Selling Maternity Clothes?? - Lexington,SC

Updated on April 15, 2010
L.E. asks from Lexington, SC
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I know I have puchased maternity clothes off of Ebay and loved them, but haven't tried selling them on there. Anyone have any good luck with this? Suggestions? Thanks!

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answers from Atlanta on

I sold all of my maternity clothes in one lot on craigslist. I listed them on craigslist and had a link on my ad to an album I created on with pictures of each outfit. I sold the entire lot in 2 days for $300. I did sell a few nicer outfits on ebay because I thought I would make more on ebay, but that was not the case (they sold for less than $10 and I had to package them and go to the post office to mail them). I highly suggest Craigslist, but be sure to put pictures of all the outfits even if you have to give a link to another photo site (iron the clothes and hang them prior to taking pics). It takes a little work, but it will pay off.

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answers from Chicago on

I have bought and sold on ebay and you can make some money there, however there is some work involved, esp. if you are unfamiliar with how it all works. You need to take quite a few pictures and describe each item in detail. Just know, ebay will take a cut, if you go through PayPal, they take a cut, if you list in auction format, you might get less than you want, list it high as a 'buy it now' and people might pass it by.....

If you want to unload them quicker, I'd suggest Craigslist. Post a few pics and details and then people contact you direct.

I am always a fan of garage sales, I have five kiddos, and bought most of my maternity from garage sales.

Also - you could just donate - and keep the receipts for next year's tax time. Sometimes your refund is padded a bit more, because of your donations, which could be more than you'd get online.

Just my .02.

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answers from San Antonio on

I've never sold/bought clothes on Ebay. But with my maternity clothes, take them to the children's resale shop (Texas has Once Upon A Child, Kid to Kid, Sweet Repeats). Most children's resale shops also sell/buy back maternity clothes. Often, they'll either give you cash or a store credit (a little more money if you take the store credit).



answers from Columbus on

Hi there. I don't know about ebay, but I have had great luck on Craigslist.

Good Luck.



answers from Atlanta on

I have not used Ebay, I have had great luck selling maternity and baby items on craigslist. I usually sell the clothes in lots and make sure to take pics.

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