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Updated on April 11, 2010
J.E. asks from Middleton, WI
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Oops! I meant I have a 5 and a 1/2 month old girl and am working part time from home. My husband also works part time from home. H was very independent from day one and has recently started crying whenever we put her down in her play area to get some work done. Working from home is nice, though I am worried that she's missing out on socializing with other babies and is forming a separation complex even when we am in the room with her! Any advice would be welcomed...... ideas for helping her with independent play?

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answers from San Antonio on

I've been a stay at home mom for five years now and know how hard it is to feel like you have any kind of order for a prolonged period of time while you're at home...things just fluctuate so often at home and stuff gets in the way! I've realized that I have to readjust my schedule every so often to encompass the next "at home" stage of life for me and my kids.
Working during naptime is a good idea and if you have more work to do during awake-time, then I'd suggest an educational dvd on the tv...with a little work you can find one he/she really likes that's not too stimulating. I know you want to be careful about tv time, but if you use it in moderation it could really be helpful for you!
Also, if your schedule allows, maybe you could have your husband watch the baby a couple nights a week so you could catch up with work where you're behind...or perhaps pay someone a couple days a week to come entertain the baby while you're working for half a day or something...
Just some ideas!


answers from Hartford on

I also work from home- I have three kids so they play together. I also do most of my work at nap time or while they are in bed. I do some while they are up but then stop to play or make lunch/dinner. Mine is flexible with hours and I do what I can! I am not required to a certian number or anything like that!
Maybe save her favorite activities for your work time. Or babysit another child after school for a few hours and they can play together and you can work. Plus it will add a little money or volunteer to watch a child for free. She just want someone to play with. give her an hour then do work for an hour and so on.

Good luck



answers from Denver on

If I'm understanding you right, your daughter is 5 1/2 years old?
Yes, socializing with other children is important. I would consider enrolling her in a preschool if she's not in kindergarten yet, so she can get used to interacting with other kids and being in a school environment.

I work at home, and my 4 1/2 year old is in preschool/day care during the daytime. I can't work with her at home - not possible with what I do. But even if I could, I would still have her there part time. She gains so much by being there, both in 'academic' learning as well as the social learning.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I think they all go through that for a while. Practice is the best way to master independent play. It isn't easy. Here is another suggestion that works for me. I work part time and stay at home with my son 4 days a week. I also have a hobby on the side that makes money. I enter car tags into a database. Then I tell others to enter them in. That's it. No products, no services to sell. I can write them down with my 15 month old in the car. This completely legit company has created a way to store information to help find missing children and those who have stolen cars or failed to make their payments. I have already received multiple checks. I told 3 friends, then they told and so on. Yes, like multi-level or Arbonne, only no products or services. Just 10 tags a month. I'm almost to my 4th level of people. Once you reach 5 levels, it is $4,500 a month. Please feel free to call me on my cell, you can sign up from anywhere around the country. All done online. Easy. Call me, A., at ###-###-####. My Web site is Talk soon!



answers from Honolulu on

She is going through developmental changes. These are normal for this age.
There is "separation anxiety" and "object permanence." At this age.. this is what a baby is developing. Try looking up these concepts online.

These are totally normal developmental stages in a baby. In fact, if a baby did NOT develop "separation anxiety" or "object permanence"... then your baby would be developing wrongly and that would then be a concern.

Next, a baby does not "socialize" at this age per say. They "parallel play" and don't yet interact, like 2-3 year olds or "socialize." Look up "parallel play" online.

And yes, even when Mommy is in the same room... a baby will miss you and want to be near you. This is normal. And it will occur again... at different age junctures as well. So keep that in mind... and anticipate that.

Your baby is just being normal and developing normal and hitting normal developmental changes in cognition.

All the best,

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