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Updated on June 22, 2011
G.R. asks from Arlington, TX
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i am sending a package tru usps because is about 20 pounds to luanda angola does anyone know how long it will take to arrive there?

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i am sending clothes to my father he is living there for 2 years and is the cheapest way i found to send it is around 120.00 but ups or fedex are about 500 dlls

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Depends on how you send it. The post office should be able to give you all of the shipping options when you take it.

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answers from Washington DC on

if you have sold something via ebay and are shipping it - I would ENSURE it gets that it will be tracked every step of the way...

Yes, it will be expensive - however, you won't need to worry about it not arriving and someone saying they didn't get it...

Parcel post to Angola is about 3 weeks to the best of my knowledge...Priority mail is 5 - 7 can check the website to get the right time frame..


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answers from Colorado Springs on

If you get on the Post Office website (, you should be able to find the information there someplace. Otherwise, trot down to your nearest Post Office and ask. Twenty pounds is pretty hefty - either it will take a long time or you'll be paying a lot for shipping! (Or both - yikes!)


answers from Dallas on

I send things to Germany all the time, and it usually takes about 2-4 weeks. It doesn't seem to matter how large the package is, the time always varies from 2-4 weeks. I know it's not where you're sending your package, but it's still out of the country. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

Actually, it could take 3 weeks. BUT once it leaves the United States and the postal hands it off to the delivery in teh other country, they may deny any responsibility. I sent my mil a package including clothing and some figurines-very well packed. She lives in Mexico. Anyway, our own lovely customs department went through the package and then it was gone through again over there somewhere and the figurines were broken, a sweater was missing, the box was trampled and a couple of pictures were gone. The post office refused any responsibility even though I did insure it. I even had a note for the customs office as to the contents of the package.


answers from Dallas on

ok, this is not what you asked. But, rather than pay that much to send clothes, I would buy new clothes online that offer free shipping!!! Many websites offer free shipping or reduced shipping if you spend over a certain amount.



answers from Casper on

Good luck-- Anything goung to Africa could take months, if not more. That's even if he can recieve it. I'm in South Africa and they are constantly trying to get "more payment" (bribe) from packages. Angola is much, much worse. DHL might be a better route, they are global and I see outlets for them here. None for the others.


answers from Dallas on

Get a tracking number and delivery confirmation. Might cost a little more but give you peace of mind that it got there safely.

We use a lot of FedEx Ground and the USPS flat rate boxes.

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