Semi or Permanent Birth Control

Updated on June 30, 2011
M.M. asks from Tucson, AZ
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I had a baby about 6 weeks ago and am breastfeeding. I have 3 kids and know for sure i don't want anymore. I'm bf right now and not in a relationship so not too conserned with bc. But at some point i will need something. I was wondering what bc you chose when you knew you were finished having kids?
I have taken the pill and also had a copper IUD. My GYN recomended having my tubes tied and i dont like the idea of surgery. Plus my insurance wont cover it and i have major medical bills from having my little guy.
I also get migraines with my monthly so i need something to help with that.

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answers from Tallahassee on

I have the mirena and I love it. No hormones or have to remember the pill makes my life a lot easier.

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answers from Phoenix on

Just wanted to advise not to consider uterine ablation as a form of contraception because it is NOT. A uterine ablation will lighten periods, by changing the amount tissue growth inside the uterus each month, but it does NOT prevent ovulation therefore, pregnancy is possible. If one conceives after having this procedure, it is likely to increase risk of miscarriage or preterm birth. Nurse midwife Mom



answers from Seattle on

Copper IUD

Same failure rate as a Tubal, and doesn't give me cancer (hormonal bc triggers gynecological cancers in me, so no hormones for moi!)



answers from Buffalo on

I would look at the IUD, I would NOT do the depo shot.



answers from Phoenix on

I just seen a dr for having a permanent birth control. I was going to go for the essure but he said it was too new and he had already seen many problems with it. So he would not recommend it and infact he had a lady in the office that was going through complications with it while I was there.

I am going to go through the tubal process. They only make 2 small incisions and most insurances do pay for it since it is an outpatient procedure and process only takes 10 mins. He told me that I would be up and moving around fast.

I would double check with your insurance on this.

I will never take the depo (3 month) shot again. I took it 15 years ago and got cystic acne real bad to the point I have a quarter size scar on my face and was not able to sleep with that part of my face on a pillow. I am still dealing with the cystic acne.

I also get migraines with the monthly and am hoping when I get my procedure done next week that the migraines go with the ability to have kids. Mainly, because I will not have the pill chemicals in me anymore.



answers from Phoenix on

take wild yam tincture for the migraines. i used to get menstrual migraines with my periods too and that helped.

for b/c, I use the today sponge and love it. it is just about as reliable as condoms. plus not doing it while ovulating. it's not as reliable as an iud however. but i am super sensitive and have heard of side effects from them. If I didn't use this, I was considering the mirena.


answers from Dallas on

I have the paragard. I like it. It was very painful (for me) to have put in and my periods are a little longer but not having to remember a pill and no hormones make it very worth it!



answers from Phoenix on

I lost my IUD in my body somewhere. I would advise against it.


answers from Detroit on

Only one issue with Essure... The 'plug' they use has nickel in it. If you have any allergic reaction to nickel (or any metal alloy containing it), you'd have all kinds of issues.

But that's why they came out with Adiana. I'm going to be making my appt with my OB for that here soon. Just waiting on a call back when the nurse that assists in the procedure gets back from vaca.

If there's ANY question in your mind about whether or not you want any more kids, DO NOT go with permanent bc.

If you're comfortable with an IUD, I've heard a lot of good things about Mirena. However, I am one that prefers to have control over my own bc... So I use a NuvaRing.

I did have to wait to get the NuvaRing until after breastfeeding though. You did say you're not too horribly concerned about bc right now though too. Just something to consider. I've been on my NuvaRing for almost 3yrs now. It took this long to decide that we weren't having any more little ones.



answers from Denver on

or essure

if i hadn't had another c-section I would have gone with essure- personally (got my tubes tied with the c-section)

you can also consider having a uteran ablation- it'll minimize or get rid of your period and you won't be able to get pregnant anymore.

best wishes!


answers from Medford on

I have had 2 mirena IUD's and I love having it. It has been great for me.

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