Shapewear, Girdles, What Will Cover up My "Muffin Top"

Updated on January 27, 2012
J.E. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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I just tried on a few of these shapewear things, big knickers to suck it in, a bodysuit thing to flatten... they feel horrible :( I hate my doughy mid section, no matter how loose my clothes, I get this muffin top, with its surrounding rolls showing. Im not huge, just chubby but too soft. im 5'8" and a size 12-16 depending on brands. how do you cover, camoflauge, suck it in, comfortably. Im at a loss.

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So What Happened?

** if you could suggest what exactly & where to get it from, that would be awesome.

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answers from Chicago on

Spanx from Lane Bryant. Awesome!!

If you ever need a bustier style girdle, Fredericks of Hollywood has some great ones with MASSIVE control power.

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answers from Houston on

yeah, im 5 6' and i still shop in junior so im like a 14, ive tried ALL the support/sucking in/ minimizing stuff, the shirts, the panties with thighs, the corsetts, blah!!, i wish i could have all that money back exept for one brand i recently bought. SPANX. Really its the way to go, i have the one that goes from the thighs to right under the boobs., Its flawless. This is really something you wanna spend your money on, not try to get cheaper. The other ones just move the fat elsewhere, yuck. , nothing grosser than rolls where there shouldnt be, back, thighs, butt, etc, wherever the cheap minimizer stops the fat goes. Just a warning about all tummy minimizers though, there is a reason that the "fainting couch" was popular in homes during the era of corssetts.,,,,,,,,,,youll have to remember to breathe and take it easy, so special occasions i would say.

you can get it on amazon, ebay, or strait from the spanx website

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answers from San Francisco on

My suggestion is that you wear jeans that have a higher rise so that they fit around your waist. I'm not overweight but I'm 48 and flabby in the middle. I recently discovered Not Your Daughter's Jeans (at Nordstrom) and they have a higher rise so there isn't the lumpiness around the middle. I can even wear fitted tops with them.

I recently wore SPANX with a dress and it helps with the tummy flab. The SPANX I got (also from Nordstrom) had the bicycle shorts and extended to just below the bra. It did start to pinch my rib cage but I would wear for dresses. To uncomfortable for every day wear, though, in my opinion.

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answers from Los Angeles on

You do not need to have a "muffin top".
It seems to me a "muffin top" is cause by wearing pants (or skirts)
in which the waistline is tight, therefore causing excess skin or flab
to sit on top of the waistline.
If you get paints that do NOT have a tight waist,
the muffin top will remain below your waistline and won't be visible.
I never tuck in a shirt or blouse.
I always wear (usually) T-shirts, over the top of my pants or skirts.
No muffin top.
Consider wearing long tunic-type tops over slacks.
Try googling "shalwar kameez".
I'll get back with a better spelling of that later on.
Good luck.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I hate that!!! I've always been lean and it's been really hard for me to deal with the extra middle that isn't going to go away. I've lost weight, worked out, and tried everything and just have to realize that some of the stuff that stretched out while I was pregnant just isn't going to look like it did 10 years ago and before baby. I hate the shapers too. I've tried all of them and have liked one I got at Soma Intimates the best. They have a bra that fastens in the front and has enough support thru the back that I don't have 'back boobs' or overflow of fat under my arms. The shaper they have you wear over your bra and it keeps the jiggle in the middle still. It doesn't suck you in so you look like a teenager and you won't look like you're a lot smaller but the fat that spills over your pants is streamlined so you look smooth. I hate tight stuff and would rather poke my eyes out than wear control top pantyhose or a girdle. My grandmother (born in 1906) didn't leave the house to get the paper without her girdle on! I swore I'd NEVER do that!! Thank God for the Soma shaper so I don't have to!! It's worth the money so get the nude one and the black one!

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answers from New York on

I'm not an expert but the best compromise I have found is moderate control and a 1 piece garment. I had a shapewear slip under my wedding dress that smoothed everything outwith out the muffin top line at the waist (and unlike a bodysuit you could still use the bathroom!) Good luck finding what you are looking for.

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answers from Los Angeles on

go to Nordstrom lingerie and ask for help.

I have a spanks thing. it's comfy.

there are many styles-the lingerie people were SO helpful.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Try an Asset tank from Target. $20 and they do smooth the middle--like a Spanx knock-off. :-)

If you have a full bust, like I do, avoid the "wear your own bra" type of tank smoothers b/c THOSE straps turn into little torture-chamber devices that saw into your armpits ALL DAY!

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answers from Las Vegas on

"SPANX" all the way!! They are reliable shapewear and breatheable too.



answers from Los Angeles on

you just need to use the correct type of shapewear, try good brands, i usually get mine in this site and it's because they sell the best brands and all kind of option, from hi-cut panties which hides your tummy to full body shapewear, one of the brands i most like is Cocoon, has great compression and its totally comfortable, hope this helps for you!



answers from Los Angeles on

Spanx are awesome... I buy a size bigger than they say so I don't get a stomach ache. If you are wearing a tighter shirt though, the spanx may do that back fat thing because they stop right at your bra. Mainplace mall has a store that does body shapers and they size you and fit you and I think it is all one piece. I think I am going to buy one soon. (My baby is 5 months - I'll wait until she's 6 months or so.) My mom is super thin but has a little muffin top (after 5 kids... we'll all have extra skin!) She wears Not Your Daughter's Jeans. She gets them at Nordstrom - they are higher rise so they cover the muffin top! :) Good luck!