was hard for us because we lived in France when my kids were toddlers, and the shoes there were only for wider feet. I had to hit the Stride Rite store on trips home twice a year to get anything to fit.
I know when we were kids the thought was that firm shoes were the way to go, but now we're told that shoes like Robeez are great for their feet. My granddaughter with narrow feet wore them when she was learning to walk.
Good luck!

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