Severe Pain After Tooth Extraction After a Week!!

Updated on May 08, 2013
D.S. asks from Rutherford, NJ
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Last Tuesday I broke a tooth (my back molar) a root canal could not be performed so they had to extract the tooth. It is a week later and I am in horrible pain. The extraction was horrible, the tooth broke in 3 pieces so it was a difficult extraction. I went yesterday, dentist said it is not infected, no dry socket, just going to take time to heal. The pain is worst today (do not want to take to many pain meds so am taking Advil) I had to take a pain pill. Went back to oral surgeon took and he took an Xray. He said no infection, no bone fragments, no dry socket it is still open but healing. I am doing salt water rinses regularly, and am on antibiotics to prevent infection. Then why the hell am I in so much pain. It hurts to breathe air in so when I talk it is worse. Is this normal,? Is it because of the difficult extraction? Would you just wait it out or go for another opinion? Doc said if it's like this next week he has to open it back up and see whats going on!! UGGGG!! I have no swelling, and as I said the wound is still not closed completely.

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So What Happened?

That's the strange part, I can tolerate pain well. I had wisdom teeth pulled with no issues. I work all day with Migraines and suck it up, but this is different. I can't work on the pain meds because I want to sleep. And having to talk is a real issue because when the air hit is I see stars. I was worried there was some nerve damage because he killed me extracting the tooth. I swear I thought he broke my jaw, he had such a difficult time getting the tooth out. I had a wisdom tooth out once and didn't even know the surgeon did it. I guess I'm cranky from being in pain, not a patient person. Your so right Marda, I have so much to do at the school with Mothers day coming up. I don't have time for this lol!! Thanks

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Everyone takes pain meds after a bad extraction like that. You'll have this pain for several more days. The pain meds help it heal by making the area less inflammed. The swelling keeps the blood from going to the area around the tooth to supply healing nutrients to the area.

You need to take some pain meds to help it heal. Ice will help too. It reduces the inflammation too. It can damage the area if you leave it on your cheek too long though. They moved nerves and tissue that is not meant to ever see the light of day and it takes time for it to lose that sensitivity.

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This is so normal. Sometimes pain is more intense than at other times. I suggest that your gums at that location has extra nerve endings. Trust that the doctors know what they're talking about.

I also suggest that stress intensifies our reaction to pain. You're having a great deal of stress which is probably causing you to not only feel the pain more intensely but also to be more anxious about it.

I suggest that you take the pain meds. It's really helpful to start taking them from the beginning so that the pain doesn't build up to this intense level. Take them regularly until you get the pain under control. Then try taking the Advil again.

After your SWH: Put a moistened cotton gauze compress on the gum. That will keep the air out. Perhaps you could use an OTC dental pain reliever. The liquid stuff. Ask the dentist first tho. "It's Me Again" mentioned an herb compress. I've heard of using that. Perhaps ask a health food store or a store that sells herbs and natural remedies about this.

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Is it on the top or the bottom? If its on the top, it could be sinus pressure. I had one taken out in November after the root canal failed (be glad you only had to do the extraction instead of both in 6 days. I had a lot of pain with the healing. I had to go back 2x because of pain, but it was all "normal". It just hurt for some reason.

Anyway, I think it was in Feb that I ended up back at the dentist going: something is wrong. They found a bone splinter that hadn't been there before, it had to work its way out.

Then a week later, it was hurting even more than it had before since it had healed. The dentist took an xray and couldn't find anything, so she sent me to the doctor. It turned out I had a really bad sinus infection. I took some Sudafed, and it really helped! Maybe you have some sinus stuff going on? I would recommend trying some real sudafed, not the PE stuff, and see if it makes a difference. Also my dentist said to alternate tylenol and advil every 2 or 3 hours. That really seemed to help once the sudafed kicked in, it sure didn't before then! I sure hope you feel better soon!

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answers from Chicago on

In early March my daughter got all her wisdom teeth pulled on a monday. She had severe pain in one of the extractions. She called on tues, the surgeon told her it was normal. She called on wed and he prescribed her an antibiotic, she started taking it on thurs. She called him friday due to excrutiating pain. He had her come in on saturday. He looked at her from the doorway & said he's seen worse swelling & he will have his assistant put an herb pack on the problem area and it would dissolve in her mouth in about 5 days. She said the pain subsided for about 6 hours. By Monday she couldn't take it anymore and went to her regular dentist. Her regular dentist took xrays and said there is something not right but she cannot tell but it looked like an infection and said to get her to the ER.

After a CT scan, she was admitted into the ER and was there for eight days. She ended up with a bad abscess that was heading to her heart. She was on massive amounts of antibiotics & steroids & she was dehydrated too. She ended up needing surgery by an oral surgeon and an ENT. She is even in physical therapy for her mouth now.

I don't know what to tell you, but you know your body and your pain tolerance, so listen to it.....maybe a 2nd opinion is necessary.

Keep us posted

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answers from Miami on

I have no advice, but I just want to say how sorry I am and that I hope you turn the corner on this SOON!!


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answers from New York on

I don't think you should be in this much pain after a week. When I first saw this I immediately thought dry socket which can hurt so much.

Go ahead and take the pain meds.

Do you smoke? If so, try not to.

Call the dentist again and let him know. There might be something going on that he couldn't see yesterday!


answers from Washington DC on

a lot of pain is normal, and even those of us who eschew strong meds need to take the big guns after an extraction this brutal.
but i'm with you, this degree of pain this far after the extraction sounds weird. and i'm a little alarmed at your dentist who expects you to endure this for another WEEK!
i'd get a second opinion.



answers from San Francisco on

I have had all but about 5 of my teeth extracted and I have NEVER had pain like that, even immediately after the extraction. My teeth have long roots so I've had a very difficult time a time or two. This does not sound normal. My first thought was dry socket, but you said both the surgeon and DDS said no dry socket. SOMETHING is causing the pain. There is no way a normal extraction should cause severe pain after a week.

If I were you, I would get the x-rays from the oral surgeon and go get that second opinion.

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