Severe Dry Scalp for 4 Year Old Bi-Racial Daughter (Edited)

Updated on March 11, 2007
B.T. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Does anyone have any solutions and good products for severe dry scalp? I do not believe in anything with the first ingredients of mineral oil or petroleum/petrolatums because they are dryants. My daughter's scalp is not only flaking, but it's also getting thicker flakes that almost look like scabs. I use a boar bristle brush on her scalp to lift any dry flakes before washing and after it's washed but this happens inbetween washes. I wash her hair once a week because she has VERY thick and curly course hair. Head and shoulders doesn't seem strong enough for a shampoo. I oil the scalp with Parnevu Oil after washes and inbetween. I also use Kids Organics conditioners. Does anyone have any other ideas? The dermatologists wait time is one month out, so I would like some ideas that have helped others. I am not willing to use harsh chemicals on it. That would damage it. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks alot!

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My son had the same problem and a hairdresser at Kid's Hair told me to buy Paul Mitchell's Cry No More shampoo for kids and use it for 2-3 weeks and the problem will be gone. I was dubious but desparate. Fortunately she was right, he hasn't had anymore problems for the past 2 years.

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Hi, I have a 5 month old with cradle cap and maybe the treatment that was given by my doc. will help you too. Cortaid 1% twice a week along with Selsun blue original kind about twice a week. I was also told to use the baby oil on the scalp and let it sit for awhile before washing it out. I now oil her hair everyday and use Cortaid when I see it getting dry.

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Neutrogena T-gel works really well, but may be kind of chemically. The scabby part sounds more like dandruff than just dry scalp though. There are some natural dandruff shampoos out there with sulfur in them to combat the problem, but I've always found these very stinky and pretty ineffective. You said your daughter has super dry, course hair. I have dry curly hair and have found a GREAT conditioner. It's made by Aubrey Organics and called GBP. I usually get it at Whole Foods, but it can be bought on line. It's really expensive, but worth every penny!! No alcohol or harsh chemicals in it just good fats, oils, aloe, and vitamins. Smells pretty good too! Good luck with your problem.
:) M.

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My son has curly course hair and what worked for me was baby oil and a fine tooth comb. Also I too have course curly hair and those with curly hair don't need a lot of product over load on their scalp. I would continue only washing your daughters hair once a week but other that I wouldn't put anything on her scalp and see if that helps with the flakes.

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