Shawnee Mission Labor and Delivery

Updated on July 21, 2008
T.S. asks from Overland Park, KS
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I am looking for thoughts and opinions on Shawnee Mission Hospital Labor and Recovery. How does it compare to St. Luke's South?

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answers from Kansas City on

I had 2 babies at SMMC and had good experiences with both. That said, my best friend delivered 2 at SLS and had good with hers as well. I think both are reputable.
You may want to go to SMMC for the proximity to your home. Your DH could run home quicker etc.

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answers from Kansas City on

I've delivered 2 of my 4 children at SMMC and the most recent was just 1 year ago. I've also had a D&C outpatient at SMMC for a miscarriage. They are still under construction, I believe.

I had a great experience and felt like my OBGYN and labor/delivery nurses were the best!! I had an emergency c-section and a scheduled c-section and both times I felt very confident about the care I received. I think the staff and how you are treated are more important than the size of your room, personally. SMMC is very busy (probably busier than SLS because of location and they've been in the business longer) but I didn't have any trouble getting my needs met. Anesthesiologist was awesome and they have great NICU if you're baby needs it (which one of mine did until she was well enough to transfer to Children's Mercy). Cafeteria is small for family members but the "galley" is great for snacks for you and your hubby.

I also like the "Mommy and Me" store where I could go back and weigh my baby for free, anytime after I got home with her since I was nursing. I wasn't that crazy about the "picture lady" but that's not someone who is employed by SMMC anyway and I complained about her later on when I had more time to reflect and deal with it. There are more resteraunts located around SLS which is a plus if someone is going to pick up food for you but that wasn't that big of a pro for me to go there. I'm comfortable with SMMC and trust them! I'd go there again in a heartbeat if I were planning on more children or any other surgery for that matter.

SMMC also has a "nap time" for new moms/babies every afternoon which was nice because you can participate if you want and that allows you an easy way to say "No visitors" for a short time while you and the baby get needed rest.

I don't know how old your two boys are but they do offer a "sibling class" at SMMC which I took my kids too when we were expecting #3. It helped the kids understand why Mommy was going to the hospital and where I'd be so they wouldn't be afraid. They also got to make the new baby a little gift that was kept at the hospital until the baby arrives.

Wish you the best but just know that sometimes things don't always go as planned no matter what hospital you go to:)

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answers from Kansas City on

I delivered both my boys at SMMC and had no issues really- but had a couple friends recently deliver at SLS and the rooms are so much bigger and it seems less crazy there!! Not much help but just my observations!

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answers from Kansas City on

I delivered my son at SM in 2003 - we were very pleased with the hospital and the staff. In fact, my doctor preferred SM over SLS, just because there was a more experienced staff, and better resources in case anything went wrong (had a tough pregnancy). The only thing we did not like was that the "Mommy and Me" room we were put in after delivery was small, but it was because it had a utility storage area in it. I don't know if they have moved the labor and delivery area since then, as they are in the process of building. I do know that my father in law was in SM last week for heart surgery, and he was on floor 2. When I read the sign, floor 2 was supposed to be for labor and delivery-and the rooms were big-so if they are moving from floor 1 to 2, the rooms should be good size. I don't know what their procedures are now-if they deliver in one room, then move you, or if you deliver and stay in the same room. You would have to check that with them.



answers from Kansas City on

I have delivered at St. Luke's South and it was incredible. From 1 to 10 I'd give it a 10 all the way. If you have a choice, I'd choose them. I also delivered at Menorah and it was not that great at all. Change rooms, very small rooms when recovering. The patient/nurse ratio is really high too. At South, you get so much more "comfort" attention.
Good Luck!


answers from Kansas City on

I don't know about SM, but at St. Lukes you stay in the same room for labor & delivery. I delivered at Menorah last time, it was a great hospital, but it was terrible being moved to another room at 2 am! I'm considering making a switch to St. Lukes next time around.

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