Shaveing My Facial Hair

Updated on November 14, 2010
S.G. asks from Lakeland, FL
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Okay Ladies, I have alot of dark facial hair. It almost blends in with my eyebrows. I am sick of it. I can't handle the Nair and all those over the counter lotion that take hair off. If i wax my whole face, i will lose the elasticy of my skin, that has already happened with my eyebrows.So does any one have any other advice. My husband said he rather see hair on my face , than my face turning green from shaving.So please help any advice would greatly be appreciated.

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answers from Dallas on

I have dark hair and had lots of facial hair. About five years ago I got laser hair removal done. One of the best decisions I ever made. I was so self conscious about it. Now, no more bleach, wax, etc. It did take several sessions but I am pretty hair free now. I have gone in a couple of times for maintenance sessions, but the last one was 2 years ago.

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answers from Orlando on

Can you afford laser hair removal? I have had this done on several body parts and I couldn't have been happier. It works best on darker hair and fairer skin. You will not be sorry!!

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answers from Atlanta on

Why would your face turn green from shaving? I used to have a hairdresser who was VERY feminine, but had a lot of facial hair. Just like her hubby, she shaved every morning and actually loved the exfoliating benefits of it. She never had a blemish! Her skin was beautiful and it didn't look strange at all. She shaved every day. Just know that once you start -it's a commitment! You can't stop!

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answers from Raleigh on

i have been shaving my facial hair for years and have no issues.I used Nair one time and it burned my face so badly that I went back to shaving:)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Try threading. A lot of middle eastern women have facial hair and they do that. Otherwise, if you have darker facial hair you might want to think about laser hair removal. Works best on lighter skin women with dark facial hair.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I have tweezed for years but only have a few hairs to deal with. I would suggest laser removal. I have seen some ads in money mag for such procedures.

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answers from Dallas on

I just went to my first threading session yesterday and even though it brought tears to my eyes when she caught 2 nose hairs, it was absolutely worth it.....

It was done in no time and it only cost me $ 12 for eyebrows and upper lip....

Next time I will get my chin done too.....

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Los Angeles on

If you don't know where to find threading,
if there's an Indian or Pakistani restaurant or business
in your area, call there and ask a woman there
for a recommendation.
Threading does not cut the hair.
It pulls the hair out by the roots.
The women who do this use thread, not a device w/a metal coil.

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answers from Miami on

Ever hear of threading?



answers from Tampa on

I agree with the other comments about laser hair removal. I've had it done in a couple of places and it works wonderfully!!



answers from Springfield on

I have chin hair, and I just shave every morning in the shower. I've never understood why people say that will change my skin or make my face more like a man's. The skin on my legs resemble a man's chin and beird area, and I shave them. Why would my face be any different?


answers from Milwaukee on

I think threading is the way to go. It's fast, fairly painless and seems to slow the regrowth. I love threading and had been looking for YEARS for someone that did it ever since they did it on "America's Next Top Model."



answers from Tampa on

I have a small trimmer that I got with my hair triming kit. Basically I think it if for shaving hair around the back of the neck and beards. BUT I use it for trimming my eyebrows, and my mom has borrowed it for hair over her lip. It doesn't hurt, and I just trim it up in front of the mirror anytime I want. It's quick, easy and painless!! I would venture to say it is a beard trimmer. I hope this helps.



answers from Tulsa on

I am getting more and more hair in my chin area and I have been plucking it when I can feel it, every night I sit down whith my tweezers and a magnifying mirror and the lamp. When I am going out and want to wear makeup and look nice I will use a razor in the shower with Dove soap on my face. This keeps the hair off several days. I don't like to shave daily so the plucking works for me. I am one of these people who don't have much body hair and I only shave my legs and underarms once a month or every other month. I never plucked my eyebrows, well unibrow (it hurt!) so I always shaved the strays off in the shower too.


I just googled threading and OH MY STARS!!! That looks like ti would really get every hair! Can one do that to themselves or does on need to be done by someone else?

Here is a link, I don't have speakers so I don't know what it says but it looks very interesting, the beginning is the history of shaving, I think....



answers from Tampa on

get a nutritional work up- your hormones are imbalanced.
Secondly, have you heard of threading? Find someone who does that- a very interesting way to get rid of facial hair.
best, k


answers from Pocatello on

Threading is when they take thread and do this criss cross motion cross your hair to remove it. It basically cuts the hair but they can do it right up against your skin because it's not sharp. At least I'm pretty sure that is how it works. Never have done it myself.



answers from Orlando on

Laser hair removal is prob the easiest way to go if you can afford it - if not there are always those little tools - electric razors - that are made specifically for women's facial hair and eyebrows - you can get them online or if you have an As Seen On TV store near you check there. I used to use one of those lil tools but now i just use my husbands electric razor - it works fine, doesn't hurt and leaves my skin smooth and exfoliated, keep in mind though if you start you can't stop!



answers from San Juan on

Why don't you try electrolysis? It hurts at the moment it is done, but it is the way to permanently remove unwanted hair. Inquire at a reputable beauty salon. Good luck!



answers from Redding on

Hey, ladies...
Can you explain "threading"?
I have a friend who told me she shaves her face and I couldn't bear the thought of her doing that. (No offense, Lena, I just thought it surely couldn't be good for her skin). She said she hates having to do it.
If it's not to much trouble, just a quick explanation of what threading is. I want to tell her about it.


S.....I wish you luck and hope you get some great advice!



answers from Miami on

Supposedly, birth control pills should help with this issue as it is due to high testosterone. Do you suffer from PCOS? I do and I have high testosterone levels, and more bodily hair than most American women do, but at the same time, I am Mediterranean so that is to be expected and I find it unfair for doctors to compare me to American women of lighter hair.

I do not take birth control anymore so what I do, is I bleach my facial hair so it blends in with my skin. My sister had some dark, prickly hairs coming out of her chin, like a beard, and she got tired of plucking, and invested in electrolysis, which has worked very well for her, so that's another suggestion.

I have had threading done and it is quite painful on sensitive areas like the upper lip (not so bad on eyebrows), but on the upper lip, the pain is much worse than waxing (you feel like you're getting constant electric shocks), and the hair will grow back, so the only permanent solution is electrolysis, or the cheaper, painless solution, is bleaching your hair every time the dark roots or new growth start to come out. Everyone has some peach fuzz on their face anyway, so as long as it is light, it should not be noticeable.

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