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Updated on April 16, 2007
L.G. asks from Plano, TX
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I am taking a sewing class and would love to get a sewing machine so I can practice at home. Does anyone have one they want to sell at a good price, or have any recommendations on which one to get?

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answers from Dallas on

L. - I just started sewing a few years ago. I bought my Brother machine at Walmart (August 2005). It cost about $250. It has been wonderful and does everything I need it to do. I have sewed many things and even quilted a twin-size quilt for my son.




answers from Dallas on

I got a sewing machine from my husband. He got me a Brother (I forget the model number). It is the semi-basic one. He got it at Bernia of Frisco (which is no longer there, but they do have locations in Plano and Dallas). It came with a TON of *free* things. I got a class to go with it that taught me how to use it and all that it can do!! (Much needed!) Plus, they have different promotions for buying your machine there. They have always been helpful, even when I call them will a *stupid* question- which foot do I use to make this stitch?!?! lol!

Good luck! A.



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Hi L.,
I got an $88.00 Singer machine at Target. I don't sew that often, but when I do I do big projects like slip covers, curtains, and mending. Mine has a button hole, zip zag and other good basic features.




answers from Dallas on

I would highly, highly, highly recommend going to The Sewing Room in Frisco. They sell Janome sewing machines and have a wide range of sewing machines, esp. some really great and lower-priced entry sewing machines. They are really good about talking to you to find out what you will use it for and what features you want, and will show you what's available in your price range.

They give you a free class to help you learn how to sew your machine, have great warrenties, and the first one-year maintence/clean/repair is free. All the repairs are done there in their store, so you don't have to worry about trying to ship a heavy machine somewhere, or try to find someone who does repairs/adjustments.

My mom bought her sewing machine there, and she just loved it, and I was so impressed with their service that I went there to get my quilting sewing machine. We use our machines almost every day and they have run so smoothly! They also have fun other classes that teach you more skills and techniques and you make fun projects!

Here is their website:

Click on the "Sewing Machine" link on the left, and then click on "Entry Level Machines." My mom has the older non-computerized version of the Sew Precise model, and she just loves it!

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I have one that I bought on Amazon for $100 about 3 years ago. I have used it only once. The brand is Simplicity Pioneer II. If you are interested I can sell it to you for $40.

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