Sex Isn't the Same While Pregnant

Updated on May 16, 2010
L.L. asks from Freeport, MN
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Im currently 21 weeks along and my husband and I have sex probably once a week. But since I have been pregnant I can't seem to reach an orgasim. I didn't have this problem before I got pregnant. My husband and I have tried every position we can think of and even bought a sex positions book and tried the positions that would work while pregnant with no seccess. And its making us both a little discouraged. Im curious if there is anyone out there who had/ has had this problem and what did you do?

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answers from Omaha on

Yes, I had this problem, and unfortunately I still do... and my son is now almost 3! I never did get the ability back to "do it on my own"... I'll just suggest a battery operated toy and leave it at that... works like a charm!! :-) Have fun experimenting!

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answers from Gainesville on

There are lots of things going on that could be factors. You have a totally new set of hormones running thru your system, your body is changing and you may not be comfortable in certain positions, might be getting stressed at this point because the sex has changed and that just starts a vicious cycle. Try just making intimacy more relaxed without having a certain goal in mind. That may be the trick to get things back on track. Sometimes the harder you try the less "results" you get.

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answers from Chicago on

OK - not sure how "open" you will be to this suggestion, so my intent is to not offend, but...... if you find it's not a lubricant issue (or if you just want to be super efficient) get a vibrator. For your 1st one you can't really go wrong and there are a million out there, so just pick the one that you like (but some guys prefer NOT to use something that is pink lol). If your husband isn't really open to using it with you, get one for yourself!!!!!!!

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answers from Seattle on

Self made lube changes a lot when pregnant. For a lot of mums-to-be I know a bottle of lube fixes a lot of sensation issues. Peeing right beforehand, as well... since the whole pressure issue can be a problem. Ordinarily the pee reflex shuts off when sexually aroused, but with extra weight pressing on the bladder, signals can get crossed. Doesn't stop arousal, but can mess with climax.

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answers from Sheboygan on

I had the same issue during my second trimester, but thankfully no longer have that issue. Now I'm just too big to bother attempting to have sex! lol My issue was a hormonal thing, and we did try some different lubricants, which didn't seem to help much. My husband and I just ended up spending more time on foreplay, and brought a toy into the mix. That helped me a lot, and him also, as he gets more excited when I am enjoying myself than when it seems to him like I'm just taking care of a chore.
Good luck, and I hope things resolve for you soon!

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answers from Omaha on

It's probably mental. That's how it was with me. Felt like . . . well a baby was in the room and I just wasn't there in my mind. My husband felt the same way. Well eventually got over it, but it was just getting used to the idea and doing it while pregnant.



answers from Sioux City on

I totally had this problem while I was also pregnant and I don't have a solution for you, man I wish I did. Maybe ky jelly or a vibe? Not sure how to help you out I'm sorry.

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