Sharpie Markers on Carpet

Updated on March 01, 2010
L.M. asks from Denver, CO
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Does anyone have a suggestion on how to remove black Sharpie marker stains from carpet? My 2 yr old son decided to draw his masterpiece on our off white carpet. We've tried various carpet stain cleaners, but nothing has worked to date.

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So What Happened?

Since Oxiclean was the only product I had in the house at the time of this incident, I tried it and it worked! I wet the carpet with water (using a spray bottle), put a generous quanity of Oxiclean on the marks, then scrubbed for a bit. I then reapplied more water and Oxiclean, let it set overight, and scrubbed again the following day. Once the carpet dried, I vacuumed up the loose bits of Oxiclean and the marks were gone. Yeah! Thank you for all your advice. On a side note, I plan to buy the Magic Eraser several people recommended to remove the crayon masterpiece I just found on my wall!

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answers from Provo on

My neighbor swears by hydrogen peroxide (liquid or gel). I have used in on mattresses with great success. Use it in small doses.



answers from Boise on

I was able to remove Sharpie from my wall with Scrubbing Bubbles. Weird, I know, but it worked. It might not work the same on carpet but you could give it a shot!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

This just happened to me, only my darling daughter used not only black but red too!

I took a Mr Clean Magic Eraser along with dish soap and scrubbed my carpet the best I could. I let it completley dry, not removing the dish soap.

Then I took a carpet shampooer and cleaned my carpet. (I use diluted liquid laundry soap rather than carpet cleaner. Leaves the carpet soft and not stiff, and its cheaper) I did have to clean that spot 3 or 4 times. But it finally did get it all out.

Hope this helps.........



answers from Kansas City on

The only things I know that remove sharpie nail polish remover (w/acetone) and baby oil...depending on what your carpet is made out of...they may work...or thet might melt your carpet. Maybe if you pluck one 'hair' for a test?...good luck!



answers from Colorado Springs on

Maybe try Magic Eraser. It got sharpie out of my walls and various other places. I haven't tried it on carpet though but it's worth a shot. Or possibly Oxi Clean as well. I use that to clean my carpets and it has gotten everything out. Good luck!



answers from Salt Lake City on

You know those door to door sales people that come around with some "wonderful cleaner that's so safe you can drink it" ?? I caved one day while I was sick and pregnant just to get him out of my house. So I bought this bottle of "Lavender Advanage The Wonder Cleaner". Several months later my son colored on our BRAND NEW couches with purple sharpie. Instead of killing him I pulled out the unopened bottle and decided to give it a go. Got every drop of purple out of the couch. no kidding. It like dissolved the sharpie then all I had to do was keep wetting the area and sopping up the moisture with a dry paper towel over and over. Totally gone. I'm totally convinced now. It has a website on the bottle maybe give it a try?? : www. (and no, it's not has no T) Good Luck!



answers from Houston on

Never tried it on Sharpie, but have you tried Spot Shot? It's worked on everything we've ever needed it for.

Good luck,



answers from Minneapolis on

SOL-U-MEL. It’s a natural product manufactured by Melaleuca that gets EVERYTHING out. It took out permanent marker from our couch upholstery.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I will pray for you! Sorry, no ideas here...have you tried the Sharpie website?



answers from Denver on

Two ideas for you:
Motsenbocker's Lift Off (I think you need to look for #3 - it's the pen, ink, graffiti one) that can be found at Home Depot. You can also check other hardware stores in your area, but that's where I found mine. I had a blue ink 'puddle' on our creamy carpet - took it right out!
The other idea is called Grandma's Secret Stain Remover (or something really close to that). I've only seen it at Bed Bath & Beyond, but I'm sure you can find it in other places too. Since Sharpies are a permanent alcohol ink they should respond fairly well to this since Copic (another alcohol based ink) artists use it a lot. Here's a link to some instructions -
Hope that helps! :)



answers from Great Falls on

I'm not sure how it will work on carpet, but my "lil artist" has used Sharpie on the walls - to my horror! Mr. Clean Magic Eraser took it off! Have to be careful as it will also remove paint, but it worked, can't say how surprised I was over that.



answers from Atlanta on

HI L.,

Like Kristin said, Solumel works great! I was out of Solumel once..only once! so I cleaned up a GALLON of green paint off a light colored carpet with Melaleuca's Tub and Tile at our church. I was at an elderly's friend's house shortly after that and she spilled an entire pint of black appliance paint on her light blue carpet and I was able to get it all up with the Tub and Tile as well. I kept spraying it with water to keep it wet so I didn't have to use all my product and you can't even tell it happened at either place.




answers from Fort Collins on

I have a friend who's daughter just did the exact same thing. Apparently Magic Eraser has a carpet cleaner and it did the trick (almost perfectly) for her carpet. took some real scrubbing but it was worth it to save the light carpet! good luck!



answers from Denver on

My dad swears by break cleaner that you use on cars. He says that it will take anything out. You might also want to try Goof Off. I am not sure if either of these will be able to conquer sharpie but it is worth a try. Worse case scenario, get a rug or have a professional come in.

Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

I would recommend contacting Sharpie directly to see what they recommend. They should have a customer service number on their website.

Treatment will likely be recommended based upon what kind of carpet you have.

But, that would be my recommendation - they will best know how exactly to deal with their product, and I have a feeling they receive this calls often.

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