She Saw Me in All My Glory!

Updated on October 22, 2011
B.B. asks from Vancouver, WA
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So today I went to have a physical for nursing school with a new Nurse Practitioner since I don't have a PCP. I figured it would be mostly talking, some blood work, and some basic physical checks (eyes,ears,nose,throat, and reflexes) since I have annual paps with my gyn and I wasn't due for a pap. Well they wanted me in a gown! I didn't do my usual preparation for this appointment since I figured I wouldn't be taking my clothes off. My legs and pits haven't seen a razor in a few days...ok weeks, and to top it off, I was in my ugly, holy period panties! I warned her before she started checking me and we had a good chuckle about how we women usually prep for an annual. Fortunately, she was very nice about it but I was horrified! Now that I've shared my embarrassment, please tell me I'm not the only one who has done this! What have you done in front of a doctor or NP that horrified you?

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So What Happened?

I'm glad to know I'm not alone. :) I like to prep for an exam because I have worked for doctors and heard the stories of what they see so I want to make sure I'm not one of those stories. And I did decline the internal exam but they still needed to check skin, reflexes, and abdomen so they needed me in a gown.

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Why in the world would you ever "prep" for an annual, or any other, exam. This is a medical practitioner you're seeing, not a potential intimate partner... I never even think about it. They see lots worse than me at my worst.

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I have a friend who farted in a male doctor's face while he was doing her pap.

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I figure after having 3 kids going through pregnancy & childbirth I have no dignity LOL....w/my first pregnancy I was having some issues w/pre term labor so I had my mom take me to the hospital I was wheeled into a room by the nurse helped me into bed started my IV asked if I needed anything said the dr will be right w/you and left room about 15 mins later in walked the dr I wanted to crawl under the bed & hide the dr. was a boy that I had a huge crush on in middle school...he recognized me right away he got a good chuckle I was soooo embarrased..what are the odds was all I could say I ended up going into labor & he delivered my little boy. @Cookingmom soooo true my last two who are 2 1/2 yrs old & 6 1/2 yrs old were both born at a teaching hospital

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Plenty of things are embarrassing at the doctor's, and I hate it.

However, a physical to get into nursing school? By no means should that have included an internal exam, in my opinion. If it were me, I would've declined.

I think people forget that we're allowed to say "No, thanks" to a doctor. :)

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Warning: TMI.....I had severe lower abdominal pain one night. I was also on my period. Fun times. Anyway, the pain got so bad all I could do was hunch on the floor. My husband took me to the ER and it was all but certain it was my appendix. Well, I was unshowered, unshaven, and all period-y. After the super fun forced drinking of the gunk you have to drink before they do abdominal scans or whatever it is, it turned out it was not my appendix. It was my giant fibroid in my uterus deciding to disintigrate. Soooo, on top of all the fun so far I had to have a gyn exam while heavily bleeding and "shedding" lots and lots of tissue. I kept trying to warn the doctor that it was not going to be pretty. But he went in like a brave little soldier anyway. The best part of the night was when I was sent home with some very strong painkillers. Ahhhh, blissful half-consciousness.

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Is there a woman on earth who has had a baby who hasn't thought to herself - are they selling tickets out in the hallway outside my room? Is there anyone left in the hospital who hasn't seen me spread eagle with stuff coming out of me? Really, although uncomfy for you (understood) - I'm sure that NP has seen it all.

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I work in medical/wound care sales, and often assist MDs and nurses with lots of wound dressing changes/debridements on all different parts of the body. Genitals, butt cracks, you name it.

If your NP, MD, PA, etc. has been in practice for more than about 2 weeks, you can be 100% sure he/she has already seen/smelled/heard/felt/and probably tasted WAAAAY worse than you could ever bring. Trust me, just the fact that you cared enough to be embarrassed means you were more presentable than about 90% of her patients.

She should have been glad you'd actually had a shower within the last week! LOL!

And here's a funny story (probably an urben legend, but still hilarious): a lady was getting ready to go to her annual "box check" (ie: pap smear), and used her feminine hygeine spray as she was running out the door. While in the stirrups, the doctor mumbled, "Hmm...festive!" or something of the sort, and she didn't realize what he meant until she got home later and realized that she had accidentally sprayed her nether regions with her teen daughter's glitter spray.

I love thinking about how the doctor must have felt he had to say something, as this lady had obviously fancied herself up for him, but also had to be tactful and professional.

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oh my no you are not alone! lol my worst was the one time I forgot and my doctor wasn't in so another Dr took over...He was a wonderful doctor who got to see me in my full on winter it has to be a man!!!

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It wasn't quite the same but a few years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter I was having lower leg pain and my dr wanted me to get a scan to make sure there wasn't a blood clot. I get my kiddo and head over to the office. We go in for the scan - and the technician tells me I need to remove my pants so they can scan my leg. LOL I thought I"d just be able to pull my pants up - of course this is the day I"m not wearing any panties and I haven't shaved in months - so we got a good giggle out of it. The tech actually told me a story about her friend that often went panti-less - she said one day she went to work, came home and realized her fly had been down almost all day - and she was panti-less then. I think that's almost least medical professionals expect to see those things!

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In July I was admitted to the hospital with respiratory failure! (SCARY!) I had horrible pneumonia and was only getting about 78% oxygen. I had been fighting it for 3 weeks, so was hairy as all get out (my legs and pits) and my feet were just plain embarrassing (I had a lot of cuts, dead skin..bleh!) My parents dragged me to the hospital after seeing me in a state of delirium and when I got there I had sweat through my bra, shirt,and jacket. They rushed me right back, I guess I looked pretty bad! Every time someone would come into the room to take my blood, give me shots, give me fluids, ask me a million questions they would touch my hairy yetty legs!! OMG, please stop it! I apologized a million times for my nasty legs and when I was going into X-ray my nurse said, "Listen, as long as you don't smell and your feet aren't black you are doing pretty good." YEAH!!! I didn't smell and though my feet were gross they were NOT black!
I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days and every time someone would come in the room I would cover up my legs so no one would touch them!

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think about child birth...nothing can be worse than that! haha don't worry about it...I am certain she has seen worse...much worse! :)

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Hey, be glad it was a she instead of a he!

The way I look at it, after your legs have been up in stirrups and half of the OB wing has seen what you like while you're in labor, it doesn't matter what you look like for a regular appointment!!


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Just think, they will always have seen someone worse then you!!



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First, you are not the only one. So, don't worry. I think someone played a joke on you , though. My nursing physical was way easy, just Hx & update vaccines. Everyone has been caught off guard at some point.



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I told my gyn I always make my appt so I can take a shower just before I go. I told her my husband said, "I'm sure she has seen much worse than if you hadn't showered that day". She said, "OH, you wouldn't believe what I've seen!" And we both had a chuckle... Don't feel bad :)

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