Sensitivity to Texture

Updated on November 19, 2007
J.M. asks from Chippewa Falls, WI
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I was just curious what anyone thought about my son. He is four and very smart, but since I can remember he has been sensitive to some textures. He doesn't like when people try to touch or snuggle him. He is sensitive to light some days. I know some of these are symptoms of autism but I know he talked, walked and hit other development milestones when he had too. Any suggestions to what it might be or if he's maybe just a sensitive kid????

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answers from Lansing on

It could be nothing serious, but I would talk to your Dr. about having him evaluation by a PT.



answers from Omaha on

I would suggest looking into Sensory Integration Dysfunction. I have had it since I was little. I still can't stand food that I haven't always eaten unless they are certain textures, smells can drive me over the edge. I hate socks and other restricting clothes.... I hate being touched unless I know I'm going to be touched and can prepare myself. I'm not autistic in the slightest. Everyone just always thought me odd. LOL! It isn't so bad. I can tell already my daughter has it. She fights me about wearing socks just like I always did when I was her age. I've read alot on it and am trying to introduce lots of foods to her early and integrate things that offend her now so we have less issues when she is older.



answers from Omaha on

My son is just like this. Check out Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Or SIDs. Does he slouch a lot or hold his head up at the dinner table? Will he sit still for a movie or jump around?



answers from Lincoln on

I sell Discovery toys and throught my shows there has always been one child like that. Some kids are sensitive and some are not. I have three girls and my 2 ad 4 year olds are just the opposite. My older wonlt touch many things b/c of the texture and she will not eat certin things b/c of it. My younger is the opposite. She lives to feel all the different things. If you are worried ask your dr next time youare in.



answers from Provo on

Hi J.,
My 4 year old son has a similar thing with textures. He also is very smart & 2 pediatricians have diagnosed him as high maintenance. One suspected high functioning autism because of a few other symptoms. I think he's just sensitive. I have a few "quirks" myself.

I agree with the other moms about Sensory Disorders. I noticed it with my child when he was 3 weeks old. We took him for professional pictures. I took him in a soft outfit but changed him into a sweater. You would have thought I poked his eyes out with a knife. He started SCREAMING & didn't stop until I took the sweater off. And, he still has that same reaction! He can't stand to wear things around his waist so he wears his pants low. He refuses to wear coats because of the elastic on the sleeves. He won't wear anything that goes up around his neck like zipping a jacket up. Now that your child is old enough, ask him why he reacts the way he does. You might be surprised to find out why!
Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on


Do a web search for sensory processing disorder. Some kids do have sensory issues that relate to any of the different senses. An evaluation with an occupational therapist will give you the best insight and a positive direction to go (try to find one who is familiar with sensory issues). We've been at therapy with our 7 year old for the past year and there is a HUGE change in how he is able to cope with the world. Your son is just the right age to explore this issue.


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