Shakey After Exercise

Updated on February 09, 2011
A.K. asks from Stinesville, IN
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After exercising, I get very shakey. My hands shake horribly for about 15 min, after. Why does this happen and should I be concerned? I am breastfeeding and have been trying to drink a lot of H2O, thinking it could be due to dehydration.

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answers from Biloxi on

My sister was experiencing that after her daily workouts, and we tracked it to low blood sugar post exercise - this is a common phenomenon with runners, actually.

She was not eating a good breakfast - preferring a piece of fruit instead of proteins and carbs - and was relying on a post work out protein shake for lunch.

Once she began eating a better breakfast the shakes went away.

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answers from Miami on

Some kind of recovery drink or protein shake...or eat a banana. It's always wise to never work out on a full stomach but never on a totally empty stomach either. Try to munch on an apple or a handful of almonds...or a piece of bread before working out and then after you work out, find a recovery drink or protein shake. I buy my recovery drink (it comes in powder form) from a company called Beachbody. It tastes great and it helps with the shakes.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Sounds like you are suffering from hypoglycemia brought on by too strenuous of a workout.

How is your diet? Blood sugar issues can cause shaking after strenuous workout. Between breastfeeding (which burns a ton of calories) and the now added extra physical activity, your body may be struggling to keep your blood sugar levels stable. You may need to reevaluate your diet/food intake and your workout routine (may be too strenuous for a nursing mom) if you plan on working out while breastfeeding.

There is a possibility you have something else going on, like a thyroid issue. If eating differently and lightening up your routine don't help right away, I'd see a doctor.

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answers from Houston on

I am really thinking it's low blood sugar, this happens to me as well and i often crash. Be sure you eat a good snack of carbs and protein before you work out. The carbs absorb quickly and produce energy, that is why you need to consume protein with it so it balances out regularly. Try and bring cheese and crackers or peanut butter on bread, a handful of nuts or a fruit and eat a little snack like this when you work out. Also, be sure you drink lots of water!

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answers from Phoenix on

Are you eating enough? sounds like low blood sugar to me. Get some protein (meat, peanut butter, chicken, that kind of thing that most dieting ladies avoid, but we NEED it as it is what sustains us.)

Do you feel better once you've eaten something? If so that's most likely it. Sugar & carbs give your body quick energy but that's the problem - it's quick and burns up and is gone and your body crashes (ie, shaky) - eat protein to sustain you thru the workout and your day.



answers from New York on

Probably not dehydration... usually results in cramping and nausea. It is entirely possible that you are "jumping in and out" without taking 3-5 minutes on either end of your routine to warm up and cool down. We tend to cut this part out b/c it seems like a waste of time, but if you hop on the treadmill and crank it, your muscles are cold and then hot without anything "in between".



answers from Utica on

I cant give you an answer as to why it happens but it does happen to me a lot too. I never put much thought into it but I suppose it could be from dehydration or maybe just over stimulation of your muscles.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I get it too. I figured it was just from the adrenaline. If I do a lot of cardio or a really intense workout, I'm always shaky. My husband gets it too. I never thought about a blood sugar drop, but I suppose it's possible.



answers from Charlotte on

It sounds like your blood pressure is dropping. Please see a doctor about this.




answers from Tulsa on

or low sugar?? Are you working out on an empty stomache? Workout a little too hard to start with? Can you take it down a notch?

I guess I don't have much for answers..but hope this helps anyway!



answers from Washington DC on

It has nothing to do with dehydration. The muscels need sugar and that's why you are shaking. It should not last long, and after a few minutes and when the muscles are repenished with sugar ( or energy) the shaking stops. Has nothing to do with oxygen or adrenaline. Eating some fruit gives you quick energy after workouts. Good luck.



answers from Dallas on

You could be overdoing it, or don't have enough food in your body for a proper workout. I used to have a personal trainer, and when I was shaking during my workouts, he called me out on my pre-workout meals. I wouldn't eat enough carbs/protein to sustain my body. Hence, I burned more than my body was prepared for.
You muscles are also probably 'learning' the exercises. I was doing yoga while snowed in last week, and I was totally shaking. Even though it was a video, the 'instructor' said it's ok if you are shaking - your body is learning the moves and burning energy.
Right after you work out, try a protein based drink. Whey protein with milk or Muscle Milk - it DOES have fat, but you will most likely burn it off and ease the shakes.



answers from Phoenix on

Feeling "shakey" after a workout, might indicate low blood sugar. Make sure you eat a balanced carb/protein snake prior to and after a vigorous work out. Have you been checked for diabetes? R., midwife mom of 3.


answers from Seattle on

yes, it could be dehydration...drink lots of water! But, I remember this happening to me as well, and I was told by a personal trainer that it was low sugar! I took a banana with me and always ate it and a handful of almonds (which I high in protein) after every workout. (I don't know how hard you are working out, but I was going about 2 hours every day..VERY shaky if I didn't eat after).
Ask your doctor if it doesn't get better.



answers from San Diego on

maybe you over do it. that happens to me when i over do it, and when i don't over do it i've noticed it doesn't happen. Also, make sure you're eating because it feels really scary when u don't get, work out, and start to shake


answers from Dallas on

My legs are shaky after a hard workout on the treadmill or eliptical. But those are the muscles I'm actually working. So, I don't know about that one - but I yawn like crazy after a good workout. Wierd, right? I'm assuming it's an oxygen intake thing.

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