Severe Tingling and Burning Sensation in My Right Hand. Post- Partum

Updated on April 13, 2010
C.B. asks from Portland, OR
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I had my son five weeks ago and I've been having non-stop tingling in my right hand along with pain that feels like a burning sensation. I can barely bend my middle finger and ring finger. When I wake up in the morning my fingers are swollen and now by lower arm gets swollen in the morning also. Has anybody else had this problem. I've tried Advil and Icing it and neither thing works. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow but I'd like to have some idea's of what could be going on.

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answers from Seattle on

I had a similar thing after my daughter was born and I was told it was tendonitis. Something about pushing and irritating the area or whatnot. I don't remember the details. It was completely gone after about 2 months.

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answers from Redding on

Did you have an I.V. in that hand or arm? You might have a little vein infection or something. You don't say if the pain started immediately after having your baby or not. How long ago it started definitely makes a difference.
Your best bet is going to the doctor. It could be anything, a spider bite even.

Let us know what you find out.

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answers from Dallas on

Im not sure if it even makes sense, but if you had an epidural or anything than maybe a nerve was hit? Hope you get some answers!

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answers from Portland on

I had the same thing after my first son was born. The anesthesiologist "nicked" a nerve when putting in the epidural. I didn't really notice until a few days after delivery. It took about 3 months to feel normal again. I'm glad you have a doctor visit scheduled to investigate the problem.



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I had this on both hands during my last pregnancy and was told by OB that it would go away after delivery or some months after. They advised me to get good splints for my wrists for nightly use (using while trying to hold a baby was quite a challenge!). I didn't get the most expensive or the cheapest - somewhere in the higher price range though - but something with good support (has a metal bar in it). It has been 2 years and it never went away (the splits were great for a while) until recently where it became very painful on my left at night. A week ago, I had Carpal Tunnel release surgery and it is heaven - no more numbness at all. Now just waiting to get the right done once left is healed (not possible for a mommy to have both done at the same time - well, unless you have tremendous help for 3-4 weeks straight).

Ask the doc about Carpal Tunnel syndrome for P-Partum and also maybe if therapy would work at this point (my guess, if this isn't something caused by IV or the birth, then it is CT syndrome, but I am not a doctor - just someone who had the same symptoms). I put up with it for too long and it just got worse. Glad you are going to the doc to check - if they tell you to wait - press on them about how long (they didn't give me a time frame to put up with it) and what to do if it goes over the length of time they tell you it should take to clear up. don't wait as long as I did if you can help it.

Good luck!



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I had this happen to me after one of my surgeries while I was still in the hospital. It was caused by the IV. I don't remember how long it lasted. I think that they took care of it by moving the IV needle to a different spot. If I remember correctly part of the problem was that the first IV was on my hand but close enough to my wrist that when I bent my hand to move around it pinched a nerve. Perhaps you have an injured nerve and it will just take time to heal.



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You really need a professional to help with this. I'm a massage therapist, but I'm not familiar with what would be impinged to make your arm swell like that.

I have a *great* Physical Therapist in Kirkland, WA if you're interested. He will find the source of your pain and treat there, not just treat the symptoms. (I've been through a few PT's before I found him and he's actually correcting my problems.) You can read about him here: and also schedule your appointments on his website. Very flexible scheduling too!


So, now I see you're in Portland. My mother has a terrific Physical Therapist that she sees down there. Anna Harbare ###-###-####.



answers from San Diego on

I think you just need to's normal. Mine lasted til 6 months post partum with both my sons.

I had it during pregancy too.

My midwife said to give it at least 6 months without worrying. It sucks, sometimes I could hardly diaper him in the middle of the night.

I'm assuming it returns to normal during the day?



answers from Chicago on


I had something go "wrong" during my 1st delivery also. For me it was problems breathing well. I learned that I slipped a rib and it was pushing against my lung.

For you, I suggest talking to your OB. If they are dismissive at all, or you don't feel satisfied with their answer/get some relief, go talk with your GP.

I agree that it sounds like a pinched nerve, or infection. Was that the arm you had your IV in? If you haven't noticed any problems at the site of where the IV was or immediately after the IV, then make sure you tell you dr when it started.

Good luck



answers from Seattle on

Sounds like a carpal tunnel syndrome to me. It is pretty common in pregnant & post-partum women due to all the water retention & swelling. It usually improves after delivery. Since it is getting worse, schedule a visit with your doctor to address this problem.


answers from Eugene on

Your bones in your neck are out of place. Go to the chiropractor or osteopath and have the bones moved back where they belong. This will release the nerves that run from your neck to your hand.
Pregnancy pulls on your whole body and can give you backaches, headaches that last after birth and a variety of symptoms that good chiropractic or osteopathy can cure without surgery.
Doctors know nothing about the nerves that run from your vertebrae to your various organs, limbs and all. For instance nerves in your neck control whether you are warm or cold.



answers from Portland on

I'm sure acupuncture would help this



answers from Portland on

sounds like carpal tunnel to me. i don't know how much you are actually holding your son but if you are holding him non stop and try wearing him in a wrap or sling. if you are breastfeeding in a football hold try holding him in a cradle hold or side lying where you don't have to hold him at all. When you go to sleep at night wear wrist braces.

Good luck




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It sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome. I had it really bad during my pregnancy and about 5 weeks post partum. The only thing I found that helped was applying heat to the heal of my hand. It eventually went away for me. I would ask your doc about carpal tunnel.



answers from Seattle on

Hi! I would definitly ask about the carpal tunnel. I had that in both my wrists and hands AND I had tendonitis in my thumbs. this was all due to water retension, hormones, etc. I had cortizone shots put into my thumb joints. I DO NOT recommend this. The pain came back in 6 months. I then went to a physical therapist. She gave me splints and exercises. It took a couple of months to heel but no more pain! Good luck, hand pain is very frusterating, especially when you have a new born. Good luck :)

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