Selling Car- Best Online Place to Sell?? Ebay Stores?

Updated on July 28, 2009
T.M. asks from McKinney, TX
4 answers

I am looking to sell a car within the next two weeks. I have listed on Craigslist w/o alot of interest yet but need to get sold. Have you sold a car on ebay? If so did you go thru a ebay store to handle-which one? Have you used another online car sales site? Thank you!!

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answers from Dallas on

Depending on the age of the vehicle, I would take it to Carmax and sell it. They buy cars and you don't have to buy one from them.



answers from Dallas on

you can try auto trader as well.



answers from Dallas on

we sold a car on a couple of years ago. that was before the economy busted, so not sure if you would have the same result, but it worked great for us.


answers from Dallas on

We sold a car on Craigslist in Dec 08 in 3 days.
We put it up to see what would happen. It was in perfect condition and extremely low miles ( I only drove it in the parade every year basically).

Anyway, a guy flew down here and sight unseen as well as never test driven he paid e actly what we asked n cash. Now, we were selling a high end car, about 7 yrs old but less than 9000 miles ( no typo there... Less than 9000 miles) luxury car.

We basically put it up to see what would happen. We were shocked and have since bought a newer model luxury convertible.

Good luck.

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