Severe Pain and Swelling in Feet and 35 Weeks Pregnant

Updated on May 05, 2010
D.M. asks from Creedmoor, NC
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I am 35 weeks 4 days pregant with my second baby, i wasn't to smart on waiting with the second baby and got pregnant with the 2nd when my first was only 7 months old so my body is taking alot right now well at least that's what my doctor says. I have been having the worse pelvic pain for as long as i can remember, with each step i make i feel like my bones are tearing apart, i haven't been able to sleep for as long as i can remember it's just been really hard on me, but my question is this i have been sent to the hospital twice beacause my pelvic pain was so bad the last time i went i was 3 cm dilated after this my feet started swelling up more than they already were but for the last 2 days my feet have gotten so swollen to the point were i can barely move my toes and my feet are really red i have already called my doctor and she told me to elevate my feet and drink plenty of water i have done that i even tried putting warm towels on my feet but nothing seems to work does anyone else have ideas they think may work!!!!

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Even though my feet look like burritos from chipotle and i can't wiggle my toes to well and the pain is horrible they checked me out and said everything seems normal and i have to just wait it out, i about cried when i heard that...i guess it's just me but no lie the pain is horrible i didn't go threw this with my first pregnancy but you know what they say every pregnancy is different. So i have to go around 3 cm dilated, burrito feet, and the horrible pelvic pain untill she is ready to come out!!!

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after seeing the doctor and they confirm it isn't toxcimia, then try to hit the pool. Just walking up and down the pool should reduce swelling. Any public indoor pool will do!

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You need to check your blood pressure. it sounds like you need to be on bed rest regardless if your bp is high or not.



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My feet also swelled to the point of pain. I'll be honest, nothing I tried worked. Drinking lots of water and elevation helped, but nothing truly relieved it until after my twins were born. Some people suggested taking cabbage leaves, breaking open the veins, and placing them on my feet, but I didn't try it so don't know if it works or not.


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I've had the same going with my second one....I've just moved at 36 weeks, and had an appointment to get a referral to my new OB/Gyn....

I didn't get that far because the doctor sent me straight to the ER for high blood pressure....

Turns out I had Toxemia and they had to deliver the baby right then (10 days early) or he could have died (their words)....

I would get that checked out, just to be on the safe side !!!!!!

All the best to you !!!!



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Do your best to make it through the night. Call your doctor and insist that he/she sees you first thing in the morning!!!



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Sounds like toxemia. It is nothing to trifle with. I would go back to my OBGYN and get checked out asap.



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you need to go to the er to be checked for toxcimia or pre-eclamthia



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if you have good insurance, I would go to the ER. If you think you can wait until morning to try to see your doctor, that would be your call.

I had food poisoning when I was pregnant and I waited until 5 am to go to the hospital, even though I'd been on the toilet all night, because I realized I hadnt felt the baby move for most of the night, which was unusual for her. it turned out to be a good thing as I was severely dehydrated and having contractions that I couldnt feel. I feel it is better to be safe than sorry, especially with the possibility of toxemia.


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Well I don't know of anything to help but I had similar problems with my first pregnancy. I had server pelvic pain and from 8 months until I delivered I had horribly swollen so swollen I couldn't even get my feet into any of my shoes except my running shoes! It was bad. I just tried to drink lots and lots of water and I would put my feet up as much as possible. It didn't go away until I had my baby but some days were worse than others. So although they are bad right now they should go down some in a few days.



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For the pelvic pain: -- there is a little exercise at the bottom of the post that should help, as well as links to many other tips and tricks that can help to alleviate the pain.

The foot swelling may be helped by special restrictive pantyhose or socks that can keep fluid from settling so badly into your feet. Look up TED hose -- most pharmacies should carry them. Check to make sure that they're not contra-indicated for pregnancy, but that might help. You put them on first thing in the morning (when your swelling should be least) and wear them all day; the restriction works with the valves in your veins to keep fluid moving through your legs, back up where it should be.

How is your diet? -- "You are what you eat" -- are you eating properly? taking your vitamins? Getting enough salt and protein? and fruits and vegetables? Minimizing sugar and junk food? Are you getting enough exercise? -- the action of the muscles, particularly in the legs, help to move fluid past the valves in the veins in your legs back up to the heart.



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I had my third baby in August and my whole body was completely swollen. It was awful! Nothing I did helped. I drank lots of water and elevated my feet as much as I could. I even slept with them on a pillow and they were just as swollen first thing in the morning as they were when I went to bed. I began dilating very early too and was 3 cm by 34 weeks. I was finally induced 4 days early and when I got to the hospital I was over 5 cm and still not in active labor. Needless to say, it didn't take much to start labor and my daughter was born super fast, but my feet literally did not return to normal until almost a week after I delivered. I've never experienced severe pelvic pain, but my sister in law did. She wore a maternity belt for a while and said it did help her some. I guess it's worth a shot anyway!