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Updated on May 25, 2010
J.M. asks from Hurst, TX
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I am looking for a sewing machine. I am new at sewing, so I want something inexpensive to make sure that this is something I enjoy doing. I plan on making dresses, curtains, and a few other things. Does anyone have any sewing machine recommendations or a place that I might be able to find a used one? I've already looked on Ebay and Craigslist for used, but I'm also looking at new ones.

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answers from Tyler on

For about $100 you can get a really good sewing machine from Sears. I've used the Kennmore sewing machines for 40 years. I bought one for my granddaughter and she's learning to sew. They run sales, so you can usually get a good one for less than the full price. You can always find the needles and bobbins, and they have repair service if you have a problem. I bought my first Kennmore in 1970, and my daughter is using it now. I can remember only twice having it serviced, and it really was only a cleaning. You can pay much more for one, but I doubt you'll find one anymore reliable than Kennmore.



answers from Dallas on

I would watch for Joann to have a sale - they often have sales on their sewing machines. I have a Brother machine I like. Joann also has sewing classes for beginners that are good you should look into. Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

I would HIGHLY recommend checking out The Sewing Room in Frisco! They sell Janome machines and have a great basic entry level machine for around $99, and prices go up from there. They have awesome customer service, and clean and repair the machines right there. They have a great trade-in program and sell the machines that people have traded in. They've been in business over 20 years and used to sell lots of different machines. But they were so impressed by how well the Janome machines did, that they now only sell Janome.

My mom bought a non-digital basic Janome machine 15 years ago from them and it still runs like a dream and she uses it almost every day! I have a nicer quilting machine from them and I love it!

I would stay away from the cheaper machines from Walmart and Target. I know so many people who have been so unhappy with their machines being misaligned and not working properly. Using a machine with bobbin or timing problems or other problems is SO frustrating! It's worth it to spend a little bit more and get a much higher quality machine.

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answers from Dallas on

I agree with taking a few classes, if you have the time. May give you a chance to "test" a few different machines. I have a Bernina and LOVE it! In Hancock fabrics they actually service and sell Bernina's and when I was considering upgrade, they mentioned a trade in program, so I would assume they sell those that they get on trade in too. Worth a call.



answers from Anchorage on

I would not buy one used, you do not know how it was cared for, if it was kept covered when not in use, and if it was cleaned and oiled regularly. These are all very important for proper use and working order. For beginners I recommend brother over singer. Singers are usually higher quality, but Brothers are very good machines and are much cheaper. I quilt, and the only time I have any issues with my Brother machine is if I have been sewing for 2 hours or more straight, than it tends to over heat and need to cool for a bit, but after 2 hours I need to cool for a bit too, so its all good :)

Oh, and not need to go to a fancy sewing shop, you will only pay more. Stores like Wal-mart and Target usually sell both Brother and Singer machines.



answers from Minneapolis on

I spent about five years working directly for a sewing machine manufacturer and then for several local sewing machine dealers.

Stay away from the Walmart, Sears and other department store sewing machines. They are not for people who sew much and tend to be frustrating to use.

A good used machine is a great way to start. You can trade it up if you get more into sewing. Go into a sewing machine dealer's store with some fabric and a lunch (kidding) and sit down and sew. Take your time. They aren't going anywhere and you are in control. They should give you time to try out the machines -- especially in this economy, and a good salesperson WON'T be hovering and will let you try them.

Most people need a good straight stich, one that will go through a fair amount of thickness and then depending on what type of sewing, a good buttonhole. Sew across different types of fabrics and pay attention to the 'feel' of the machine. You want one that is solid.

Good luck! Sewing can be really fun.



answers from Dallas on

I would not recommend buying used from Ebay or Craiglist, you never know if something is wrong with the machine.

I purchased my machine from Compu Sew in Plano they were wonderful and they also sell used machines. I am sure there is a sewing machine place in the HEB area that would also sell used machines. Usually when they take them in on trades they make sure that everything is ok with the machine and tune it up.

Good luck, I am sure you are going to love sewing it is awesome!



answers from Dallas on

I got a really good Singer from Jo Ann craft store for about $120. It's served be well doing little things like hemming the boys' pants, and I've even done some pillow covers with zippers.



answers from Dallas on

I went to a sewing center in Denton and bought a Janome. This is my second machine and I absolutely love it. It is digital and is super easy and can do a ton of stuff. I would go to a place (a sewing center or whatever) that has all of their machines out so you can try them. They should have classes to take lessons or just go in and try the different brands out for yourself. The clerk can give you a rundown of pros and cons of each machine and that way you can decide what you are looking for. The place I bought mine from gave me free lessons to go along with my sewing machine purchase. Good luck.
P.S. I know you mentioned you were wanting to sew dresses...check out for some really cute sewing ideas:))

H. Meece



answers from Kansas City on

I sew all the time and I've been using a brother from walmart for the last 6 years with little problem.


answers from Dallas on

I wouldn't buy a used machine because you don't know how it was cared for, etc.

Secondly, if you are just learning, I would suggest a class.

Personally, I do not sew but my 15 yr old daughter loves Project Runway and after lots of talking, we bought a good machine for her. She loves it.

We bought her machine at Plano Sewing Center. It is a Babylock and we spent about $400 on it. We bought the model that is in the Plano schools because I thought it would be a good sturdy model if the students don't break them! They had a model that was not as expensive but did not have a few of the features we thought would be nice.

The owner of the store sat down with her and practiced on several machines until she found one she liked.

The store also has classes available.

Good luck



answers from Tulsa on

I would just buy a Brother machine from Wal-Mart or the like. It will just have the simple basic stitches, nothing fancy. They are a good deal for the money. Unless you really get into sewing, that will more than suffice.
Never buy the cheap thread, go with Coats & Clark. The cheaper thread is more linty and will clog the machine.
The "Easy" Simplicity patterns are great to start on. Whether you make clothing, curtains or crafts, learn to sew a straight seam before attempting to make an item. It sounds simple, and it is, but it can take a tad of practice.



answers from Colorado Springs on

My first bit of advice is that you should stay far away from Singer. They will only frustrate you. I almost gave up sewing completely because of the Singer we bought first. This is a common story! I would check all your local quilt or specialty sewing shops. They often have used sewing machines that people have traded in for a newer model. I bought a Pfaff embroidery sewing machine for my daughter for $250 used at a Pfaff shop. These are very expensive new. It is only a step down from the one I have for me, that we paid $2K for 15 years ago! It is in perfect working condition. These old machines hold up forever. Have fun!



answers from Dallas on

Arlington Sewing Center


answers from Dallas on

I am new to sewing and started with a Brother that I got from WalMart. It was OK, good to see if it is something that you enjoy. The biggest problem I had with it was that the bobbin kept jamming and I would have to stop what I was doing and fix it multiple times. I recently splurged on a Vicking that I got from the JoAnn's in Hurst. I LOVE it! Would highly recommend one if you ever decide to get a great machine that will last you for years and years!



answers from Honolulu on

I would, take a sewing class first.
And then you can see, if it is something you enjoy. Before you invest in a sewing machine.
Or did you already learn how to sew? Sorry I wasn't clear on that.
Next, when/if you take sewing lessons, the site/Teacher can advise you.
That is the best resource.

You should go to your local sewing center.. .and talk with them first. Don't just buy online or used... without first researching it, thoroughly.

I would not buy one used.
It will probably have problems with it.

I have had a Singer... which lasted for YEAR AND YEARS. And a Brother, which lasted for YEARS too.
I liked them both.

All the best,



answers from Dallas on

I had a very inexpensive Janome sewing machine for my first one and LOVED it!!! You could try looking at Target and WalMart, I know I have seen machines at both. Good luck! It is an addicting hobby!!!! :)



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answers from Wichita on

The sewing machine stores carry good machines, but they are VERY expensive. I have a sewing machine from Walmart. It was $200 & is very easy to use. I have an in home business making preemie dolls & I have been happy with my machine.
Happy Sewing!

God bless!

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