Shawnee Mission Medical Center or Menorah Which Hospital to Deliver At?

Updated on September 07, 2012
S.S. asks from Olathe, KS
5 answers

I'm fairly new to the kc area and am 19 weeks pregnant. Very excited, but very nervous about which hospital to deliver at. My Obgyn delivers at Shawnee Mission Medical Center or Menorah. My husband and I have toured both hospitals, but we are still confused. Please help! I would love to hear your comments and experiences. Thank you so much!!

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answers from Kansas City on

I delivered at St. Luke's South with my first and SMMC with my second. If I had to pick I'd go back to St. Luke's. I'm not sure if that's an option for you, but it was so wonderful! Look into it, not to throw another into the mix, but hey, why not! ;)

If it's not an option, as it wasn't for me with my second b/c my insurance changed, then I really did like SMMC. The nurses were great, everything was great. I even sweet talked them into giving me a giant room so both my husband and I had a hospital bed and 2 TVs!!

I do know some people who have delivered at Menorah and have had no complaints. In the end, I think both places are pretty good, so it may come down to nit-picky stuff like which has the better Daddy room (places for snacks and stuff) or which one is closer to your house or visiting relatives.



answers from Kansas City on

I had all 8 of my children at SMMC years ago and love that hospital. The care is good, nurses are so nice and I just have complete trust in them. One of my daughter's had two of hers at SMMC and two at Menorah and she thought it was pretty much an even toss up but I think she may have leaned a bit toward SMMC. They did change it not long ago though and we were disappointed she had to sit in the waiting room in labor for so long before they took her back into a room because they were so full. But once there the care was great again. Menorah always bothered me as when you go in nobody is there and it's a bit strange if you don't know where you're going. Lonely halls, etc. Also consider where you live and the location of the hospital. If my daughter had picked Menorah for her last one I may have delivered the baby myself but SMMC was quicker to reach via I-35 for us.



answers from Kansas City on

Well I have never delivered at any of them, but I did have outpatient surgery at Menorah, twice, and I LOVE that hospital. My SIL had 2 babies there and she loved that it was smaller and more intimate than the other hospitals. I like that it is easier to navigate there when visiting, as opposed to the bigger hospitals like SMMC. Congratulations and good luck figuring it out!!



answers from Kansas City on

Hi S., I had the same choice as you. We chose Menorah. 1) there is more to eat around there for your spouse to run out to. I found out late in pregnancy that I would have to have a c section and therefore would be at the hospital for a while. In general I feel the area around Menorah is easier to get around. 2) it is smaller than SMMC. Both times I delivered there I was one of 5 at the most. My boss delivered at SMMC one month after me and she was one of at least 30. 3) we got very personalized service at Menorah, the nurses were quick to respond to our needs. 4) our first son was in the NICU for 3 days and he was 1 of 3 kids. We felt like the nurses amd doctors were able to give him impeccable care since they weren't pulled in lots of directions. The one downfall is that the post partum rooms (after delivery) are somewhat small, but I was lucky enough to not even have to switch rooms after my 2nds birth. I believe both are excellent hospitals and you can't go wrong with whichever you choose. Good luck and congratulations!



answers from Kansas City on

I delivered 1 at menorah and 2 at st. Luke's south. I LOVED menorah. The nursing staff was outstanding. The lactation consultant took a ton of her time to help me even though it was my second baby. All the nurses were so so kind and helpful. They even had pretty hospital gowns, which sounds silly, but made me feel good. The nurses are so important when in the hospital. After all your doc is only there for about an hour, then it is the nurses who are your caregivers. They all took turns holding our little guy overnight because there were no other babies on the floor during my first day and they all wanted to hold him. It gave me a chance to rest, too. My only complaint was the rooms were. Little run down, but I hear they remodeled, so maybe that it better. Good luck with your choice.

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