Selling Clothes on Ebay

Updated on March 23, 2010
J.V. asks from Wheaton, IL
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I have some higher end stuff that I bought for my daughter and I am wondering if it is worth trying to sell it on ebay? There is a local group that does a higher end resale once a year, but it is "full" and I doubt I could get on the list. So I'm thinking of selling stuff on ebay but I am wondering if it is worth it?


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answers from Dallas on

I was selling kids clothing and shoes on Ebay. It depends on the brand and how you list it. What I found was if it is new with tags name brand (gymboree ect) list it seperate on a sunday. Price it low to start but you have to be willing to let it go at that price but that is how you will get the most $$$. Shoes I have done really well with and has been worth the time. But for me if I am getting like 15.00 $$ for a big box of used clothes that I have to mess with getting together it wasn't worth it. Hope this it helpful.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Ebay is a great way to sell your clothes, but also look into craigslist. Since craigslist is free, there won't be any fees at all to pay. One thing I do, is I look at what the brands are, and what they are selling for on ebay. I am looking for boy clothes, and been watching ebay, and can not believe how much some of the high end brands up end going for. But it will be up to you, if that is an amount you want, or if you want more try selling locally.

Another option is to wait until May./June and and do a garage sale. See if your neighborhood has an annual garage sale, or if any of your neighbors or friends are going to do one. if so, tag on with them, either all in one place, or have several houses right by each other doing the sales. Multi-family sales draw more people. Make sure if you do, to advertise, and craigslst is great for that.



answers from Raleigh on

I have been selling for years,it really depends. Type the brands in the search and check for "completed listings " on the left side. DO NOT sell on Craigslist.......i was selling $500 worth of brand name clothes that my boys outgrew, all in great cond for $50 (I just needed it gone at that time) Lady came, said would you take $40, I said sure but took one outfit out. well that outfit along sold for over $20 on ebay:)



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I have sold alot of baby clothes on Ebay and have been on Ebay for years now but I am not sure it was well worth it at times, I got the most was like $25 for a full box and it had some pretty expensive and beautiful clothes and some days only like $10! But if you need to make some extra money its worth a try! Everyone is different and each sale is different too! :O) Try to put the clothes in LOTS by sizes!



answers from Chicago on

what about craigslist


answers from Erie on

Our stay at home business is actually doing ebay consignments for clients and businesses In our experiences with clothes, lots do seem to work best. But definitely do your research first to make sure that items like yours are actually selling, not just listed for sale...look at the completed listings and see what they are actually selling for. and honesty is the best policy in your descriptions. if you're a new seller, people are more than likely going to be weary about buying from you just because you may not have too much feedback yet. but put in the listing that you're new and honest, blah blah blah and you may get better results. :) good luck!



answers from Mansfield on

your best bet- is to get on ebay, search what you are wanting to sell and watch what things are going for. You may have 20 of the same items in your watch list until they end but at least you will know. What the majority is going for- then decide for yourself. There are fees for ebay plus make sure you know how much shipping will be. My husband sold something then went to ship it and it was 3 times as much as he expected (and charged) because of where it was and how much the thing weighed.
Hope this helps :)



answers from Philadelphia on

I have been on EBAY for 3 years, and believe me, it is just timing I have found. What I suggest that you do is look up the brand, style and size of the clothes you are looking to sell, and see if the going price is what you are looking to get. There are quite a few times, it will surprise you and others, you will be disappointed. Also, consider the facts that EBAY takes, time, cost of ad, cost of shipping (which you do pass onto buyer) packaging, gas to Post Office, pictures of the items and questins from people interested. EBAY is good if you are willing to look up your item to compare and do the work. If it doesn't seem to look profitable, have a garage sale, and be specific about your extra Special as Designer your ad. Good Luck, if you have an additonal questions you can email me at [email protected]


answers from Charlotte on

Yes! I sold 6 pair of my kids used jeans (some name brand, some not) for $90. Try putting the items together in lots by size and season. You'd be surprised what people will pay for them. Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

try craigslist - that way you dont' have to ship since things are local...



answers from Albany on

I've sold eBay off and on for several years and used clothes are usually hit or miss and your best bet is to stick with selling what's in season at the time. If you go in and search for the item you are hoping to sell and then click on "completed listings" on the left side column, that will show you similar items and what they sold for recently. If you have specific questions, feel free to send me a personal email and I'll coach you through to set up your account if you don't have one or to help you list the first item. Another Mom and I are working together to promote each others items and bring in more sales so if you are consistent, you really can bring in some extra cash. You can look at one of my baby item listings at

or one of her toddler shoe listings at

She has a store and I just sell my things individually right now which is how you would set it up if you just want to sell a few things. Without knowing the specifics of what you want to sell, it's hard to say if it's worth it or not....the fees can eat you alive if you don't do it right! You'd probably stand to make more if you sold things in a "lot" like 3 or more dresses at a time. Denise may respond to your question as well and have other input or ideas. You can also post your items for sale free of charge on but I'm not sure how all of that works. Let me know if you need more help and have a great day! M.



answers from Chicago on

It depends on the stuff-it is somewhat of a hassle to have to ship stuff. What sizes do u have- I have a daughter who wears 3T and 4T if u have any in those sizes I would love to see pictures.
Email me at [email protected]

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