Sensitive Skin in My 7 Weeks Old Baby

Updated on May 23, 2011
K.I. asks from Norman, OK
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Does any one preffer a body lotion better? My sweet baby has this rash all over her face and body, the doctor says is not bothering and just keep putting baby lotion 2 -3 times a day..I use regular Johnson's lotion: the one is used in the hospital. I think aveeno is a good brand but before running to the store I wish some advices ,what has work better for you??
Thank you in advance for your answers .

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So What Happened?

Thank you just a rash, not eczema , just little bumps all over her face , chest ,neck and arms but not on legs or butt or diaper area so I think is my milk or swet from the night ..we cosleep and I breastfeed ... Thank you again

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answers from Birmingham on

Both of my boys have sensitive skin as well. I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser to bathe them and Aquaphor as soon as they get out. I also agree that the Cetaphil cream works wonders too. My oldest used to keep a rash on his face. It cleared it up almost overnight. Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

My DD had really sensitive skin. Couldn't even use regular baby wipes (even sensitive ones) for a long time. We use Aveeno for all her rashes. You can also try Cetaphil.



answers from Youngstown on

Don't put baby lotion on her face. Use aquaphor. You could use it all over her. It is the best.



answers from New York on

Eucerin creme

Our ped recommended it when my son had dry skin after he was born and asked what kind of lotion he recommend.

I tried Johnson's for a few days and did not think it worked nearly as well as the eucerin.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Especially for my babies, and especially for sensitive skin, I liked Cetaphil. It's thicker than a lot (it comes in a jar you scoop out of instead of a bottle) but it was all I used on my kids when they had eczema - that's how good it is! :)



answers from Boston on

For my son who has very sensitive skin we bath him with Dove unscented. He was allergic to all Johnson products. Also he was allergic to Dreft so we had to switch to All Clean and Clear for laundry detergent.

As for lotion we use Baby eczema cream. It can be found at Walmart- it has a little winnie the pooh on the front. It's kind of expensive for the small amount you get but it helped his skin a lot. I'm not sure of the brand name but it's the only one with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet on the front.



answers from Fayetteville on

I used the generic Cetaphil lotion and Dove body wash for my babies that had sensitive skin. I used Baby Magic on my baby that did not have sensitive shin.



answers from Dallas on

My daughter had sensitive skin. I put aquaphor on her face and you can use aquaphor on her body to clear up the rash. It worked great on my daughter at getting her cleared up, and then I used Aveeno lotion on her body and continued to use the aquaphor on her face. The reason I didn't use aquaphor all over all the time is because it is a bit greasy, but it works. Also, I used Aveeno body wash.



answers from Birmingham on

Our baby girl who now as an 11 yr. old, has sensitive skin. I think we all love the small of baby lotion but we had to switch to Lubriderm (Eucerin was also highly recommended) and it made a huge difference. Rashes cleared up and her skin stayed healthy. It's still something she battles but as long as she lotions daily and washes off after swimming and more lotion, she's all good!



answers from Spokane on

Look at the ingredients on the lotions at the store, almost all of them contain alcohol. This is very harsh and drying to a new baby, even Johnson's "sensitive" lotions are shown to be too harsh for use on a baby. I found something called "Udderly Smooth" that comes in a container covered in cow print that contains NO alcohol, and was able to use that on my son (who is 6yrs old). When my son was tiny I was told to only wash him in liquid Dove soap every few days and not use lotions at all. You could try looking online for something called "Surgeon's Skin Secret," my mom gave me some and it works wonders but you can't buy it in stores - it is a beezwax based cream. Good luck!



answers from Denver on

I agree, CETAPHIL - in the tub. I use it still, and used it on both kids with excema. Great stuff : ). Finally, I would also try to change her laundry detergent if it's not already fragerance free. Good luck!


answers from Kansas City on

omg! poor little girl! i went through the same issues with my son. i know, its awful to see your beautiful little one covered in a rash. throw out the johnsons stuff. that stuff is actually really bad for you and the little one. it has alcohol and formaldehyde in it and if your little one has a chemical sensitivity like my son, it can cause lots of skin issues. it sounds strange, but coconut oil is actually great for newborn skin, its nice and natural,it smells good, and it helps skin issues a ton! you should also look into a naturally based baby shampoo and laundry detergent. i buy mine online because its cheaper than the stuff at the store and having it delivered to my house is just a lot easier. i dont have to worry about going out with my kiddos to get it. I have a big file of info i have collected and skin issues, i will e-mail it over to you! anyone else who wants it is welcome to message me too. i dont sell anything, i am just a nerd and like to research.



answers from Dallas on

I used unscented Aveeno products on my sensitive skinned baby.



answers from Chicago on

I'm a big fan of Aveeno baby (the unscented stuff). The lotion/cream/body wash all worked great for my DD's sensitive skin.

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