Selecting a Crib Mattress

Updated on August 31, 2011
M.K. asks from Las Vegas, NV
7 answers

What crib mattress did you choose and why? Are there any good websites that have rated crib mattresses?

If you got an organic one please tell me which one.

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answers from Washington DC on

Simmons Lifetime. It was around $120 at Babies R Us. Similar to this one:

I chose it because it was firm but not a rock. One side faces up when under 35lbs and then you flip if over and its a slight bit softer. My daughter is almost 5 and we just stopped using it last week when we changed her toddler bed to a full size bed.

I did notice that some mattresses had a built in vibrating/soothing setting. I don't like those. I think that they 1. make it so that the babies HAVE to feel movement to sleep which I don't like, and 2. I'm a worry-freak about SIDS and such.

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answers from Kansas City on

i'm not sure which brand it was, but we got it at Babie R Us and we got a very firm one. we were told by our pedi and by the sales person at the store to get a very firm matress as that was best for them. i really trusted the sales associate when she advised against the really expensive ones and told us one that was a little less costly was actually a better buy.
as for websites to try you could go to the consumer reports sites or the store sites to see the ratings. good luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I got an organic one -- not too much more, but with no chemicals, no plastics, no need to "air it out" and organic cotton. Since she is sleeping on it for about 4 years I think it is worth it. I got it from You get a discount on your first purchase, so I saved it for that.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We got the Colgate Classica mattress. It is rated #1 by Consumer Reports and the Baby Bargains book. The Classica I is hard on both sides; we got the Classica III which is slightly softer on one side. We used the hard side until our daughter was 1 and the risk of SIDS was reduced, then flipped it over to the softer side (it's still pretty hard, but she never complained and sleeps great).



answers from Santa Barbara on

Naturepedic Organic no compromise crib mattress. Super happy with it- chose it because the owner of our local all natural baby store recommended it. It was close to 300. Pricey, but I think i will be able to recoup some of that selling it used.



answers from Los Angeles on

We chose a Naturepedic mattress because I was far more concerned with the chemicals in the mattress and it's effects on our son. Mattresses are capable of "off gasing" where the fire retardants, etc that is sprayed inside the mattress escapes the mattress as a gas and can cause SIDS. Naturepedic mattresses have none of those chemicals AND are organic. However, I will warn you that the mattresses aren't cheap, but they are an excellent quality. We bought the mattress, the changing table pad, the pads for under the bed and the changing table covers and all of them are exceptional.
Here's the link to the website:



answers from Los Angeles on

Mine is from ikea..we got it as a's actually pretty nice and cost about 100 bucks. I like that it comes with a really soft matress cover..the mattress itself is firm and my 3 mth old sleeps great in it.

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