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Updated on August 19, 2011
B.G. asks from Manhattan Beach, CA
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Hey moms!

I saw a post about this a couple weeks ago, but I can't find it!

How did you share with your husband/ family that you were pregnant? What about the gender of your first or second child?

My husband and I found out I was pregnant together with our first at the doctor's office. I was having sciatic issues in my back really bad and he did an ultrasound (I guess he had a feeling I was preggo without telling me). To our surprise, I was VERY pregnant and had no clue!

What about you? How did you surprise your husband or family? How did you find out the gender?

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So What Happened?


I have seen some that have a cake either blue or pink on the inside and they find out when they cut into it. Other's were girl or boy toys they opened without knowing what it would be. So much fun haha

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answers from Houston on

My family also knows when im preggo, they can just guess. They are like, "Geeze you moody and whiny lately! Are you pregnant?" I usually can't lie, b/c I'm laughing so hard... though I try to really hard not to let it slip.

As for my hubs, I just randomly left the p test on the bathroom counter. I can't remember how I told him about the second, it was planned anyways. I should ask, he usually remember these things better than I do.

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answers from Kansas City on

we found out together with our firs, i took the home test right before we ate dinner. with our twins, i took the test at like 6am (woke up to pee). we had just bought a king size bed less than a month before. i crawled back into bed after the bathroom and i said to him "it's a good thing we bought such a big bed." he said "why" and i said "because we are going to have another baby, i'm pregnant"

i told my mom the first time by calling her and when she got on the phone i said, "hi grandma" she said "what" i said "hi grandma" and she said in a really excited voice "why are you saying that" and i said "hi grandma"...of course she then broke into happy/hysterical laughing/crying. congrats on your baby!!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

We emailed my parents a picture of the ultrasound with the title of the email "look what we found!".

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answers from San Diego on

For my first, we bought sweatshirts or hats for each grandparent with their chosen title (i.e, Pappy, Grannie, etc.) and took our parents out to a nice dinner and told them that my husband just got a huge promotion and we wanted to celebrate. We gave them the gifts at dinner-they were surprised and very excited. For the extended family (grandma, autns, cousins, etc.), we threw a 25th wedding annivesary party for my parents and invited the whole family with a Chinese theme. One of the games was a "code" hidden in a fortune cookie. We had everyone open them up at the same time and each cookie had one of four messages (i.e., there will be babysitting in your future) along with the baby's due date. It was very cute-you can order custom made fortune cookies on the internet.


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answers from San Diego on

My due date for our baby is today! :)

Our other daughter is 7. On the day of the ultrasound to find out the gender, our daughter had school. She asked me (at pick up) to wear a pink shirt if it were a girl and a blue shirt if it were a boy.

I wore a pink shirt. What fun!

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answers from Albuquerque on

I took a home test, I hadnt been feeling well and just thought I should rule out pregnancy before I drugged myself up. I allmost fainted when it said pregnant ( it was a digital test) My husband was still asleep so I poked him and said um I think I'm pregnant. I have never seen him move so fast! We told his family over dinner, just very casually slipped it into the conversation. They were pretty surprised. My parents we told during my moms chemo, we only told them then because it gave my mom something positive to look foward to.
We found out the genders after my 1st ankle surgery, I had to have an ultrasound to verify the anasthesia didnt harm the babies, and the dr thought I allready knew genders ( I didnt) & she said "oh it looks like your little boy is ok, lets see how his sister is" good thing I didnt want to wait to find out gender.
Congrats on the baby!!!

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answers from Phoenix on

I got up first thing in the morning, took the pregnancy test and woke up my husband by saying "wake up daddy". He just kind of looked at me and I said it again and he was all...OMG!!!

I thought I'd do something cute to tell my mom. So we drove to her house after buying a baby toy and wrapping it. We gave it to her and she didn't get it. Which now looking back I guess she wouldn't!!! So I just blurted out "we were trying to surprise you but I'm pregnant"!!

I think everyone else we just told and gave up on any cutsey ways to tell them. =)

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answers from Kansas City on

How pregnant are you? We just found out 2 weeks ago that I am also VERY pregnant and had no idea! I am still waiting for my first OB appt in 2 weeks and ultrasound though.

With our first we bought onsies that said grandma and grandpa on them and wrapped them and gave them to my husbands parents to open. My family lived out of state, so they were told over the phone.

With our second our first was 6 months old only when we found out. I was so freeking sick, everyone knew before we told them. But we made a card that said something like

"One fish, Two fish, Red fish, New fish."

We have a thing for Dr. Seuss, haha.

With this one we have only told my Mom, but when we do decide to tell his parents we will be buying this cute onsie I found online a few days ago that says "apparently I like to golf". My FIL owns a golf store, and golf is a huge thing in this family. They will be shocked because we were just told this Spring we could not get pregnant on our own, so his parents aren't planning on ever having another grandchild.


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answers from Houston on

I had no idea that I was pregnant but I had an extra test lying around and just decided to use it. When it turned out positive I almost had a heart attack. LOL I have had several miscarriages so we didn't tell anyone until 13 weeks. To reveal the gender, I had all of our family come over and had my daughter carry out pink balloons to reveal that we were having another girl. My daughter loved being involved and everyone thought the idea was cute.

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answers from Dallas on

I had taken several neg tests, and was very disappointed. Hubby told me to wait a few more days but I just couldn't. So I took yet another test without him knowing. When it said pregnant, it was digital, I almost fainted. Then I went running down the hall with the test yelling, "Chris Chris I'm pregnant I'm pregnant!"

For the sex we just knew it was a boy, and when we found it was a girl I cried I was so happy. I had to tell my mom over the phone bc she lives far away, but I told her we were finding out that day.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I heard a story years ago and thought if I ever wanted to find out the sex this is how I'd do it. (I have 2 kids and waited until the birth to find out the sex - I think this is the BEST!!!) So when the doctor can find out the sex tell him/her to not let you know and write it down and seal the envelope. Go to a baby store and pick out a cute pink outfit and a cute blue outfit. Give the cashier the envelope and have him/her wrap it up in unisex wrapping. Then have a big family get together - dinner, etc. - and open the box in front of everyone so everyone finds out when you do!
If there is an older sibling you could make a t-shirt - I'm going to be a big brother/big sister. Take a picture and email it out. If no other children - you could do the same thing w/ the family pet.
Have fun with it...exciting time!!! vote is to wait until the baby is born. It's tough but I find it so fun to hear all the wives tales/guesses to what sex it is while preggers. And the moment the baby is born and the sex is announced...PRICELESS!
Good luck to you!

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answers from Los Angeles on

With my first, the doctor announced him at birth. With the second, my husband announced her at birth. With my third, I convinced my husband to find out in advance. He, my best friend and I found out at an ultrasound. At our older daughter's birthday party we had two cakes. One decorated for Madelyn and one that was half blue and half pink with a big purple question mark in the center (it was kind of a blobby question mark, honestly... not the look I'd intended at all, lol). When the pink and blue cake was cut, we all saw that the cake inside was pink.

At the same time of the party, we had pink flowers delivered to my in-laws, who live 2200 miles away.

I know it's a fairly common practice now, but it was a lot of fun. If I were going to change one thing about it (besides the style factor of the cake, lol), it would be waiting to be surprised with everyone else. That would have been more exciting, I think.

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