Seeking Your Best Tips on How to Keep Looking Young...

Updated on March 30, 2012
K.B. asks from West Jordan, UT
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I don't know why but I've started to be more conscientious of my age lately; I feel YOUNG inside (but I don't want anyone to know I'm almost 40-well strangers or those who don't know anyway)-ha! ha!
Mamas, what are your BEST tips for looking young? I want everything from make up colors and suggestions, to hair cuts to foods you eat or anything in between. OH-and how about what clothes to wear? I think certain clothes can make a person look older but I don't know what that really is for me. I might need a wardrobe overhaul!
Please help me feel better. Mamas, you are all so wonderful. Looking forward to your tips and advice.

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So What Happened?

Wow Mamas-Thanks for all the wonderful tips and advice. Keep it coming if you see my post and have something to say. I've done some things right like wear sunscreen; need to up the water intake, I drink alcohol but not anything "over the top." Not a smoker. I started coloring my hair 1-2 shades darker than my natural this past year instead of going with highlights or going lighter-that's helped. I'm starting to wear more jewelry. Don't have anything that looks too young in my wardrobe but I have some items that might be too frumpy/old looking that I need to get rid of. THANKS a million...

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answers from Philadelphia on

I am 42 and a handful of people recently thought that I was my daughter's sister:). I was not hearing that a year ago. How I did it? I lost weight. My body, in clothes anyway, looks young because I am thin. I also have my hair colored and where cute clothes (but not teenager clothes). Yes, I always wear makeup too and have a healthy diet and exercise as well.

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answers from New York on

1. Hang around with old people
2. Start lying about your age - tell people you're 5-8 years older than you actually are. They'll always say - wow, you look great for your age.

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answers from San Francisco on

Don't smoke, stay out of the sun, drink a lot of water and sleep at least eight hours a night!

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answers from Cincinnati on

Drink lots of water. In fact make it your drink. I drink a small glass 100ml of 100%veggetable/fruit blended juice for breakfast. After that it's water. I drink two glasses of water with every meal, and whenever I feel thirsty.

Make vegetables the food that covers the majority of your plate. Every dish I make contains at least three veggies. Some have as many as 7 different veggetables in one meal.

Don't smoke. Don't drink alcohol. Wear sunscreen that has a high enough Spf to protect your skin. Get enough exercise. Get enough sleep. I usually get 8 hours a night. If I don't, I end up needing a nap.

Cut sugar! Sugar causes wrinkles. It is hidden in almost everything. Salad dressings are really bad about having added sugar. Make your own salad dressings.

Eat fresh food. Cut as much of the processed stuff you can. Seriously, American food is getting so gross. I have spent a long time out of the States. Whenever I go back, things that I used to eat, I can't even stomach one bite of now. It tastes like salt, sugar, or grease. It is totally possible to retrain your tastebuds. We eat veggies simply cut into sticks, or steamed. No sauces, no sugar, or salt. Brocolli tastes wonderful this way. Even my son eats them like this. Learn to cook with spices and herbs to get your flavors. Use the salt and sugar sparingly.

My grandmother was the scariest person I know. When I was a teenager, she nearly had a cow when I tried to wear make-up. I would sneak a little, but when I was in college I decided to embrace my own beauty without the makeup. I don't wear any. Every woman I know asks me what foundation I wear. I always laugh and tell them sunscreen. I have had people hand me a tissue and ask me to wipe my cheeks they just don't believe me. I don't wash my face with soap. I only use noxema.

Be happy! Laugh, smile, be kind to others.

I love that people's jaws drop when they find out my real age. They always thinkthat I am at least 10 to 15 years younger.

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answers from Appleton on

I just stuck at 29. My daughter thinks it's incredible that I am 29 and she is 37.
But seriously folks:
stay out of the sun --use sunscreen--wear big hats
mosturize all over daily
exercise regularly
toss out all processed foods eat fresh foods

** sunscreen can block our absorbation of Vit D. I do not wear it if I am only going out for a brief time anymore**

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answers from Minneapolis on

Smile!! Wear whatever you want that makes you feel great. Eat good food, get lots of fresh air (and sunshine) and exercise that you enjoy. Find work that you love. Stay away from people who drag you down and drain your energy. Don't sweat the small stuff, and EVERYTHING is small. Who cares how old anyone thinks we look. We only live this one life. Make it the best ever!

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answers from St. Louis on

water, water, water
firming lotion nightly
& always accessorize....breaking out of your ruts! Cool purses, mod jewelry, trendy pieces to fill out your basic wardrobe.....& try's awesome!

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answers from Detroit on

Don't smoke.
Use sunscreen.
Drink lots of water. Eat healthy. Exercise.
Have a sense of humor.

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answers from Iowa City on

Use sun protection. Don't smoke. Don't drink alcohol. Use a moisturizer. Exercise. Don't shop in the junior's or 'young' women's' department (nothing makes a woman look older in my opinion). Don't dye your hair blonde. I've never seen platinum blonde make an older woman look younger. If you are naturally blonde, consider going a shade darker.

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answers from Amarillo on

Basically think young or find something you like to do that keeps you feeling young (sports, hobby).

Get a good hair cut that fits your face that you can take care of and color if needed. Nothing tells age than faded hair color. Put on a little make up that gives you a youthful glow -- not the frosted stuff around the eyes. Also a little blush and lipstick not lip gloss. Get a good facial/makeup routine going and wash your face at least twice a week with a good soap preferably homemade to clean the dirt and grime. Then do your makeup.

Dress the body you have now. Find flattering colors and styles. Wear skirts around the knee especially if you have the fatty upper thighs it tends to hide the bulges from the back. Make sure your shoes are comfortable for walking long periods of time (even if you drive). Stop by a favorite clothing store and try on clothes and see what you like and don't and then buy a few things at a time not a huge one time only thing or you will waste a lot of money (you change your mind and you are stuck and out of $).

If you are near a college campus take a trip and look at what the students are wearing and go the opposite direction for yourself as they are usually what not to wear in public (I work at a university).

Above all be yourself and enjoy life and take cae of yoruself.

The other S.

PS I was at the grocery store the other night and a woman was talking about Susan Sarandon being 65 and I told her that I would be that in December and she was shocked and said I was probably about early 40s.

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answers from St. Louis on

My older daughter stares at me and tries to figure this out too. Just for the record she always throws up her hands in frustration. I do nothing, I just look young. Could be attitude, could be luck, pretty sure it just good genes.

Don't change anything unless you want the change and like the change. Nothing makes a person look worse than being someone they are not or wearing something they are not comfortable in.

I always forget to wear sunscreen, I have a beer every night, I don't exercises regularly. Swear to god Christine ran down the list. There is no reason on earth I should look as young as I do. :p

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answers from Houston on

We don't drink, smoke, we eat lean meats, drink lots of water and fresh foods.

I'm also a hairstylist, so hair and coloring depends on what you are. For starters, going too light or too dark draws attention to age and any facial blemishes/wrinkles. In the salon, we suggest women worried about aging, stick within a color or two to to their natural base. Of course, they can do highlights/lowlights/different shades, but not going platinum or super dark either.

As for make-up, the more shimmery or cakey it is, the more it will settle in fine lines and draw attention where you don't want it. Wear sunscreen and moisturize. Get lots of sleep.

Keep your brows trimmed and arched, but as you age, you lose your hairs so, so softly filling them in will do wonders!

My husband and I are in our early 30's, but most people think we are in our mid 20's.

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answers from Houston on

Laugh alot and wear more ponytails :)

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answers from Dallas on

I started using Avons Anew line of makeup and skin care and it's amazing!

At night I put on good thick hydrating night eye cream and alternate between the glycolic peel and resurfacing gel.

In the morning I wash that off. Then I use eye cream around my eyes and on my forehead lines. Then put this anti-puff, anti-dark circle stuff under my eyes. That alone makes me look younger, fresher, more awake. Moisturizer, then Anew foundation. It has a slight irridescence to it that makes your skin look dewey. I try to use matte eye shadow colors. The glittery ones tend to highlight lines and creases. I put a little white shadow or liner on the inside of my eyes to look wide awake and refreshed. I use lip liner and gloss for shiny lips. The matte lipsticks make me look older. A little pink on the cheeks and bold black lashes.

When I put it together with some youthful fun jewelry and a colorful purse, heels with jeans, I end up getting carded everytime! Not bad for 41.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My best advice is to be conscience of how much sun you get, keep up on the exercise, go light on the make-up especially if you don't really need it and then if you need wardrobe help...what I do for my kids (to keep up with the styles) is to go to your favorite store (the gap or what have you) and get the outfits off the manaquins (sp?)! Ha!

~My Mother looks great for her age, she will be 58 this year and she swears by vinegar! She has eaten/drank it her whole life (oil and vinegar on her salads) and she credits it for her over all good health and lasting looks. Strange I know but I have heard and read only good things about the benefits of it!

*I am sure you will get a ton of good advice from all the helpful ladies on this site...but that's all I got!

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answers from Washington DC on

oh, so much advice to stay out of the sun. i could never do that. and it shows<G>. but please be careful with sunscreen. the heavy dose of chemicals in them is no better for your skin than glorious natural vit D-laden sunshine. you're really better off to use a simple high quality moisturizer and a hat.
since i'm now in my 50s (and still reeling from did THAT happen???) my focus is no longer looking *young* but looking fabulous. i quit coloring my hair and LOVE the incredible silver it's turned. i'm very very conservative with foundation and powder on my rare makeup days because even if it starts off looking great, a few hours later it's settled into the lines and accentuates 'em. and i always start with DHC's velvet coat, which is the best base i've ever found.
i was shocked that when i took the plunge and cut off my wonderful hip-length tresses i also shed about 10 years. i miss my wow factor hair in some ways, but i didn't realize until it was gone how much it was visually dragging my face down. and i think that coloring it also worked against me. i had the hair of a 20 year old, so then my mature face was a shock.
i also agree with the advice to drink a ton of water and not smoke. and if you're smart, don't do as i did and wait until you're post-menopausal to get serious about a really great plant-based simple diet. we really are what we eat.
i was adorable in my 40s, funky and eclectic with chucks and high tops, gypsy skirts and band t-shirts. it was a terrific look for me. now it just comes off as slightly deranged<G>. you're still very young, you don't have to sweat that yet. but in a couple of decades, think 'simple and classic.'
and once the neck wattles settle in, rethink the cowl neck sweaters. i adore them, but they no longer adore me.
;) khairete

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answers from Jacksonville on

Stay out of the sun. :)

And don't try to dress like you are still 17. If you don't shop in the teens section, you will probably be okay. But even if you still look FABULOUS, if you are wearing a little baby doll teen top over short shorts, that a 17 or 18 yr old would wear.... and you are completely beyond the 2nd decade of your life and moved on into the 3rd one, no matter how fit you are, it will make you look old.
Just my opinion. Wear what you want to wear. I tend to notice older ladies that dress super trendy, though. And not usually in a good way.



answers from Raleigh on

I also say limit sun exposure and always, always, always wear daily moisturizer with SPF. Stay away from heavy makeup and extra light concealer. Concealer, if not applied properly, actually draws attention to those areas you are trying to conceal.
Also, wearing rich jewel tones is great for the 40ish complexion. Stay away from pastels or light colors that can wash you out. Dark wash jeans are age appropriate. No exposed mid-drifts or shirts that are faddish and too tight. And stock up on jackets. Light fitted jackets really pull an outfit together in an age appropriate way.
And finally, go with a hair color that is more golden and warm. Nothing ages a woman more than overly processed bleach blond hair, or gray hair that is not vibrant.


answers from Houston on

I think light make up is a great way to look young and healthy. Most days I just use some concealer under my eyes a little eyeliner, mascara, blush and a moisturizing lip gloss. A light foundation is good too, I am just too lazy to mess with it and I have a four month old so I don't really want to get make up on him when we are cuddling :) No make up can make some people look tired or washed out. I am super fair so just a light little touch up does wonders. Oh and keeping the eyebrows plucked and lightly touched up with an eyebrow pencil is great too. Of course what everyone said about water is so true, I need to take that advice myself!


answers from Houston on

The obvious things like keep fit and dye your hair, keep a base tan(not a real tan just some sun kiss), take care of your hands, wash dishes with gloves and lotion them A LOT.

Eat lots of fruit, I swear it fixes everything.

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