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Updated on May 14, 2013
S.T. asks from Plano, TX
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My son's school holds an Art Fest each spring at which students may sell their artwork or homemade crafts (price can be $.50 to $10). We made decorated domino magnets last year and sold them for $.50 each. They did not sell very well, and my son was disappointed. Does anyone have ideas for a simple craft (something a 7 year old can do with mom's help) that other students (K-8th) will want to buy? Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

Duct tape wallets are a hit with boys & you can do red & hot pink for girls. You use cardboard and colored duct tape. There are several how to guides online that will tell you how to do it. My sons 3rd grade group of friends made these for each other for fun - he's now in 8th grade & still has & carries the wallet! He said he may have to make a new one soon. :)

Easy to make, not expensive and a hit with other kiddo's & it's a boy themed item! Good luck.

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answers from Pocatello on

Well you could always make the cute flower hair clips but that would only appeal to little girls. hmmmm.....What about homemade gak? My aunt has the recipe and makes it for her sons all the time. you can added food coloring to it and find some cool plastic containers to put then in. Maybe even make a cute gak label for all the containers. It is really easy and fast to make let me know if you would like the recipe.
Also you can make homemade marshmallow blow guns. All you need is pvc pipe, 1 female to female connector, and then stickers and stuff to decorate the pipe. I saw these at a craft show ones really cute/ easy to make and I'm sure kids would love them.

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answers from Wichita on

I don't know if is considered a craft but my daughter and I make homemade suckers 2 or 3 times a month and she sells them to her friends. She sells out every time and she puts 25 cents on the small ones and 50 cents on the bigger ones. We bought the supplies at Hobby Lobby. You just have to do the cooking part and pouring of the syrup into the molds so she won't get burned but she could put them in the bags.

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answers from Dallas on

Great idea: Have him make colorful flower-topped pens.
1. Buy inexpensive ballpoint pens, (BIC-type), even those with colored inks, you can get them in bulk at Sam's, office supply, Wowmart, etc.
2. Buy floral wrapping tape in green from florists or flower or craft stores.
3. Buy silk flowers in bulk from craft stores, sometimes even second hand stores or garage sales, when people are getting rid of flower arrangements they've grown tired of, or changed their color scheme.
4. Break them down into individual flowers with wire stems. Affix the flower to the pen with a bit of tape. Then wrap the entire pen down to the end of the shaft so that it looks green, careful to wrap more thickly around the top end that has the wire.
5. These will be beautiful pens with flowers on the top. Might go over well before Easter.
6. Could also assemble several coordinated colors in small vases, (or jars or cans that have been spray painted,) for a floral bouquet effect, perhaps for gifts for Mother's Day.
7. Cheap. Easy for a child to do with supervision. And very pretty, especially appealing to girls.
8. Could also aim some for boys by choosing sports team colors, either the local school colors, or NFL colors. Choose less frilly flowers, more like miniature football mum-type flowers.
9. "Market them" by making some nice computer printed signs for each grouping, or even the child hand-making signs, that direct the kids to their preference.
"Easter" colors
"Mother's Day Gift"
"Your favorite sports team"
"School spirit flowers"
"Gifts for Teachers"
9. I myself love these, and they aren't frequently stolen or inadvertently "lifted", simply because they are eye-catching.

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answers from Orlando on

I don't have a specific idea, but I'd think things that would sell best would be something kids can wear (like a bracelet or necklace) or use in some way. Can't think of anything off the top of my head... But no matter how cute the things were last year that you made, I wouldn't think magnets would be a big seller for kids to buy. Think "wear", "play with" or "use" to come up with an idea

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answers from Dallas on

How about tie dye shirts? You can get packages of white T-shirts cheap at Wal-mart. The tie dye supplies should be at Michael's or JoAnns and they always have a 40% off coupon in Sunday's paper. Good luck and have fun.

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answers from Dallas on

Since it will be spring, you could make Mother's Day Cards. You can buy a package of colored paper (Cardstock) at JoAnn's or Michaels or Hobby lobby. Usually a pack of 50 sheets is about $4 (or less, on sale). Each sheet can be cut in half and folded, so one whole pack would make 100 cards. You can buy plain white "invitation" envelopes at some Wal-Marts and I know you can get them at office stores. Also, Jo-Anns and Michaels sells them too. Have your son cut out flowers or pretty pictures from Magazines, or just print some off the internet and glue them on the front. Then He can write "Happy Mother's Day" on the front or you can purchase a rubber stamp and stamp pad (again from Michaels, JoAnns or Hobby Lobby) to stamp on the front.

My guess on the costs:
$4 paper
$5 envelopes
$10 stamp and stamp pad
TOTAL=$20 enough for 100 cards which works out to 20 cents per card. You could sell the cards for 50 or 75 cents each

You could also make Father's Day cards.

These are good for kids since they don't normally know what to give their parents on their own. and, don't forget, it will be the end of the school year soon. You could make some "You're a Great teacher" cards or bookmarks.

You could also use the paper to make bookmarks for kids that could say Anything! Buy some Disney stickers and decorate them.

Just some ideas. My son's school does a business fair every year for 3rd graders.

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answers from Spokane on

Any bracelet or necklace with the school's name on it...or school colors maybe? We have a craft fair at ,y kids school every year around Christmas and the kids who had the booth next to me were selling this type stuff and totally cleaned up! They used old bottle caps filled w/resin of some was clear and you could see the school name thru it...

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answers from Dallas on

1. Flower pens, easy to do put a pen next to the flower and you can either wrap ribbon around it or colorful tape.

2. Zipper pulls, fairly inexpensive and you can do all different designs. Need the attachment, beads, and plastic ties. Find them all at Michaels or wal mart.

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answers from Dallas on

My daughter loves decorated bottle caps with the magnet on back for knecklaces. Seems easy to make.

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answers from Dallas on

Flower pens are awesome and easy. You can get all the supplies at the dollar store. All you do is get a pen and a flower. Cut the stem down to about 1/2 the lenght of the pen and then get that green floral wrap and wrap the pen and flower together.

My 8 yr old made some for Christmas for everyone and had a blast making them.

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answers from Dallas on

Some have suggested bottle cap necklaces. If you do any craft that a child will wear around the neck, make sure it has the safety feature of popping off IF it gets CAUGHT on something on the playground.

The bottle caps with a magnet on the back can be on one end of the necklace and a metal washer can be tied on the other end. The magnet sticks to the washer to hold the necklace on and can 'break away" if caught on something.

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answers from Dallas on

Bottlecap necklaces & magnets. You should be able to find directions online. Or, get the colored sugar and make little bottles of "sand" art that they kids can then eat.

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answers from Dallas on

hi, just an idea,
you could buy some really cheap stickers of the latest characters such as batman, transformers, hello kitty, littlest pet shop and resell them by the sleave. you can buy them at walmart.

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answers from Cleveland on

Can they create the craft there? Where I used to teach, we had a fair with different activities - some classes just sold things, others had booths where you could make things...
If so, we had a few big "hits' over the years.
***We cut fabric into triangles and kids could color on them with Sharpie. Then you spray them with a spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol and let them dry for 15 minutes, the colors run together and look tie dyed.
***One year we applied removable tatoos to the kids arms, and sprayed their hair with colored hair spray for $1 per child (fumes get bad, only do it if you can do it outside)
***One year we did a "decorate your own cookie" booth - got plain sugar cookies from the grocery store bakery and provided a variety of icings, sprinkles, small candies, etc.
Good luck!

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answers from Denver on

face painting or paint nails for the girls or do tattoos for boys

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