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Updated on March 02, 2008
C.H. asks from Jessieville, AR
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I have a friend that we think her son age 6/7 has Separation Anxiety. What is it and how you do work with this precious child? He cries ALL the time! In all my years I have never dealt with this before. Thank you for helping and God Bless!

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answers from Tulsa on

It is not normal for a 6 or 7 year old to have separation anxiety. That usually occurs when they are much smaller. I would check out and type in separation anxiety in the search book and look at the sympton and see if it matches the little boy. He might need to go to the doctor and get medical advice on what to do next.



answers from Jackson on

something more may be going on is there a certain place he doesn't want to go or everywhere in general... and sometimes some kids are more sensitive than others especially if they have stayed at home with their parents since the beginning



answers from Little Rock on

in my experience as an educator, some children are just more sensitive then others. Especially to new situations. Has his father left the household, have people come and gone in his life? Maybe he is afraid of loss. Does he just need one on one attention because mom works long hours and he really misses her. Take a look at the whole child. Not just pieces of a picture.



answers from Dothan on

In my years of teaching and working with young children through teens and even my own daughter. The first step is to watch and record what occurs before the undesired behavior happens. Yes, painless to get the answer but helpful to see where the behavior stems from. I have had to do this lately with my own child who is five. For what to me seems at first seperation anxiety was not at all seperation anxiety. It was actully uncomfortable situations, ie children not acting nice, music to loud at dance class, and even sometimes just her being a toot to get her way. Crying is usually the first sign of the inabillity to communicate and or not feeling secure in a situation. Sometimes my little one gets involved so fast to where she is headed that she gets upset because she didn't say goodbye or give me a hug or kiss. Hang in there. I have a good friend who always says this is a phase, and it too shall pass.

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