Shoelaces That Keep Untieing

Updated on March 02, 2008
J.Y. asks from Houston, TX
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Does anyone know of something that will keep my son's shoelaces from untieing? Double knots do not work and tucking the laces don't either.

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for all your input. Everyone had such great advice and ideas! I tried to find those things at the kids shoestores, namely Nordstroms, and I also tried Target, but maybe I was looking at the wrong places. Thank you for all your ideas, I will keep my eye out for those things. In the meantime, if you know where I can purchase any of the products mentioned, please forward the info to me! Thanks again!

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answers from Killeen on

Tie the shoe like you normally would, but just as you finish making the second "bunny ear," and you tuck the loop through, wrap it loosely around a second time before tucking it through the loop and pulling it tight. (make one "bunny loop," then the second one, and just before pulling tight, go over and then through a second time with the last "bunny ear to pull tight).

It's literally "kidproof" and works wonderfully to keep troublesome laces tied all day long!

My aunt taught this trick to me and it has been a big help with three little ones of my own. Hope it helps.

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answers from Houston on

It has been a while since I have been in your shoes, but when I was they had a contraption called BOW BITERS. They clip on the bow after tied. They had many styles, meaning cartoon characters. I am really not sure where to find them, maybe check ebay. Good Luck!



answers from Austin on

There used to be these clips that you could buy that went over the knot that were really cute. I'm not sure if there are still any being sold,but they do work.



answers from Houston on

In the baby section of department stores, and in children shoe stores, they have these special little plastic holders that you place the laces in and then close. They keep both the child from being able to untie the laces and they keep the laces from coming untied. I used them on my son. I also used a double knot. (After tying the laces, I crossed the loops of the bows and pulled one under the other)



answers from Houston on

Have you seen those bungee type shoelaces?? They are curly and you never have to tie them. Either that or try to double knot the shoelaces or get velcro shoes.



answers from El Paso on

Velcro shoes or Sketchers slip-on tennis shoes. They have laces but you don't have to tie them. I even love wearing that style!!

L. L, El Paso, TX



answers from San Antonio on

My boys are eight and seven and I still have that problem. If you get some good info PLEASE! let me know. I'll keep my ears and eyes open as well.



answers from Odessa on

When my children were small I found a little flat round plastic thing that you would attach to the shoe strings that were laced and put the rest of the tied laces inside and snap it closed. I dont know if they still sell them or not but I will look for them when I go to the stores and post it if I find them.



answers from Austin on

We've solved that problem by getting either 1. slip on shoes, 2. shoes with velcro, 3. shoes with elastic laces that have a pull tab type of closure.

Other than super gluing his laces to his shoes, I don't have anything else for you!



answers from Austin on

It could be the shoelaces! I teach Kindergarten and some days it seems I tie shoes all day long!!



answers from Houston on

I used to get them in Walmart's shoe department and I think I've seen them in Payless as well.

Another option is to go to a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels or in a sewing store like JoAnns- in the sewing notions they have little plastic devices like you might have on the string on a jacket hood. You push the little button in and slide it up and down. Well, you can slip the stings in and voila! the tie stays put. You might also want to try different laces- those round laces tend to come undone all the time. I hate them.


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