She Won't Eat Solids Anymore!

Updated on July 07, 2007
J.A. asks from North Wales, PA
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My daughter is 8.5 months old. She has been eating solids now for almost 5 months. She normally eats very well and drinks plenty of formula. Well, all of the sudden, she refuses to eat solids. I prepare her food myself, so I started making it a little smoother to see if that helped. It didn't. I tried warmed up, cooled off, room temp, etc. I tried singing songs, playing games, being serious, etc. She just flaps her arms at my hands and the food goes flying. Then she twists her body around and her messy face gets all over her high chair. I know she is hungry when I feed her, but she won't take any.

What can I do??? I am so frustrated!

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My son started thia around 9 months...has her pincher grasp developed yet? I talked to the pediatrician about it because he would not eat babyfood but was more than happy to eat Cheerios all day long. He told me to start giving my son finger foods from the table...and that's what we did and it worked! Now my son eats whatever we're having from dinner just cut up into tiny pieces that he can chew or gum. The other thing is that when babies are teething, sometimes they don;t want to eat just because it's uncomfortable. Good luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

maybe start her on non-mushed up fruits and veges, bananas are always a hit!!!

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I would try either adding some seasoning to the food (my second DD ate beef bar-b-q when she was about 9 months old!), or giving her finger foods and seeing what she does with those.

If she still rejects the food, I wouldn't stress about it. Let her choose when to eat solid foods. Formula should be her primary source of nutrition for the first year anyway--babies really don't digest solid food very well. So she really will not be missing out on nutrition. If it is stressful for both of you, it could imprint on long term eating habits if you try to force solid foods that she doesn't want.



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My older two didn't do this, but I've noticed that my youngest won't eat if he's having teething pain. The older two didn't appear to have any discomfort while teething, but he was always drooling and pressing on his gums so it obviously bothered him far more than them. His sleeping wasn't too bad and he was always eager to nurse, but lost all interest in solids for weeks at a time.

Just a thought!




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Have you tried giving some finger foods? Perhaps she'll be more interested if she gets to feed herself. If she isn't interested in eating them, maybe they will at least distract her enough to eat what you are feeding her while she plays with them. I didn't start either of my kids on solids until 6 months, but it wasn't long after that they started some finger foods. It's crazy how quickly the timing gets mixed up in your head, but I'm thinking they were already or at least starting finger foods by 8.5 months.



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RELAX!!! My kids (8, 4 1/2, and 1 yr) don't eat when it is hot outside, or when it is cold outside. Their metabolism slows down and their bodies don't need as much energy from food. It sounds crazy, but we offer mostly fruit and veggies right now and when they are hungry we make sure that they eat something really healthy before they dive into snacks.

The other thing that worked for my kids is to let them do it themselves. I have found that some kids (my oldest and youngest, for instance) really want to be independent. My oldest stopped letting us feed her at 9 months, my youngest at 11 months.

Some things that they ate themselves: green beans, broccoli, also, try just putting the food on the tray of the high chair and giving them a spoon. Babies think that it is great fun to "feed" them selves, even if they have to use their fingers to get the food on the spoon.

Good luck!



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Well I'm glad to see that I am not the only one. My 9 month old son has been doing the same thing, and I just assumed he does'nt like the "mush" anymore. I bought a food processor and give him what ever I am eating. Like another mother had already said as long as their drinking 16-24 ounces of formula a day then they are getting all of the nutrition they need. If your scared to give your child "real food" you can start off with bananas. They are great, also over cooked pasta is a good starter. They are what worked for me. Good luck, hope all works out for you!



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My son did this to me at 7 months... He no longer would take baby food so I started giving him finger foods...go in the baby isle in the foodstore they all different snack finger foods you can give her. Cut up bananas in little tiny pieces and try them. it be easy for her to chew. I also gave my son little pieces of a baked potato cut into little pieces. anything soft you can give her in little pieces! I even tried after a week to go back to baby food but it didnt work he was on finger foods pretty early.... if she gags a couple times done freak out its normal at first!



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i noticed similar issues with my daughter...i dont know if this is your problem as well...but i found out my daughter did not want me to feed her anymore...even though she was hungry, she would absolutely not eat...tantrums,shook her head, sealed her lips i make her scrambled eggs and such that she can feed herself..or i let her have a jar of baby food and a can get VERY VERY messy but at least she is eating..hope you are able to find out what works for you..good luck

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