Seventh Generation Cleaners?

Updated on March 27, 2010
H.M. asks from Pontiac, MI
13 answers

I just started using the Seventh Generation disinfecting spray and I love it. I was wondering in any moms have tried any of their many other products and if so how you liked them. Thanks :).

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answers from Dallas on

I love the laundry detergent. My son has eczema so it works really well on his clothes since it is dye free and fragrance free.

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answers from New York on

They have excellent diapers. I haven't tried all of their cleaning products, but I do like the dishwashing liquid in addition to the disinfecting spray. Only product I haven't liked is their paper towels (from recycled paper) -- not absorbent at all.

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answers from Johnson City on

I used their diapers. I definitely don't recommend them. Their other products are OK. I haven't been super impressed with them. Homemade cleaners work just as well.

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answers from Detroit on

That is great that you are using non toxic cleaners. I havent used Seventh Generation. I use a product line that is more cost effective than Seventh Generation, cleans just as well, and is biodegradable too.

What I like about the Get Clean cleaners is that they are delivered to your door. I personally don't like shopping.



answers from Nashville on

I thought the dishwasher detergent was terrible. Didn't cut the grease or get anything off the dishes, and I do a pretty thorough pre-rinse in the sink.



answers from Detroit on

I absolutely HATE 7th generation products! They never get anything clean around my place. I just use Dawn dish soap (the one with Aloe) and I really like Arm and Hammer laundry detergent. Good luck.



answers from Cincinnati on

I like their laundry detergent and LOVE their dish soap (for hand-washing, not so much for the dishwasher). I prefer Earth's Best diapers and wipes, though. I've used most of the green cleaners out there, including Method, 365-brand, Shacklee, and Babyganics, and I make many of my own cleaners, too. Feel free to send me a message if you have a specific question! Good luck.



answers from Minneapolis on

It’s funny to read the other posts. I LOVED the diapers, okay on the baby wipes, and wasn't really a fan of the laundry and dish soaps. I didn’t think they were worth the money. I buy my cleaners online now through a wholesale wellness company and get an incredible discount. The $$ savings was definitely worth the switch for me. Let me know if you want info on other natural cleaners besides Seventh Generation.



answers from Mansfield on

Does it really disinfect? I am a stickler about disinfecting kitchen and bathroom and when everywere kids are sick. I hate the hand sanitizer and stuff like that (perfer just washing hands) but do like to disinfect surfaces.
I would love to go more green with my cleaning products (for environment- but mostly for my own lifestyle beliefs about health and wellness) but I hate germs and bacteria- so I am afraid that more natural "green" cleaners will not work as well as regular old peroxide and bleach.



answers from Detroit on

I've used the laundry detergents and dish soap so far. So far so good. If Whole Foods and Better Health sell it, that's enough endorsement for me.

Did you know that tests were done with Tide to show it's abrasiveness? A Brillo pad was put in a small container of water with Tide and another with Amway's SA-8. The Tide completely disintegraded the brillo pad. There's some nasty stuff out there. So I stick with the organic, safe stuff.



answers from Detroit on

I use the baby laundry detergent for cloth diapers and my kids clothes. Love it and neither child has had any reaction to it.
Also used the newborn diapers when my daughter was a few weeks old. They worked okay but I prefer other brands.



answers from Atlanta on

I use the disinfectant and bathroom cleaner - they do disinfect as long as you follow the directions. You can even use the multi-surface cleaner on kids' toys. The all purpose cleaner is wonderful - especially on glass. The dishwasher detergent is okay, but I love the way the lemongrass mandarin liquid dish soap works - and smells! I also use the laundry detergent, non-chlorine bleach, and fabric softener and have been very pleased. We did a lot of research on the diapers and decided not to go with them; however, we do use the baby wipes and haven't had any problems with them. If you join their website, you can get lots of $1 coupons to use. If you decide you like them, check out Amazon's subscribe and save - it's an excellent deal.



answers from Savannah on

I've got a container of the disinfecting wipes in lemongrass and thyme scent and they smell horribly awful!! I'm happy I didn't pay for them (they sent them to me to try). They are plenty wet though and seem to give good coverage as I can wipe my counter tops down with one and it's still damp. I'd love to use their products buy just find that they smell bad!! I know they make scent free but I love scent when I clean and on my clothes!!

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